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Aug 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The US publisher for the Harry Potter series, Scholastic, announced that more than 11.5 million copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh book in J. K. Rowling’s series, have been sold in the during its first ten days of release. The book, which sold more than 8.3 million copies during the first 24 hours of its release, also increased its total US print run to 14 million, up from the original 12 million copies Scholastic was slated to print prior to the publication. From the press release:

Scholastic was printing copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows right up to the final hours prior to release and, with pre-orders and reservations climbing at an incredible pace, the Company was able to print enough additional copies to be in position for re-supply following the launch. The additional copies brought the total number of the U.S. edition in print for the seventh book to 14 million.

Currently, Harry Potter titles and the deluxe edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hold eight spots on the USA Today bestseller list. In the U.S. alone, there are currently 140 million copies of the seven Harry Potter books in print.

To date, over 350 million copies of the seven books in the Harry Potter series have been sold worldwide.

On a related note, online retailer Amazon.com revealed the final numbers for pre-orders of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Worldwide, Amazon.com received more than 2.2 million pre-orders by midnight on July 20th surpassing the 1.5 million pre-orders the site took for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the previous record holder. A total of 1.4 million pre-orders came from the States, 1.3 million of which were delivered via Muggle post to readers across the country on July 21st.

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With these amazing sales numbers, why in the heck is DH not on the New York Times best seller list? It’s not on the current top ten list, it’s not on the Hard Cover Fiction list and it’s not on the Children’s book list. Any one know why???

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and yeah. ive got 2 of the 8.3 million… cuz i happen to be a dork and extremely obessed.



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Lori, HP is on the NYTimes Book list, in the Children’s section, down in “Series” with 148 weeks on the list. All the purchases of DH-and all the others that people picked up-are being lumped together. Very Dursley of them.

Though I do give them credit for a link to a HP Topic section online.

SERIES BOOKS This Week Weeks On List 1 HARRY POTTER, by J. K. Rowling. (Levine/Scholastic, hardcover and paperback.) Trouble at Hogwarts. (Ages 10 and up)

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The Toronto Globe and Mail has DH as no. 1 on its fiction list for the past 2 weeks :)

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Harry Potter rules the world! Potter power…unite!! :D

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Because we’re cool like that!

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Padfootrocks … I must be as big a dork as you … I bought one at the bookstore at midnight, ordered one from Borders on the first day you could order, ordered the UK adult edition from www.amazon.co.uk, and ordered the deluxe edition from amazon.com ….

Plus I asked for and got an empty box from the midnight release at my bookstore and I bought the CD (Jim Dale) version from Target last night.

There goes my vacation fund for this year :-)

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Yeah, and my muggle post didnt deliver mine until 3:15 in the afternoon!!! Boy, I woulda been really pissed had I not been as big a dork as at least two others in this comment alone: I went to a midnight release at Borders to get my Deluxe addition, so I was not empty handed (damn, I wish I would have asked for a box! I thought about it, but decided not to). I have since ordered and received a UK edition from amazon.co.uk, and fully expect to buy the audio cd’s from Costco in the near future.

Oh, and I think the NYT are snobby: IIRC, didnt they create the childrens list so that an HP book wouldnt hold the top spot on their precious list? I could be wrong, but I thought I read that. I guess now they’ve moved it to yet another list. Ah well, who cares, you cant argue with the numbers.

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If we were to combine all the Harry Potter books, then there are only two books that have outsold them: The Quotations of Chairman Mao, and the Holy Bible.

Not bad for ten years of publishing history. :)

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I can easily believe 8.3 million sold within 24 hours; my normally deserted bookstore was PACKED with people the night of the 20th!

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Diluvia, I’m in the same boat. :)

I bought two from Amazon, won one copy from Amazon, and order the audio book by Jim Dale. I’m also planning on buying the British version of it and a foriegn version.

I so almost bought PS in Spanish and latin. THAT close.

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This is cool news, but I read about this on other HP sites 5 days ago when it was released. What’s up with the delay; I’m used to Leaky being the first site with the news.

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wow congratulations, Jo! =) i was one of the 8.3 million purchasers within 24 hours. on the first hour, mind. =) gad what an AMAZING book the DH is!

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Beth said “Oh, and I think the NYT are snobby: IIRC, didnt they create the childrens list so that an HP book wouldnt hold the top spot on their precious list?”

Close, but not quite. NYTBR has always had a children’s list. However, they did re-define HP as children’s lit to get it off the adults’ list. The publishers have not pegged HP as children’s lit (JRK’s expansive vocabulary not suited for children’s list) nor has JKR (who’s made it clear she’s dealing with adult themes).

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Amazing, and that doesnt count the audio books everyone will be purchasing around Christmas. Atleast the people I know who read the series always buy the Audio books for a christmas gift. It’s the perfect gift!

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omg i asked if i could have a box at my bookstore on realease night and they said they werent allowed to give them out =( i wanted one sooooooo bad oh well

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nikki said “i asked if i could have a box at my bookstore on realease night and they said they werent allowed to give them out” Too bad, Nikki. I got a box for OOTP, but I was also toward the end of the line and I’d ordered 2 (one for me and one for my niece), so they were getting ready to clean up. They wanted to keep the boxes earlier in the evening for others, like me, who bought multiple books. The combined numbers were too big and heavy for them to stay safely in the store bags.

I wonder how many other of JKR’s phenomenal numbers are due to people buying multiple copies? LOL!

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