Leaky’s Deathly Hallows Release Party Announced


Jun 09, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Those at today’s Live PotterCast at the Chicago Printer’s Row Book Fair got the scoop, but we’re happy to be able to announce here that on July 20, Leaky will celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in Naperville and Downers Grove, Ill., just outside Chicago.
We’ve been invited to take part in Anderson’s’ Bookshop’s megabash, which, for the last release, attracted near 50,000 people. This year they’re expecting even more. There will be live PotterCasts, live events on the massive stage near midnight, costume constests, and more. Several blocks of both towns (which are right near each other) will be blocked off for the event, which involves hundreds of vendors, and a plethora of activities, which we will detail further as we get closer to that date.

This party is one of the biggest nationwide, and has been featured on national television programs including “The Today Show.” We are especially thrilled because this event is in the central U.S. and close to a huge portion of fans. We will have information about hotels, directions, itineraries, activites, podcasts, and much, much, much more very soon.

See you there!

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Avatar Image says: Congratulations to Dan on completing his 3 month run on the West End!Avatar Image says: OMG, I'm going to be out of town, and I couldnt make it to the live podcast today either! Aww man, that is so bad. I'm sure you guys will have a great time though. I will be kicking myself over and over again! Just my luck! aagh!Avatar Image says: Oooooooooooooh so THAT'S where Leaky peepz are gonna be.Avatar Image says: I sooo wanna go. *awaits more info*Avatar Image says: Aw, Harry is gone from the frame at the Leaky... Kind of sucks LOL.Avatar Image says: Have fun guys!!! I know you'll have a great time! I'll be chillin out elsewhere... It'll be fun to party for a bit, but the main focus of that night for me will definitely be Harry himself, not the release party :)Avatar Image says: 50.000 people!!!!!!????? My town doesn't even have that much!Avatar Image says: ZOMG! I'm a collegian so I could probably get cheap tickets to Chicago just for the party! *goes to check date book* ^o^ Avatar Image says: I'm so excited! It sounds like HP party wise is going out in glory! Huzzah to the fandom!! Avatar Image says: Soooooo excited that you'll be here in Chicago again!!! I'll be there! :DAvatar Image says: This sounds great, just wish I could be there. Melissa, I'd love to hear that you are going to get a chance to interview Jo again though. Even if it's a little later after the release this time instead of the next day. Come on Jo and/or Jo's people call Melissa!!!!Avatar Image says: I am so, SO SO HAPPY! I wasn't able to make it to the Pottercast today, and have been very mopey as a result. This news changes EVERYTHING! I was planning on celebrating the release in Naperville, and now YOU guys are going to be there?! YESSSS!Avatar Image says: That's so odd. I live outside Indianapolis, which isn't that far, but I won't be able to go. Instead I'll be at my local Barnes and Nobles with my aunt waiting for midnight. I'd love to go to a big party like that. Why can't you guys come to Indy? What's weird is that my mom will take me all the way to New York City to see Jo (best experience of my life) but she won't take to Chicago for the release of the last book. Leaky's tour isn't even making a stop in Indianapolis, and we're a good sized city. It just doesn't make sence. Come to Indianapolis Leaky!!!Avatar Image says: Sweet! I live in Naperville and remember the last bash very well...see you there again this year!Avatar Image says: Yes, yes, YES! I can go! Naperville is only (according to MapQuest) 2 hrs, 38 minutes away. Closer to my house than anywhere else Pottercast has been to. I can finally go!Avatar Image says: Thank you guys so much for coming to Chicago... again! It's so awesome! But I was sorta hoping for another Jo interview... perhaps later? Anyway, I'm thrilled. Avatar Image says: Aw man, I was hoping for New York... oh well, catch you guys at the live podcast on July 13!Avatar Image says: You should have a sort of no-spoiler disclaimer at the door, so if anyone feels inclined to flick to the back and scream out the ending you'll be legally allowed to pummel them into paste. Makes sense to me.Avatar Image says: luckkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyAvatar Image says: oooh sweet! I'm about to hop on that new Megabus route and come join!! hahaha!!Avatar Image says: hehe, just my luck, me family coming down to Chicago that week, maybe I can get them to stay a little longerAvatar Image says: Would love to be in chicago for that- what a great city. But alas, I must settle for the party with Jim Dale in NYC!!!!! I'm so excited I think my head will explode. I got a t-shirt for my 7 week old baby girl for the occasion- its a little pink tee that says "Weasly is my king" WOOO HOOOOOOOO.Avatar Image says: It would be so cool if you guys went to New York, because that is where I'll be. Oh well, that's cool for all of you guys who can make it!!! I can't wait for DH. Any release party is sure to be fantastic!Avatar Image says: . Leaky's tour isn't even making a stop in Indianapolis, and we're a good sized city. It just doesn't make sence. Come to Indianapolis Leaky!!! you spell it sense. And they can't get to everyone, nobody understands that. They're human for crying out loud!Avatar Image says: That's cool for the fansAvatar Image says: WHAT AN ABOMINATION! Why on EARTH would you be PROUD of leading children away from the unerring and unchanging word of GOD?! YOU SHOULD BE IN PRISON!Avatar Image says: sara beth, thanks for pointing out my spelling mistake. For some reason I've never been that good at spelling. I still wish that they could at least hit every state, all the big cities. But hey, I know they are human, you don't have to tell me.Avatar Image says: Sad for me, but AWESOME for those who will be there! Have FUN!Avatar Image says: Awesome!! Can't wait to see you guys again in my own town for the last bash! It's going to be CRAZY cool = )Avatar Image says: All of this is getting entirley too close for me. Im actually getting panicky....breath! Alright, Im back. It's sad that Im in Maine....nothings ever close enough. Oh well, still sounds like a blast! I WANT PICTURES, MELISSA, SUE AND JOHN!!!Avatar Image says: Guess I'll just wait for Amazon's delivery. Jus' 'cause John (Noe) lives down here, doesn't mean you alway gotta skip Miami... (sigh) I'm too old anyhow. Everybody have tons of fun. I'll be rooting from the sidelines. OMTAvatar Image says: It's too bad I have to work, because this is actually within driving distance. But then again, my bookstore's party is going to be the best one around, so I'm not too sad.Avatar Image says: ZOMGZOMGZOMG!!!!!! Leaky, that's where you were precisly ONE YEAR before DH!!!! Remember? The first Scholastic podcast was at Anderson's on JULY 20TH, 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was there for that!!! WoooooTTTTT!!! (with five t's, yay!) And that was when we found out about the trio surviving, and Emerson broke about five chairs. And we saw Baby Nora. And so on. Soooooo much fun!!!! I wanna go, but I don't want to be spoiled!!!! ARrrrrrrggghhhh!!!!! *HUGS* oh, and grumpygranny, why are you here? Why do you even care? We know we're going to hell ;), but that doesn't mean you have to make our lives hell right now.Avatar Image says: Well that sounds fun for those who can get there - enjoy! I take it this means no post-release interview the day after with Jo this time? Personally I hope Jo waits for a month or so after the release before she does any fan interviews like she did with Melissa and Emerson last time. This would mean that the fans have time to read and digest the book and then provide lots of interesting new questions about the series now that we will know how it ends. It's almost sad to think that in six weeks from now most of us will have finished reading the book (yes, many of us will finish in less than 12 hours). Avatar Image says: Awesome! I would love to go! But one can only wish... *sighs*Avatar Image says: What about London? :(Avatar Image says: AW that party sounds great! I'm on the east coast, but hope everyone has fun! Avatar Image says: -faints- ahhh! i am soo going! -faints again-Avatar Image says: YES!!! I have been waiting AGES for this announcement! I am totally there. Just tell me where and when and I'll be there. I have been hoping for months that you guys were going to be in Chicago for the release. I've never been to a release party and I really wanted to go to one since this is the last book, but the parties around here are heavily "children oriented", which there's nothing wrong with, but it just wouldn't be my scene. I was beginning to think I'd just be waiting at home on Saturday for my book to arrive, but now a HUGE party and a LIVE PotterCast? That's what I'm talking about! Avatar Image says: I really want to join a release party.Avatar Image says: Hey, GrumpyGanny, Harry Potter is a work of fiction. It isn't meant to be taken seriously. It is entertainment. I think the problem is you don't have a concept of what fiction is. After all, you take the Bible literally as the Word of God, when in reality it was written by uneducated, racist, misogynistic, Bronze Age tribal elders trying to control their world. Harry Potter books are a considerably better read than anything in the Bible. At least the plot makes sense.Avatar Image says: Expected to attract more than 50,000 people! Wow -that's one big party. Have fun everyone in Illinois - Avatar Image says: Awww. No NYC at all then Leaky?? Have to say that I'm upset. For once I wanna be somewhere out of NYC!!!!!Avatar Image says:

Oh I am so excited… but where can i preorder my book for this??!!

Avatar Image says:

omg thats in my town im comming!

Avatar Image says:

yes! Chicago! woohoo! I so want to go, and I will. But i have a little problem….I have my book reserved some where else at a borders so what do i do? Does anyone know? Do i like cancel it at borders and do it at anderson’s. But there’s already a huge long line.

Avatar Image says:

I will be there! I was going to go to Spellbound but they are not having one this year. This sounds a lot better! Look for an awesome Dumbledore with red robes and satin lined sleves. That will be me. I will also be with a Snape. LOL Say hi to us if you see us!

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