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May 15, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The new issue of the Lego magazine contains a feature on that new Hogwarts castle we told you about previously. Along with the article detailing the new castle are two new photos, including one of Harry sitting in Dumbledore’s office, as well as another look at the Great Hall with the proclamations on the wall. To see the photos, click here.
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Avatar Image says: Umm...when I clicked on the link it took me to Image says: Why is Dd hunched over like he's weak and sickly? It doesn't look like the last scene where he's exhausted from the MoM battle...Avatar Image says: I'm completely at a loss as to where that could be in the movieAvatar Image says: I hope DD doesn't lose his temper as in GoF!Avatar Image says: Im glad we finally get to see the room behind dumbledores desk. It has been built for the past 3 movies yet we havent seen it.Avatar Image says: Lisa, if you get the DVD of CoS, there's an extra feature in which you can take a tour of Dumbledore's office, including the rooms behind his desk. The set designers did an amazing job.Avatar Image says: I think thats why they chose the location of the room and camera angle they did, so that the set designers deatil of doing that room would finally get its dueAvatar Image says: Those Lego Thestrals are freaking awesome! XD Wonder what scene is it in the Dumbledore/Harry pic. Avatar Image says: Did anyone else notice that Amazon picture of the Lego Figures featured Draco wearing a Gryfindor Quiditch uniform?Avatar Image says: Seeing the Lego people made me want them to make Harry Potter Legos game (like for PS2) like they did the StarWars, those were so much fun!Avatar Image says: Im so glad we're seeing behind Dumbeldore's Desk- We were introduced to it in Chamber of Secrets- Now we're going behind it. It's supposed to be a study. I'm excited- Also- German Adam, That wasn't Draco. In the Preliminary Version of the Hogwarts Castle, They were going to include Fred or George in their Quidditch Uniform to resemble their flight to freedom.Avatar Image says: Something about this particular photo - I think its the way he's sitting there - makes Dumbledore look more like Fagin from "Oliver Twist". Oh, Richard, how we continue to pine for thee. Avatar Image says: I believe this would be after the battle and he's telling harry about the prophecy. The thing I'm wondering is that they said the last 20 mins would be in 3D, and after re-reading the book, is that going to include the talk and the closing scene at the platform?Avatar Image says: Looks like gambon is getting better and better as dumbledore. He seems very calm and (yes) wise. gof's screwup was mike newell's fault, not gambon's. I thought richard harris was okay, but he often he just seemed to old an humourless to be dumbledore. In the books Jo wrote that harry never saw dumbledore as old, until one moment in the fourth book. Harris somehow allways seemed old. actually a combination of Harris and Gambon would probably make the perfect dumbledore. Avatar Image says: (Is it sad that I know so much about Lego?) No ;) After all I know a lot of adult that are fan of lego, my father being one himself ;) You can do nice stuff with these :) The hair from the umbridge minifig seams like a new style. Never seen it.Avatar Image says: This is definitely a scene that wasn't in the book. In the book Harry goes to DD's office two times: once the night of MR Weasley's attack and the other after the MoM battle. In this pictures, Harry is wearing the school uniform, and in the two other scenes he wears different clothes. So they added anew Harry/DD scene. I wonder when will that be in the movie, and if it will be well written and in the spirit of the book, not like the added DD/Harry scene in the dormitory at the end of GoF.Avatar Image says: The image is blurred but it looks like Harry's got blood at the side of his face so I think it's after the MOM. Also, wasn't the trip to MOM directly after the History of Magic exam. He didn't change clothes after that in the book except he collected his inv. cloak then went to U's office then they went into the forest and straight from there to MOM? So I think he should be in uniform. Oh mind you, the MOM scene photos show them wearing casual clothes!?! Now I'm confused! He visits DD office three times, there's the time DD gets replaced as headmaster too. But this isn't that.

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