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Oct 11, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Our fifth Get a Clue charity drive, which ran through July 21 in association with our HarryPotterSeven.com guide to DH, has raised an excellent $3,780 for Book Aid International. Thank you to everyone who donated! In early 2008 some of you will receive prizes, such as a full, signed set of the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, and more.

We will have more on future literacy drives very shortly!

(And to those wondering, yes, we’re working on grading the DH quiz. More on that soon. See, we knew you were thinking it. Didn’t even have to ask. Now stop writing us that email. Now.)

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Hahh oh yeah, that quiz thing which I clearly failed at. I don’t think I even finished it xD

WOO for $3,780 for Book Aid International!

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$3780 is no mean penny! Fantastic job, everybody!

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Hooray! That’s quite a bit we Harry Potter fans have raised… just by being fans! What more could you ask for?

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aww that reminds me of how i first started going on TLC five years ago, around the time of the first Get a Clue drive.

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That’s awesome. I’ve been wondering about the quiz, but it’s pretty obvious that you guys have a lot to do with the new design of the website already, so take your time :) I don’t think I did so well in the test…I think I forgot to go back and change my answers for a few of questions…but at that point before the book I was so confused with all the theories anyway, I kind of changed my predictions by the hour (at least the minor ones, I was pretty sure about who’s going to marry whom ;D) so never mind :)

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Bless your heart, Melissa! I wanted to ask what had happened with that awesomely detailed DH quiz, but didn’t have the nerve to bring it up, with all of us suffering from DH book and OOTP movie hangovers! Please let us know - when it is downloaded - where we can find it and our results. Shades of WOMBATS . . .

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