New PS3 OotP Video Game Images and IGN Interview


Apr 30, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Three brand new images from the Play Station 3 “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” video game have been released today, they show a poised Harry and Ron practicing DA spells in the Room of Requirement, the DA at the Ministry and Dumbledore battling Voldemort in the Ministry Atrium. These fantastic images can be seen in our extensive OotP Video Game section of the image galleries. is also featuring the second part of an interview we told you about earlier this month with EA producer, Harvey Elliott, on the creation and development of the OotP video game. In this half, Mr. Elliott speaks of the evolution of each game and the sense of discovery the gamer can find in this game:

“The school is absolutely full of discoveries, each one rewarded with discovery points that when collected will upgrade Harry, Ron and Hermione’s magical ability and better prepare them for the battles ahead. Each discovery relates to a physical part of Hogwarts as opposed to being a generic ‘collectible’. For example, you can use your incendio spell to reveal and light the floating candles in the Great Hall, or you can use your magic to uncover secret symbols in the courtyards and through experimenting with magic find bigger discoveries throughout the castle. And with each you make a permanent change, physically altering the appearance of the school.”

The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game will be released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PC, PSP, XBOX 360,Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and Gameboy Advance platforms June 25, 2007.

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10 Responses to New PS3 OotP Video Game Images and IGN Interview

Avatar Image says: Great pics, can't wait for the game!!Avatar Image says: I cant wait too....i wonder what the games like for the wii i think that would be so cool! i hope i get mine soon!!! if not im going to hunt someone down lol Avatar Image says: I do wish they would try to make the graphics better. I mean this could easily be done on PS2. And probably better. There are better looking PS2 games than this, like Metal Gear Solid 3 and Final Fantasy 12. I'm not bashing on the game, I think it'll be really good, I'm just disappointed that they cannot make a game for a $600 console look better than this. I was going to get the PS3 version because I figured it would have better visuals but honestly the Wii version looks about the same and probably has neater controls. I'll get that one.Avatar Image says: I REALLY want to play this game on my MacBook! Drat!Avatar Image says: can't wait to play it on my xbox 360, the ministry scenes look amazing!!Avatar Image says: OMG! LOL it looked like hermione and neville were kissing!!Avatar Image says: these are simply stunning! It's like seeing official movie stills! Hats off to EA for really raising the bar.Avatar Image says: Lol Chang,Cho - I thought the same thing!Avatar Image says: Can't wait to finally walk around hogwarts myself. Ah, just a few months now.Avatar Image says: I too wish this game had better graphics. They either don't have the time or talent to make something up there with Metal Gear, Resident Evil, or Silent Hill.(Those are the games I have on PS2 and Game Cube that I find visually appealing. I don't have a 360 or PS3.) I think it probably has more to do with how little time they have to make it. I will definitely try this game out. Hopefully it will have some replay value to it, so I'll actually want to buy it after renting it.

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