Rumor Alert: Madonna’s Daughter a Half-Blood Princess?


Nov 21, 2007

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Despite the formal press release earlier this week from Warner Bros stating that casting is now complete for the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” film, UK tabloid The Sun has a new article online tonight involving the sixth Harry Potter movie, and the daughter of pop superstar Madonna. With a headline blaring “She’s Lourdes Voldemort,” the paper reports that:

MADONNA‘s daughter LOURDES – nicknamed Lola – has been asked to join Harry Potter and his pals battling Lord Voldemort in the next film in the blockbuster series. Warner Brothers approached the 11-year-old – whose dad is fitness trainer Carlos Leon – through Madge…An executive at Warners wanted to cast Lola in the last Potter film and has renewed his interest for the next movie. Lola would love to do it – she is a huge fan. Lourdes was only offered a small part, but it could be her big break.

As always, please keep this very much in the rumor category until we can obtain confirmation. Thanks Radcakesfan!

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