Mac Attack! Apple Announces Harry Potter Games Due this Summer


Jun 11, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

At the World Wide Developer Conference today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that EA would be bringing the Harry Potter video games back for the Mac computer systems, and proceeded to show a demo of the new Order of the Phoenix game running on OS X which will be due out in this summer. One website which is carrying the keynote speech live, quotes a rep from EA, Bing Gordon, as saying “The only thing better than living on a mac, is living at Hogwarts.”
More details when we get them! Due to be released at the end of this month on June 25, you can see various previews of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game here in our video galleries and via the EA OotP website.
Thanks to James, zainab, computerk and leopardgrl!

37 Responses to Mac Attack! Apple Announces Harry Potter Games Due this Summer

Avatar Image says: JOEPPIIEEE!! Avatar Image says: sigh.. i want a mac!! (not really, though) : )Avatar Image says: YAY FOR MAC AND HARRY POTTER! WOO! Avatar Image says: YESS!!! FINALLY! WOOTAvatar Image says: They remembered us! YayyyyAvatar Image says: WOOT! FINALLY! I can't WAIT! At last!!! Dawlish!!!Avatar Image says: YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!Avatar Image says: Pshh! Mac. Would you dare!?!?! Not that Windows is any good but come on, seriously, a MAC??????Avatar Image says: Well, dissing Macs is an odd thing to do. I'm ridiculously happy about this. I have no Wii, and can't really afford to get one right now, so I was gonna miss out on this game, but I have 3 Macs of various ages dotted around the house, so I'm back in business! Weeee!Avatar Image says: My dreams just came true!!! Finally no crashing when playing games I love!Avatar Image says: YESS FINALLYAvatar Image says: This is great news. As a middle-aged adult, I don't own a gaming system, but do have a Mac! Now I can play, too!Avatar Image says: YES!!!! It's about dang time!Avatar Image says: Christmas has come early!!! This is the best news ever!!!!!!!! ITS ABOUT TIME!Avatar Image says: Macs + Harry Potter = LOVE.Avatar Image says: Macs sucks. Come on people. Get a real computer.Avatar Image says: It is about time that new games are made for the Mac. I have a G5 with all the power needed to run any program. I have worked on Macs since the LCII. Can't wait.Avatar Image says: To those that dis the Macs: You are are uncool, macs rock (not as much as Harry Potter). But comming from someone who has PC's it is possible to get a Mac fixed when it, rarely, breaks unlike a PC. YEA HARRY POTTER GAME!!!!Avatar Image says: whichever OS it comes suitable for I WANT ONE !Avatar Image says: Hooray!!! *dances 'round her mac* And don't diss macs or pc's... the fact that we are all different and each have different preferences is GREAT! Competition makes the PC and the Mac both strive for greatness, and we all reap the benefits of their competition!Avatar Image says: I just hope they don't make you buy Leopard (the new OS) first. That'd be a bummer, because I don't have the funds to get that right now.Avatar Image says: It won't require OS X 10.5 (Leopard) because that is coming out sometime in October and the game is coming out June 25. The only people who don't work for Apple that legally have Leopard are the software developers who showed up at the World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in San Fransisco todayAvatar Image says: I'm with Jensenly - no gaming system but I do have a mac. This is so totally awesomely wicked! I know what I'm getting for my birthday!Avatar Image says: "Hello, I'm a Mac..." "...And I'm a PC." "And we're both Harry Potter fans." THE END ::sniff -- feel the love!::Avatar Image says: If you watch Steve Jobs' ketnote speech on the Apple website, you'll see that during the announcement they showed new footage from the OotP game. I wonder if anyone could download this? It looks great! :)Avatar Image says: Yipee! I don't have to buy an xbox or a wii or a whatever now! Avatar Image says: Yippeeeeeee for Macs!! And thanks for the links, DavidG. The preview looks kind of fun.Avatar Image says: Yus! I wouldn't have been able to play otherwise. Do you know what I have just realised? and it sucks)... We don't get midnight release parties, We get '11:00 am release parties"...whooo...silly time difference...Avatar Image says: This is going to double the time I spend on my Mac everyday.....who needs sleep?Avatar Image says: I have only worked on Macs at home (PCs at work) and I MUCH prefer them, and am THRILLED that EA is bringing its video games back to Mac. It has been incredibly frustrating to try and find any Mac-platform video games at game stores, or even online. Considering that game designers must all be using Mac to design their images, etc., it's about time they opened up their products to Mac's huge market of users!!! I have to start saving my pennies now for June 25th!

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