Truth and Myth According to Laura Mallory

Jan 26, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


Laura Mallory, the woman from the state of Georgia who has repeatedly tried to have the Harry Potter books removed from school shelves, has written an opinion piece in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, where she states what she calls “myths” and “truths” on why she is continuing her case against the beloved series. Claiming that she is not alone in this stance, she writes that there “are hundreds and even thousands of other parents who have stood up against the Harry Potter series and its paganization of this generation.” She goes on to say that she will not give up, noting “It has not been an easy path to take, but one in which I know I must not quit. God has been with me, answering specific prayers and reassuring me of His will and His Word.” You can read her entire article here.

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