Arthur Levine Appears on CBS “Early Show”


May 01, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Arthur Levine, the US editor of the Harry Potter books was a guest on the CBS Early Show today, to help launch the new Scholastic question as part of the “Soon There Will be 7″ campaign heralding the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on July 21. As posted below, the new question today asks “Is Snape Good or Evil,” and CBS reports:

Arthur Levine, co-editor of the “Harry Potter” books, said that the trivia questions help sustain the excitement surrounding the books.

“The hoopla has been going on for years, a decade,” Levine told The Early Show weatherman Dave Price. “We’re part of that excitement. We’re wondering all these questions, too. We wanted to help focus the conversation and be part of all the excitement, with all the readers who are wondering.”

At this link, you can watch video of this appearance (right side of page), as well as a few children sporting their Potter garb giving their thoughts on Professor Severus Snape. UPDATE: We also now have this in our video galleries for you to enjoy.

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Avatar Image says: Arthur's becoming quite the star of this DH campaign! Pleeeeeeeeeeease get him on PotterCAst again if you can.Avatar Image says: You know, they say they sparked debates all over the web...but these questions are ones we've been asking for years. It's really nothing new.Avatar Image says: can't wait to see what a couple of kids think about this *eyeroll*Avatar Image says: ***Snape is neither evil nor good. He is just trying to avoid (or get rid of) voldie and Dumbledore, he has no choice***Avatar Image says: I still go back to life debt. Snape owed James for saving his life, and ended up passing on the info that got James killed. I think that's why Dumbledore believed he was remorseful...and I think that's why he hasn't *really* done anything to Harry. Even helping Harry survive in PS/SS doesn't seem like it was really enough to pay back a life debt... As for good or evil? I think Snape is on Snape's side. -BAvatar Image says: I was there! I'm the girl in the second row, blonde/white shirt/ravenclaw tie. Arthur Levine is amazing. It's the coolest feeling, being that close to someone who knows how the series ends. The people at CBS implied that we might be called back, that they'd do this for each of the questions. Oh, and the CBS building is amazing - it has a very James Bond hidden door to the green room. :^)Avatar Image says: If you look at the actual bookmark it seems like it is leading somewhere. the first one just showed a staircase and now the second one is showing a door. More than anything the bookmarks are leading us somewhere. I just have no clue where that somewhere is. i really hope someone reads this!!!Avatar Image says: I would have to disagree to both kids saying that the reason Snape would ever be evil is because he killed Dumbledore (my opinion xD). You can tell that Dumbledore's last reminder--yes, reminder-- of "Please, Severus..." was that to ensure Snape followed through with the plan to fool Voldemort into thinking Snape was definitely on his side (and since Albus knows that it's obvious Voldy isn't easily fooled, they had to perform something quite drastic). Also, I belive Ablus thought it was his time, and that he knew Harry had to go on "alone", without him. That's my intuitive talking about this matter. And that's just one minor reason that convinces me that snape isn't evil. I'm not saying he's "good", good can mean so many different things, but he's definitely not evil. If anything he's a man who's working for himself, but happens to resent his good-intentioned heart inside. :-)Avatar Image says: Could we have the snape is good or evil video too?

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