PotterCast 91 Now Available!


Jun 05, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

It’s the last pre-recorded edition of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, before we hit the road for summer tour and read book seven in July! To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (—>), or use iTunes, or direct download.
-We discuss the upcoming new theme park “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios and what it might mean to the “Fan Experience”

-Steve Vander Ark returns for our last week of Canon Conundrums where we discuss some of the most popular topics we’ll be bringing you in the live shows; including: Wandless Magic, The Founders, Meaning of “Hallows”, Percy’s Fate, Time Travel, Neville’s Fate, and the Locked Room.

-Scribby 5 also returns and gives a sneak-peak at the essay “The Battle in Hermione’s Heart” about Hermione’s feelings about Krum and Ron.

-John considers working at the new theme park

-A call for Jo to settle the Great Hufflepuff/Elf Debate

-Join us for the first-ever Unofficial Harry Potter Disneyland Day on June 16th! (We’re not doing an actual show, but will be recording small, casual bits and can’t wait to hang with y’all.) Details:
“Trailer” on YouTube
MySpace Group

-Don’t forget to purchase an extra ticket for the Saturday luncheon keynote “Fandom: Its Future and Fascination” featuring our Squee-note Speaker: Sue Upton at Prophecy in Toronto, August 2 – 5

-SEE YOU IN CHICAGO THIS WEEKEND! Check out PotterCast.com/tour for more deatils!

RT: 1:18:38
Canon Conundrums: Stede Bonnett
Scribby: Jeff Gregory
Trio and Show Comp: Matt Kelliher

PotterCast’s Summer of Seven Tour
Podcast Alley

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Remember you don’t need an iPod to listen. Listen easily on iTunes, which you can download and install here, by clicking here to listen, or you can just use the streaming Flash player at PotterCast.com or just on the right side of this page. Discussion of the PotterCast is right here. Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: Yay! First comment. Seeing this makes me really sad. It's like it's the last real show until DH comes out, and of course I'm excited, but the word "last" makes it sound so final and depressing. God, only one month left guys! I'm going to theorize as much as I possibly can in the last month because soon we won't be able to anymore. *sniff*Avatar Image says: Great! But when will we get that interview with Evanna Lynch? Pleeease!Avatar Image says: Yay, I'm downloading! Aw, the last Canon Conundrum that's sad, I'm going to miss it *sobs*. But I have a feeling Steve is going to be back after DH comes out.Avatar Image says: Woot! Downloading now... can't wait to listen! Quick question though... What ever happened to doing a Canon Conundrums about religion in HP? It sounded like there was something big planned for it but I can't remember if it was post-poned or cancelled?... Avatar Image says: Wait, what? Did I miss a memo? "Last week of Canon Conundrums"? Oh, no.Avatar Image says: See you in Chicago, I am going! Cannot wait to meet you guys! Avatar Image says: Hey: We are still planning on doing the religion talk, it's just taking some planning and reading. It's the last pre-recorded Canon Conundrums; after the book it's Canon Conclusions! And some conundrums too. We're being dramatic. Evanna will be on the show again eventually; she has some commitments to get out of the way first, like THREE WEEKS OF EXAMS! Poor girl. Avatar Image says: I agree Lestranger. Both me and my mate were really looking forward to the cannon conundrums.Avatar Image says: I too am sad to see this will be the last "Canon Conundrum" before Book 7. It has become my favorite segment of PotterCast. Glad to see Melissa is saying there will be more after "THE END" is here. I hope so! I look forward to listening to the PotterCast crew plus Steve in many future PotterCasts! :)Avatar Image says: oh John is really optimistic, isn't he? Weasleys and Neville, oh come on John, cheer up!Avatar Image says: Melissa - I have a pda solution - I'm sure you can educate Bree on the dangers of glue breath. ;) By the way, was that Tom Felton announcing the Disneyland Day?Avatar Image says: The last part made me die laughing! I am dead... thank you PotterCastAvatar Image says: Im goin to be doing the exact same exams as Evaan over here in Ireland! Woot woot! I feel so privelliged!! Wish us luck! English first thing tomorrow!!Avatar Image says: Thanks Melissa for getting it why some fans are not so keen on the whole theme park idea. At the end of the day, I guess it depends on you and whether having an extra facet to explore the HP world takes or enhances your experience. Sadly, I know that if I go to that theme park, a little of the magic will wear away for me so I plan to stay well away. Did anyone else hear Sue say "WE'LL BE taking her (Jo) some coffee" around 18 minutes in, then cover with "We SHOULD..."? Hmmmmm. Avatar Image says: Harry Potter Disneyland Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: hey, i just wanted to let you guys know that the show didn't show up on itunes i did'nt know if that was just me or not i just wanted to let you guys know its a great show though seeya, Avatar Image says: Great show. btw I've heard John attempting a British accent on the show before and, speaking as a Briton, on past form he should never, ever, EVER under any circumstances be permitted to do so again, for the sake of humanity. Sorry, John. :)Avatar Image says: >>Did anyone else hear Sue say "WE'LL BE taking her (Jo) some coffee" around 18 minutes in, then cover with "We SHOULD..."? Hmmmmm. Seriously, no. Don't take that as anything. We're flattered by the assumption, though. lol.Avatar Image says: Ok, speaking on behalf of John, I support his efforts at a British accent! It's not easy ...Avatar Image says: Um....we're having a bit of a wait over on itunes. It takes forever for it to even show on the Pottercast page. Why is that?Avatar Image says: I've asked this before, and I know the opportunities to do the "Spoiler Warning" bit are rapidly diminishing, but for the benefit of those of us TRYING not to be spoilt BUT still wishing to listen to Pottercast... Could some kind editor/show-note-writer PLEASE tell us when to resume listening? A timecode is all I ask.Avatar Image says: GREAT PotterCast! LOVED Sue's rant at the end and John's "tooth tale". Using Super Glue to hold a tooth in place...LOL!Avatar Image says: Hold my SNAKE CANE!! Says Jason Isaacs to sue - hilarious.Avatar Image says: Averyfan: timecode 0:37:52 is the literal end of the spoiler alert and begin with John asking the next CC topic "Will Percy Weasly redeem himself?" - but if you want to know when the CC segment ends alltogether, you can fast forward to 1:04:52 for the start of Scribby 5. Hope this helps!Avatar Image says: mee! im a dental student//deoes thar help?

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