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May 15, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

In a new interview with SCI FI Wire, actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) talks more on the upcoming Potter film as well as telling the news service that he thinks the Order of the Phoenix is going to be ‘bigger and more complex than its predecessors.’ On a break from filming last September, Radcliffe said:

“On an emotional level there’s much bigger stuff than I had to do in the fourth film, like obviously what happens to [a key character] and Harry’s reaction to that,”

“Harry goes through what every teenager goes through, in a way. He feels angry. And, of course, Harry’s feelings are exacerbated by the fact that he has had all of these troubles in his life, and … [he] has had people trying to kill him at numerous times, really.”

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix opens in theaters July 13 in the US and July 12 in the UK.

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Avatar Image says: these interviews are getting so mundane and repetitive...Avatar Image says: Yes thats what I thought too.Avatar Image says: Of course they are. There is only so much fresh stuff to add and with the number of interviews, it is difficult to say the same things in different ways. Still they are trying not to give too much away. How many ways can one say nothing and still have to give interviews? ;)Avatar Image says: lauree - You can be sure that all the actors have been given a list of things that may not be mentioned plus a few things that should be emphasised. They are all working to a script!Avatar Image says: That was short to say the least. Oh well, come July there will be lots of new informative interviews with the cast which should be great.Avatar Image says: "That was short to say the least. Oh well, come July there will be lots of new informative interviews with the cast which should be great. " According to Page at, they are only allowed to publish little snippets of their interviews that they did back in September at the moment, they have to hold most of the interviews until closer to release time so I think you will find there will be longer and more informative interviews then. Avatar Image says: "numerous times, really" lol I loved that. lauree, that's because all these interviews were made at the same time. Just like Leaky visited the sets with other webmasters, other websites visited the sets at the same time, so it's the same interview published in several sites. Actually Dan's fansites have new interviews which are quite ineresting because the questions people made are new. Graymayne- I don't think they work with a script, the problem is people ask always them the same questions. For example, when Dan visited Australia last year, he was asked questions that no-one has asked him in Europe or America and he didn't have any problem to answer them and he was very sincere. I don't understand how some journalists have so much imagination to invent news but they don't have imagination to make original questions! I can not wait to read Leaky set report and their interviews when the movie is released. :)Avatar Image says: As Gillyweed said, the set report on mentions that there is still an embargo and lots of details and images can't yet be released. On their set report they includes a few questions that I haven't seen asked or answered before. The report mentioned that at the same time they held interviews with quite a few of the cast and that hpana and veritaserum were there on the same day as well so I expect we'll get a lot more later on.Avatar Image says: lol - Melissa's spellchecker must have had a lunch break :)Avatar Image says: Forth Film? Avatar Image says: *headdesk* Ahhhh! Okay, you got me! My fingers aren't working in tune with my brain today! Really, really sorry guys!! Edward for TLCAvatar Image says: It's really reassuring that Dan understands this. I'm beginning to have some real faith in him.Avatar Image says: That is correct, everyone. Warner Brothers approved my set report before I published it so the level of detail I gave away was appropriate for now. Meaning, that most of the content of the interviews with all the cast ad crew members can't be released right now, nor can the detail of each set be revealed. I mentioned in my report the names of the people we interviewed and the sets we visited, but neglected to go into detail regarding the interview questions, as well as everything inside the rooms on the sets, and that sort of thing. Although I have transcribed all the interviews we had (and I was there with Sci-Fi,,, HPANA, and Veritaserum)I suppose we'll release all the interviews closer to the films release. I worked with HPANA and Veritaserum to get permission from them to release their questions and they approved. The interview from Patrick Lee from Sci-Fi was, in fact, part of the same interview from where the quotes I published came from, it's just that I had permission from the WB to post most of that on my Dan website because some of the content coming from Dan (by now) is old news really. Most all of the fansites had the opportunity so I'm sure that we'll all be publishing our own set reports in full closer to July, and that all of them will be informative, well-written, and offer something different to fans which is why it's great to have so many!Avatar Image says: Kristen: Dan didn't have any prior experience blinding horses with a hoofpick, but he seems to have done rather well with the role of Alan Strang! LOL I'm not of the school of thought that says an actor has to have had a lot of dark, horrible things happen to him in real life in order to be credible playing a fictional character who has. If that were true, there'd be a lot of actors around with really grim, tortured pasts.:P Dan's had by all accounts a pretty normal childhood and a happy family life. Yet he's played the orphaned, neglected Harry with credibility, if not always technical acting skill, since the beginning. He's only gotten better as the films have progressed, in my opinion. I don't think it's hard for him to play Harry so much as it is challenging, which is good, because it keeps his performance fresh. Harry changes enough from book to book to make it a challenge each time Dan reprises the role. I'd agree with Ariadna. Second only to J K Rowling, Dan knows Harry better than anyone, and I think it comes through more and more with every film. I can't wait to see his work in HBP and DH, after having done stage work and other film roles. He'll bring a wealth of new experience to the most important moments of the series.Avatar Image says: Star, I wasn't saying that he isn't a good actor and doesn't play the part well. I was just saying that it must be a difficult part to play, for anybody. I have trust in Dan, too. He's really grown as an actor. :)

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