MTV Switches into Wizard Rock Overdrive

Jun 06, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

MTV Overdrive has put out a three-part Wizard Rock special, featuring interviews and performance clips from some of the most popular Harry Potter Wizard Rock bands, including Harry and the Potters, The Remus Lupins, Draco and the Malfoys, The Whomping Willows, The Parselmouths, and The Moaning Myrtles. You can see this coverage here; it includes:

A featurette featuring interviews and performance clips
The full live performance of Harry and the Potters’ “The Weapon” from The Knitting Factory in NYC on June 1
A music video to the Switchblade Kittens’ “Ode to Harry Potter,” one of the oldest wizard rock songs on record

There’s also an article here. Quotage:

“With the Ministry of Magic denying Voldemort’s return, denying a great danger to the community, you can see the parallels,” said Harry and the Potters’ guitarist/vocalist Paul DeGeorge. “Our songs, like the books, are really about the real world, so that people can find meaning to it outside of the fact that it’s about Harry Potter.”

Maybe that’s why there are so many love songs for Ginny Weasley — you don’t have to read “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” to understand the theme of young lovers stymied by forces beyond their control. As Alex Carpenter of the Remus Lupins puts it, “Have you ever met Layla? I don’t think so, but you can still enjoy Eric Clapton.”

If you’d like to catch this on TV, it will be airing at the following times:

Thurs 6/7- 5:50am, 6:50am, 7:50am, 8:50am, 9:50am

Thurs 6/7- 4:30am, 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:30 am

Wed 6/6 8:45pm, 9:45pm,
Thurs 6/7- 12:45am, 1:45am, 2:45am, 3:45am, 4:45am, 5:45am, 6:45am, 8:45am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 11:45am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, 2:45pm, 3:45pm, 4:45pm, 5:45pm, 6:45pm

You can catch many of these bands on their summer tours, information about which can be found on their MySpaces (linked above). Also PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, will be touring alongside Harry and the Potters later this month (including three joint shows); more details at!

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Avatar Image says: My band was asked to send in stuff too, but it didn't make it...the video was very cool! Gotta love them all, they're great :) oh, and nice quote Melissa!! Avatar Image says: I guess I'll be the wet blanket. It would be nice if Mtv would stick to HP Canon and actually use the bands and singers from the books, like The Weird Sisters and Celestina Warbeck. If Harry had a rock band named after him (Harry and the Potters?) I think he'd die. Or wish he could.Avatar Image says: And so begins the downfall of Wizard Rock. This actually makes me very very angry. MTV ruins everything. I might cry now.Avatar Image says: It's probably just me, but I'll never understand the appeal of Wizard Rock.Avatar Image says: You can't watch it outside of the U.S., it says copyright requires this. Avatar Image says: Oh dear...!Avatar Image says: Aah, whilst I love Wizard Rock, and can't access these videos as I am not a USer. Now that is annoying.Avatar Image says: OMG this is sooooooo cool! i heart H & the Ps with burning eternal flame of passion! Avatar Image says: I haven't listened to much Wizard Rock, but it does make me smile!Avatar Image says: hehehe, alex is a wizard rock heartthrob!!! :] Avatar Image says: Why don't they put it on YouTube for everyone to see? I guess it stays a copyright thing... A pity that people outside the US can't see the clips.Avatar Image says: Thank god for TIVO!!!! Wizard Rock is amazing!Avatar Image says: Sounds cool. Shame I can't watch it because I don't live in the US. I hope that music video is shown on MTV UK or any other music channel. If they release the song, It might go to number 1 because a load of us Harry Potter fans will buy it or download it.Avatar Image says: Ooh Wizard rock rocks my socks. :-D I musssst see the tour!Avatar Image says: Actually, these bands are long-established bands, created by fans of the Harry Potter. It's not like MTV created them to make the program. That's why they have names like "Harry and the Potters."Avatar Image says: Woah that is so exciting, I was there! Congrats to all of you wizard rock bands!!Avatar Image says: Wizard Rock will never die as long as I have my copies of 2007 limited edition EP's ... long live the genre!!! I can't wait to read the HP series aloud to my grandkids and then dig out the ancient laptop to play wizard rock tunes for them ... who knows I might even let them listen to a few podcasts so they can hear Melissa ... "squeeeeee"! What a great time to be alive! DiluviaAvatar Image says: It's nice to see that a music channel is taking an interest. (Melissa and John on MTV! SQUEE!!) The SK band scared me, however--they made the Trio look so cool! XD Praise be with the SK! ^o^Avatar Image says: Oho!! About time! I am so ready for the rest of the world to experience what us Wiz Wrockers have all come to love and thrill for!!!! Merlins Beard!!This is great we are now legitimate in the eyes of the music world. Too many dismiss Wrock as a passing fancy or not very good. It's all about individuality and literacy and enjoying the efforts and generosity of others. All Truly great Potter themes.So those of you that think Wrockers are a bit mad...maybe we are but we WROCK!!!!!! to use words from two awesome bands,Don't let yourself be Voldemorted cuz Voldemort can't stop the Wrock!!!Avatar Image says: I love WHOMPY!!! the bestest! and Draco and the Malfoys!!! and Harry and teh Potters Those of you naysayers, fair enough. But i personally loff it. they play the crowd so well (when i heard the Pottercast). their songs are clever and so catchy once you know the words.Avatar Image says: It's probably just me, but I'll never understand the appeal of Wizard Rock. Posted by Michael on June 6, 2007 at 2:55 PM its not just you. I don't get it either. Avatar Image says: Yay Melissa and John! What'd you say John? Only Melissa got on the clip....Avatar Image says: Don't get angry, Susan - look at it as an opportunity for the Wizard Rockers to clean up MTV. They have had to take notice of a book - to me this is a triumph. I think this generation will reverse the trend of shallow, exhibitionist commercialism.Avatar Image says: Hmmmm... Does anyone know how to make the website think I'm from the US?Avatar Image says: I can't believe Mtv is recognizing wizard rock. Our fandom is spreading WHOOOO!!! Avatar Image says: COOL!Avatar Image says: John and Melissa on MTV! It's great to see all the wrockers get some air-time. And Alex is totally a wizard rock heart throb. Avatar Image says: FinallY! Wizard rock gets some national recognition! I love it, and I've been a WizRock fan for just over a year now, The Remus Lupins was the first band I listened to and I've been to Alex's show twice. I Avatar Image says: I commented over at MTV. I said "It's about time you realized what all the cool kids were doing" and "I hope being on MTV doesn't ruin their street cred." LOLAvatar Image says: I remember when we first got in touch with the Switchblade Kittens to have them perform at Nimbus back in 2003 - it's so amazing to see how popular Wizard Rock has become since then (and yes, it was an amazing shock to see the front page of in the middle of the news report!) The concerts at Phoenix Rising were amazing and I can't wait to see lots of the groups again at Prophecy in August. Avatar Image says: Thank you for linking me even though they cut my entire interview from the final product, Melissa!! I love you guys. It was a really fun interview too... it was in a public bathroom. Avatar Image says: this is just awesome! I can't wait to catch it on tv tomorrow! Wizard Rock is awesome!Avatar Image says: Hmmm, I might catch it at 6:50AMAvatar Image says: LOL @ Mollywobbles! XD Good one. Avatar Image says: I think this is awesome! Even if people still don't understand what it is about Wizard Rock that makes it so fun, at least the word is getting out! I was happy to see that some MoM music was stuck in there. As you can tell from my comment pic, I love MoM. :)Avatar Image says: arg! not in US, can't see! must-listen-to-wizardroc-now >Avatar Image says: Oh, and I must also add that I agree that Alex is a Wizard Rock heart throb. I mean, who doesn't? :)Avatar Image says: Will these videos be added to the Leaky Galleries?Avatar Image says: So AWESOME! It's great to see some public recognition for what we all know has been building for quite some time now! I love it when people say "there's been nothing like it" because it's so true. We Harry Potter fans (and those awesome Wizard Rockers!) are truly making history.Avatar Image says: Wow, oh wow! That was awesome! Please, please put this on the Leaky Galleries! Btw, that is my awesome friend Lindsay D. giving Alex the kiss on the cheek! Avatar Image says: Why didnt anyone tell me what a hottie Alex is! OMG! Did you see his face when a random girl kissed him on the cute. Melissa, You did great! Dude...your on Mtv! Im going to wear out the exclamation key before Ootp and DH comes out. lol! I never caught onto wizard rock until pottercast talked about it. I love it, I think the appeal is how fun it is. The bands get to say what we all write about in fan fiction or think about. It's crazy fun!!Avatar Image says: That's so utterly fantastic!Avatar Image says: I've never heard their songs before but they sound quite lovely.Avatar Image says: YAY! I love wizard rock! I wish I could of given Alex a kiss :)Avatar Image says: that was really cool...I'm sitting in New Zealand and can watch it anyway. Well, I wont complain. I really want to see a live show :( I'm always on the wrong continents...Avatar Image says: I am still in shock over seeing myself kissing Alex's cheek. I feel like I'm famous! ....although to pretty much everyone except for maybe 4 people in the fandom, I am the random fangirl!! AAHHH!Avatar Image says: Thanks so much for posting this and linking us! I've watched it way too many times for my own good, hehe. You looked great in it, Melissa. :) And to those of you who think this is the "downfall of wizardrock"... you have obviously have no faith in your fellow HP fans. I'm actually even a little offended to read that in some of the comments. We're not stupid enough to let one brush with MTV ruin what we've been building for years.

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