‘Magic Bus’ Tour in France for “Deathly Hallows” Release


Oct 08, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

In addition to the recent news of Gallimard, the publisher of the Harry Potter novels in France, revealing the cover art for their edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the publishing house recently announced a special ‘Magic Bus’ tour. Beginning on October 17th, the ‘Magic Bus’ is set to travel around the country making stops in various locations where fans can participate in magical activities, prior to the books October 26th release. Further details of this tour come from a few new posters and other recently released promotional materials. Readers interested in attending one of these events can view an overview of the tour route and stop information for the ‘Magic Bus’ here, courtesy of UHP, as well as a promotional poster and ticket for the event, which can be viewed here.

Complete details about this tour are set to be released soon and we will be sure to update you with this information as soon as it is announced.

Thanks to UHP for the heads up.

11 Responses to ‘Magic Bus’ Tour in France for “Deathly Hallows” Release

Avatar Image says:

wow! how exciting (wait it’s i france right) well i wish they had pone in the u.s. (yeah first)

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I can’t believe I was tingling all over my body in looking at the poster. It’s Fantastic! :)

Avatar Image says:

why to france??not indonesia????

i want the crews of harry potter again to tour in indonesia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in yogyakarta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oche! i hope!!!!!

Avatar Image says:

aku ingin kalian ke indonewsia sekali-kali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ojo mung luar negri, wae!!

kapiye, je!

aku sengittttttttttt

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The website of Gallimard is amazing!

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I’m going to France soon, I think its around the 25th. But oh disaster(!) the site is in French!! I should of seen that one coming really.. I am NOT good at french, is it a one day trip or is it the whole week? Just wanted to let all the UK Leaky/Potter fans (or anyone that will be in UK at the time) that there is a similar (but slightly more exciting!!!) tour there. It’s in my magazine, it tours the whole of England to places where scenes were filmed, places that inspired JKR etc. How exciting!! I’ll try write details in another comment!! J’adore you, leaky!

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I hope it is better than Scholastic’s Knight Bus Tour. We drove 290 miles to St. Louis to get on the bus and it was tiny inside. There was a small waiting room that led through a narrow door to an even smaller video couch and then out the back door of the bus. What a waste. Thank goodness the Library had activities and snacks on the grounds.

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Why France??? Tour the U.S!!!! I dont get it

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This is all great but on behalf of all french fans who speak english, we want YOU to tour in France, at least in Paris! I mean it is very frustrating to listen to the live Pottercats in the US/UK and know we will never be able to attend one of these events. So please Melissa, John and Sue, come to Paris! Long Live Leaky!

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@amanda You don’t get it ? Maybe this is because there are actually Harry Potter in other countries than yours ??

Avatar Image says:

Wait—there are other countries than ours? No way!

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