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Jun 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

As readers will already know, when you click on the official WB Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix website, you can hear a sampling of the soundtrack for the fifth movie playing in the background. Thanks to reader Finn who let us know that you can now access this sampling of the music, via this link. Enjoy!
Composed by Nicholas Hooper, the new soundtrack for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released on July 10 (tracklist here).

Thanks Finn!

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Avatar Image says: Except for movie 1, with the original Hedwig's Theme, I'd say this is the best soundtrack yet! Yea!Avatar Image says: for a second there I thought it was the 30 second sampler of each song. a poster named guad I think did something like this when the sites came available. I had that downloaded and kept it in my fav file.Avatar Image says: I thought the same thing luna. Grrrrr.Avatar Image says: I think this new music shows some fantastic maturity. I quite enjoy it.Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT IS SO AWESOME! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE I cant wait I cant wait I am sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: awww for a split second I thought that this was the full soundtrack that AOL usually releases a few weeks prior to each film for all to listen to.Avatar Image says: I'm quite impressed. I will be buying it.Avatar Image says: Its incredible, an inredible palette of music, and so many emotions. In my mind, i can see where they would use a lot of these pieces. Cannot not wait for the full soundtrack. I agree its very mature, IMHO the music is maturing as Harry matures tooAvatar Image says: Love the sample. The soundtrack would be nice to play while rereading OotPAvatar Image says: *Very* nice. That's the first time I've been able to hear this. I like it.Avatar Image says: I loved the soundtrack! It has a beautiful harmony and a great choice of instrumentation. It's very refreshing!Avatar Image says: This is the best soundtrack since the first one? No way. The best one so far is the 3rd movie. Although this sampling sounds better than the 4th movie nobody can ever compare to any of John Williams' 3 soundtracks for the movies. I wish he would come back.Avatar Image says: Great music, of course! They are all great! And I buy all of them. Every thing that comes out makes me more sad knowing it's the end guys..wahhhh :(Avatar Image says: Nothing new at all. This is exactly the same music bits that has been on the official website for months now. It is still great music though. Avatar Image says: Pretty! And Excellant! ^o^ Leaky should start playing the new movie music in the background of the main page from now on, yay! Avatar Image says: This music sounds so much better than the 4th movie music did, I'm relieved. I nearly hated GOF just because of the music. I agree with anyone, though, who thinks that the 3rd movie has the best music.Avatar Image says: I think it sounds a lot like the scores from the 3rd soundtrack (which made PoA a great movie, regardless of viewpoints), so OotP is looking to be a good movie as well, if the scores and scenes flow together well like PoA did (regardless of viewpoints, it was well made and the scores fit with it, just pointing it out, not trying to start a debate over PoA). I'm glad they dropped the whole gloom and doom that GoF's scores had.Avatar Image says: It's alright, but I miss John Williams. :\Avatar Image says: I think it sounds disappointingly arbitary. Nothing special at all...Avatar Image says: This reminds me of the first, second and third soundtrack. Very emotional and still playfull, with some mature touches. GOF was good at best. I'm just glad Mike Newell didn't do OOTP. Hopefully David will bring Hooper to HBP as well, although I'm sure he will. Hedwig's Theme is very well represented in this short sample!:)Avatar Image says: Uh I got goosebumps at the part where they played Hedwigs Theme! I think the last bit might be what they play in some of the ministry scenes. The only soundtrack I have ever gotten is the one for POA, but this one is sounding really good... I can't believe that in a month I'll be seeing the movie...and a week later reading DH *sigh*Avatar Image says: Oh, thank goodness. If we can't have John Williams back, at least we have music that embraces elements of and is reminiscent of what John Williams did in the earlier soundtracks (PoA is my favorite so far) unlike the last one which, to me, was a jarring departure. There were moments in GoF where I felt the music fit the drama and the action, but, overall, I was very disappointed and felt it distracted and detracted. The various clips of the OotP soundtrack conveyed whimsy and intensity, exactly what you need for a Harry Potter movie. Avatar Image says: Hey guys, I realized that most people had probably heard it already when entering the site, but it was worth it to draw attention to the file itself -- you can download it and save it on your computer and listen to it even if you're not online.Avatar Image says: I like. At times reminds me of the soundtracks for the Prisoner of Azkaban, Titanic, and the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.Avatar Image says: I was reminded of John William's work on the soundtrack for the Prisoner of Azkaban in this file; tender, emotional, and powerful, it carries the same atmosphere as the last of John William's work on the third film. The Hedwig's Theme piece about halfway through feels much more forboding and yet at the same time gentle than the previous few, and it captures the story well. I liked the piece with the flute especially.Avatar Image says: Nice! I'm quite pleased with it. Do I dare say that it may even be a better soundtrack than when we had John Williams!!?!?! Anyways, it is very impressive. The Hedwigs Theme part really sounded great. Avatar Image says: I love the last one... its so cute!!Avatar Image says: Yeah, this music was on the official website for long while now and reported by Leaky at the time! I think Sue is mis-using her time turner and I think many of you are forgetful! Some one even posted the sample capture into a file and gave a link to it in the comments. It actually had more - I'm going to have a scout for it now....Avatar Image says: O...M...G! That was amazing! I only just got into the soundtracks and this is very remenisant of SS/PS. It's more whimsical and magical feeling....I loved it. Cant wait to buy it.Avatar Image says: I love hearing this on the website, I was hoping it'd be available on MP3 soon (waiting for the album takes too long and it was getting annoying having to put on the website every time I wanted to hear it). Now I can put it on my iPod to enjoy along with the other soundtracks when reading Deathly Hallows. Cool!Avatar Image says: I too was hoping for pieces of each individual song, but this was a rather nice assortment. I was strongly reminded of Williams and the soundtrack for PoA, which is the only one I felt the need to purchase. The music for PoA was incredible and can still move me, and this had that same special quality to it. My favorite part was the rendition of Hedwig's Theme. I really liked the additional notes added. It made it sound more mature somehow. I am looking forward to hearing more. If the rest of the soundtrack is as pleasing as this, PoA may be getting some company in my soundtrack collection.Avatar Image says: I think everyone has left this post now but I just setup a Megaload and uploaded the extended soundtrack sample: here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DD4K5T3W Type the 3 letters and click the orange Download button on the right.Avatar Image says: No, register to SendSpace, it's better.Avatar Image says: I'm guessing that we're hearing the quirky Umbridge theme near the beginning here, which Hooper talked about. It's so sickly sweet it's got to be it. I can totally imagine that being over the sequence where she's walking round Hogwarts straightening people's uniforms and blasting the kissing couple apart.Avatar Image says:

I do not miss John Williams at all. That sample shows what should be a very nice, complex track. Excited about this one big time.

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