Additional “Half-Blood Prince” Filming Set for Gloucester Cathedral


Oct 21, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

There is additional news regarding location shoots for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film. In addition to the filming we told about previously due to take place this week in Wiltshire, England at the village of Lacock, there will also be crews at Gloucester Cathedral. The town’s local paper reports that “pupils from several local schools tipped to appear as extras in the multi million-pound production.” Parts of the Cathedral appear as part of Hogwarts School, as it was used as a location set for the first two Harry Potter movies. The return to the area to film will provide local students to take part in movie six.

Now pupils from King’s, Crypt and Denmark Road High School for Girls have the opportunity to audition for roles in the film.

“Quite a number of our children are going to be auditioning for Warner Bros at the end of this month,” Mr Macnaughton said.

“Others are also coming from the Crypt School and Denmark Road High School for Girls.”

Note: While there is no specific date published for the Gloucester filming, anyone who happens to there or at the Lacock filming for HBP, please send in your reports, photos and we will post them!

Thanks to radcakesfan and helena for the link!

6 Responses to Additional “Half-Blood Prince” Filming Set for Gloucester Cathedral

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I,m glad to be hearing set reports but I want to know more casting calls. There are lots of new characters in the halfblood prince I especially want to know who will play Narcissa eventhough I’m sticking to my guns and saying its Naomi Watts and her rep just doesnt want to come out and admit it yet.I know I’m extremely stubborn, I just got this vision of Naomi and Jason as Mr. and Mrs.Malfoy -oh so dreamy those two together would be!

Avatar Image says:

I would love Watts for Narcissa but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I don’t think they will give us the cast until much later in a misguided attempt to build buzz.

Avatar Image says:

my guess is Alex Kingston will be Narcissa

Avatar Image says:

my second choice for Narcissa would be Alison Doody, over on Harry potter and the Half blood prince Wiki a wikipedia they are condsidering her and Naomi Watts it says so if your right about Naomi I would gladly take Alison shes got that long blonde hait and plae look too

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just wondered if the pictures recently added for ‘Filming Locations’ are of Lacock, and if so, does anyone else think that it looks an ideal village to film Godric’s Hollow in film 7? It looks just how I imagine it in the book. I guess it’s in more or less the right part of the country so it’s bound to…

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