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Mar 31, 2007

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We have a few updates to tell you about regarding a few of the many Harry Potter conferences and conventions due to take place in the next few years.
First, Portus 2008, the Harry Potter Symposium set for Dallas, Texas next year has now launched their website. Brought to you by the same group that sponsored Lumos and the the upcoming Prophecy 2007, this will be their fifth symposium. Registration is now open; more details here.

Sectus, the unofficial Harry Potter Conference being held in London, England on July 19-22 of this year, will be holding a reading party for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which will be released on July 21(and takes place in the middle of the conference). Proceeds from Sectus are to be donated to Book Aid International, a charity that helps promote literacy and provide books to those in need. For more on Sectus, click here.

As mentioned on our podcast PotterCast we will be appearing at Phoenix Rising, the Harry Potter Conference taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana May 17-21, with our live podcast taking place the opening night on May 17 following the welcome dinner. The conference has also recently posted their schedule of programming for the weekend, including the dates and times of several panels and events featuring members of TLC.

PotterCast hosts Melissa Anelli, John Noe and Sue Upton will host a panel called “Fan Podcasting: Wizards on the Wireless,” Saturday, May 18 at 2pm. TLC Webmistress Melissa Anelli and TLC Senior Editor Sue Upton will also give a panel earlier that same day called “Fan Journalism: The Importance of Not Being Skeeter” at 11am. Forum administrator Nick Rhein has now joined the “Snape: Friend or Foe” panel due Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Finally a reminder that Melissa Anelli will be one of the keynote speakers on a special presentation and walking dinner called “Transformation: From Fan to Fandom” at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. As of this post, only a seven tickets remain available for this event, so if you are interested in this or any of the events at Phoenix Rising, click here for more.

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