False Report Regarding OotP Screenplay Writer Michael Goldenberg


Apr 09, 2007

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There was a report posted as factual and without rumor warnings earlier today on MuggleNet (and subsequently, widely carried on other Potter fan sites) regarding purported comments made by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix screenplay writer Michael Goldenberg. TLC can report to you unequivocally that the report is false, and the quotes and comments attributed to Mr. Goldenberg as well as ones regarding plans of author J.K. Rowling are completely fabricated. WB has verified this information.
The report said that Goldenberg had nicknamed “the third draft of the screenplay ‘Harry Scissorhands’,” because of the deep plot cuts, and that the film would not be a favorite because “most of the fun, non-Harry material was left out.” There was also a report of a “new scene between Harry and Snape that eerily predicted events in both Half-Blood Prince and, according to Rowling’s notes, Book 7.” The writer also claimed that “Rowling, in an email, seriously suggested that after she finished Book 7 she should probably take reign as co-screenwriter and/or become a serious player in the screenwriting process.”

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