Scholastic Asks: Where are the Horcruxes?


Jun 12, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

In the fifth of their countdown questions leading up to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Scholastic is now asking fans “Where are the Horcruxes?” Good question…and UPDATE: Voting is now open. You can choose THREE from the following:

  • Diagon Alley
  • Hogsmeade
  • Hogwarts
  • Only with Death Eaters
  • Godric’s Hollows
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Azkaban
  • St. Mungo’s
  • Among Muggles
  • Elsewhere

Also new is a very nice cover poster of “Order of the Phoenix,” which you can print out at home using this link as well as print out a bookmark of the new question, here.

42 Responses to Scholastic Asks: Where are the Horcruxes?

Avatar Image says: In my pants.Avatar Image says: I did wonder at first if you had to click randomly to discover it by hand (like looking for the light for the second door opening on Jo's site), but on reflection, I think it is just broken.Avatar Image says: Scholastic must not be ready for this article. I can get it to finish loading the questions.Avatar Image says: Wow! That's a difficult question. We will have to wait until next month to find out.Avatar Image says: the voting is open... current front runners are Hogwarts and Godric's Hollow... Vote People!!!Avatar Image says: There are options.. there's diagon alley, st. mungos', godrics hollow.... vote.Avatar Image says: I'm thinking Hogwarts, Diagon Alley (specifically B&B will be the key), the orphanage and Godric's Hollow.Avatar Image says: Is it just me, or does it say Godric's Hollows (as in plural)? It could be just a typo, but I was pretty sure it's just Godric's Hollow...Avatar Image says: Thanks for tipping us off, scholastic! Hehe, now we know that there've got to be horcruxes in some of those locations. Notices the "hollows" bit. I'm guessing it's a typo.Avatar Image says: Hollows...plural...if we look close enough this is making it so that we know know peobabaly two of the horcrux locations (at least)Avatar Image says: Choose only 3 that a hint that Harry only needs to discover three more horcruxes...? Also...I thought B&B was not in Diagon was in Knockturn Alley?Avatar Image says: Do you really think this is giving us a hint? :-O I' more in the opinion that they are just repeating all the things that we've posting in the forums for 2 years now. It's quite exciting anyway!Avatar Image says: Becky, you are right, it's Godric's Hollow. This brings up the same question I had when I saw that one of the tracks from the movie soundtrack is called "Room of Requirements" -- sounds like a place you go where there are lots of requirements you have to fulfill, doesn't it? Ugh, so what's the deal? Are these truly typos (hopefully the poll is, I'm not so sure about the soundtrack) or are people who work in this franchise so dense they can't even get the vocabulary correct? This really frustrates me. My second frustration with the poll questions is sort of the opposite as the one I had with the last one -- is the correct answer on the list? With the last one, I wondered, is only one of the pairings listed destined to come true, or can more than one (I wanted to vote for 3 of the 4 they listed, try to guess which three)? This time my question is, are at least 2 of the answers actual locations of the Horcruxes? I think "elsewhere" is a very safe bet. But for all three or just 1? or is it 4 we're looking for? 4 is mentioned in the book, why can we only vote for 3? Why was Number 12 Grimmauld Place not mentioned? What it comes down to is something they'll probably never tell us but something I'd really like to know: has the person who wrote the questions read the book? I was so looking forward to these questions, thinking we'd get some clues. But I feel like half of them have just been stupid, they're the big questions we're all already asking, do we really need a review here? But the last two at least have felt like they threw a big huge truckful of mud into the waters, the questions, with the choices they've listed, have made things less clear, not more.Avatar Image says: "Elsewhere"? Hahahahahahahahaha!!! WTH is that? XDAvatar Image says: Godric's HollowS? Plural? It doesn't list Grimmauld Place.Avatar Image says: We have to remember that Voldemort is a loner. Therefore it is less likely that he trusted his horcruxes with anyone else. I think that HOGWARTS itself may be one. He loved the school so why not leave a part of your soul there? Secondly I think that BURGIN & BURKES has a horcruxe hidden there. Thirdly, I think that Voldemort may have hidden one in the OLD HOME of his mother and grandfather. Just because of its pureblood history. Avatar Image says: Hm, the only spoiler here could be the 'elsewhere' if it ad a name. I voted for Diagon Alley (the Cup, in Grigotts) for Hogwarts (tiara in RoR) and Elsewhere (Nagini, Forrest Place 117, Albania)Avatar Image says: In my opinion the horcruxes are all in places which are very important for (or mean something to) Voldemort. Hogwarts is the right place. Godric's hollow is also a suitable place, because, according to Dumbledore's words (see HBP), Voldemort was there to make an horcrux by James' and Harry's death. He disappeared when he conjured the avada kedavra to Harry, which means that he left the object he had chosen to be the horcrux in James and Lily's house. But the point is: did he mean to make only one horcrux (by harry's death) or did he have two objects with him (one for James and one for Harry)? Because he wanted to kill James too, he is not a "collateral damage" as Lily is. Another place is the Gringott if we want to see the British cover in this way. That scene, in my opinion, is not set after Bill and Fleur's wedding (as many have said), otherwise Harry would wear dress robes too, but it is set at the end of the story, probably after the graduation ceremony of the seventhyears. This means that Harry will not take part to this ceremony, either because he will not attend Hogwarts or because he will have more important things to do than attending the ceremony.Avatar Image says: Hey fanofpotter, Dumbledore already found one of the horcruxes at the House of Gaunt. It was the ring he took to wearing in Half-Blood Prince. Of course, there may be something else hidden there, but i doubt it's much more than gobs of dust. :)Avatar Image says: the seven promotional questions were published months ago. Harrylatino had them from the first day. lekay cauldron is paid by scholastic for dont publish them. leaky cauldron doesint work for fans they work for publishers and wb. can anybody of leaky cauldron deny me you knew the questins from months ago? you liked to hide them as it was the desire of scholastic. i am shamed of how much you have changed. i preffer immeritus and harrylaatino much moreAvatar Image says: "Godric's hollow is also a suitable place, because, according to Dumbledore's words (see HBP), Voldemort was there to make an horcrux by James' and Harry's death. He disappeared when he conjured the avada kedavra to Harry, which means that he left the object he had chosen to be the horcrux in James and Lily's house. But the point is: did he mean to make only one horcrux (by harry's death) or did he have two objects with him (one for James and one for Harry)?" This is what I think, too. I think there's an object in Godric's Hollow that was meant to be a Horcurx, but wasn't finished. There may be more than one, there may be one that is already a Horcrux. But maybe Voldemort might have had someone go fetch them, after book four? Or even before? Like Wormtail? "...but it is set at the end of the story, probably after the graduation ceremony of the seventh years." I don't think they have a graduation. Don't they just leave school in Britian? If I'm mistaken, please someone who knows about British public school correct me. If there is some kind of graduation ceremonly, it will likely be after MoldyVoldy's defeat.Avatar Image says: I actually think that the Horcruxes are elsewhere. I've thought about this COUNTLESS times, and now that it is brought up on here, I forgot all of the things I've thought about! :D lol.Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but this Scholastic thing is just Riddikulus! 76% of voters say Voldemort with live...*scoffs* please! On the Live/Die question I got quite a chuckle clicking "Die" on the "Other" character....Um I'm thinking at least ONE character that isn't on the list of what, 5 or 6 main characters listed will die *rolls eyes* Also liked how the Harry/Hermione romance is well at the head of the romance poll running...nice to see those Harmony shippers are keeping busy voting over and over and over....I mean, if you say it enough times well then it MUST be true...right? Again....RIDDIKULUS!Avatar Image says: It becomes clearer every week that whoever puts these polls together has done no more than briefly scan the text. The only one I felt comfortable chosing based on Dumbledore's teachings was "elsewhere," but I had to vote for three to count. Silliness!Avatar Image says: Dear laurel: you are probably right, there are no such things as graduation ceremonies in Britain, but I thought that maybe, in the book, there can be something that is very similar to them, just to celebrate the event. (I live in Italy, and even if it's not an italian tradition, many schools celebrate degrees with a I think that there is a chance for this to happen also in England... I know that at Eton there is something like a ceremony at the end of school) And I think you are right when you say that if there were any, it would be after Voldemort's defeat... I think I've changed my mind! ;) Avatar Image says: I think it's a bad list choice. only two places on the list made any sense to me. Godric's Hollow and Elsewhere. Why would the Dark Lord leave the Deathly Hallows with Muggles or those other places? It's very clear in HBP that he left his fetishes in places of self segnificant triumps. It's more likely he left Hufflepuffs cup in a place that had meaning to himself.Avatar Image says: I thought I read in an interview with JKR that there would no graduation ceremony, I think she said it's just an American thing, but I have no idea what interview it was. I agree with most of you. The only place I really thought a horcrux woud be is Elsewhere on that list. However, I also guessed Hogsmeade because Aberforth could have bought the locket from Madungus(sp?). I picked Godric's Hollow too, since maybe Voldemort returned after he got his body back and made a horcrux there, since nobody looks in the rubble.Avatar Image says: Yay! I'm trying to collect as many of them as I can!Avatar Image says: The Locket is in Kreachers room under the boiler. The Cup may be at Tom Riddles orphanage (why else tell us where that was) The RR relic (a wand?) the Room of Requirement (RR) or Albania LOL Nigini is always with V. So most of the answers are Elsewhere.Avatar Image says: I know this theory has been batted back and forth since HBP came out, the whole 'is Harry/his scar a Horcrux?' idea, and there seem to be many for and against the possiblility. (Is there a poll of this? It'd be interesting to know just how many fans sit on either side...) I -goin' out on a limb here...- reckon he is one, simply because it is the best choice from a storytelling P.O.V, it would give Harry the greatest problem to solve in the entire story, and finding out how he'd destroy the Horcrux and defeat without dying would make for a really amazing story, and, yeah...we all know J.K has a way of writing those!Avatar Image says: "It becomes clearer every week that whoever puts these polls together has done no more than briefly scan the text. " Agreed!!! They need to take a minute and think of what real fans think the answer could be... With Death Eaters? Certainly not after Lucius' diary fiasco!Avatar Image says: In Diagon Alley there's Gringotts. A sure safe place and one LV has full access to (rem. PS/SS). Hogwarts is on (RoR) and Elsewhere is a good possibility.Avatar Image says: Diary - gone Ring - gone Locket - Gone with Fred and George to Magic Shop? or to F&G via Kreacher and poss. involvement of Mundungus Fletcher? or still at Grimmauld Pl?? Mundungus last seen at Hogsmeade btw. HufflePuff Cup - Gringott's, Diagon Alley in Potter vault, pictured on cover art, english ed. Tiara - Room of Requirement, Hogwarts on the head of a bust atop an old wardrobe HP Scar - wherever Harry goesAvatar Image says: I think that harry deffo won't die, I hope that they don't kill him. She will get a very nasty letter if she does. *Slaps Jk Rowling* And that's for killing Dumbledore. That is all. Rich xAvatar Image says: Funny, I thought the locket would still be at #12 Grimmauld Place. But obviously it is not. So Azkaban then for this one. As for the others: Diagon Alley and "elsewehere" - just my two cents.Avatar Image says: Hm, I agree with those who've said that these polls don't show a lot of in-depth analysis of the books. They seem to be the questions that younger children who had only read the books once would ask, along with stupid or obvious options for the answers. With this one it was like they said, "Hmm, let's just list all the important places in the book that have special names! That's not obvious at all!" Perhaps they're aiming at a more juvenile and less obsessive audience. A bit disappointing, really.Avatar Image says:


Avatar Image says:

Well considering that all of the Horcurxes that have been found so far have been in places that Voldermort has been to. I think in the next book we will be following the tracks of voldermorts past.

Where he grew up in the orphanage ???

one was already in his grandfathers house so im not sure but there could be one in his fathers house but i would have thought that dumbledore would have looked there already since he found the ring in the ruins of the gaunts house. and they are only right down the street from one another.

Hogwarts (but this is where the chamber of secrets was where the diary was destroyed)

Borgan and Burkes- remember he worked here this is a major part of his past, i think that this could be a place where one would or could be hidden

Diagon alley, Hogsmeade i dont think that voldermort would trust his horcurxes to be in wide open areas like these especially when magic always leaves traces…

we were already in the ministry of magic so i dont see one being here.

azkaban- voldermort has never been to azkaban

st mungos- again voldermort has never been to st mungos or so we have never been told that he has visited here.

Among Muggles…. hahahaha nope i dont think so

Godrics hollows- well since the next title is the “deathly Hollows” there is a possibility that one could be here.

In the last book the H.B.P. before Dumbledore passes on he lists where he thinks they are hidden. Mind you Dumbledore has never been wrong before, so I think that he will be right with at least one of the places. I think we will be seeing alot of the pensive in this book to help follow the tracks of voldermorts past, but this time it will be harry hermonie and ron and possibly ginny. so is anyone else excited that they are opening up a HP theme park in Orlando? 2009 it is expected to open. I am def. going!

Avatar Image says:

Hey, nice question—the identity of a horcrux isn’t important, it’s location is the important thing(Dumbledore and Harry tried to destroy an unknown horcrux in the CAVE). I’ll vote for “elsewhere”. I think a Horcrux is hidden somewhere in the forests of Albania(that’s where the Dark Lord lurks during 1992 while in exile). I believe it so, for the Dark Lord had travelled far and wide, and Quirrel had said that he met the Dark Lord while travelling around the world.

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