Happy Birthday, Miriam Margolyes!


May 18, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Hufflepuff pride marches on with the birthday of the actress who plays our favorite Herbology professor Pomona Sprout in the Harry Potter films, Miriam Margolyes! Happy 66th Birthday, Miriam! Cheers!

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Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday! Not a Hufflepuff, but it's nice to see them in the spotlight for once :)Avatar Image says: Yay Hufflepuff!Avatar Image says: Isn't it a bit rude to publish her age?Avatar Image says: Many happy returns, Miriam! Great you play the Head of my Hogwarts House, Hufflepuff! :)Avatar Image says: Jack - To be an actress, still in films at 66, is something to be proud of, not hidden! Happy birthday, Miriam, everything you do is a joy to watch.Avatar Image says: happy birthday miriam..........Avatar Image says: OOOOoooooh I saw a very quick flash of Draco in that spot. On topic: Hoorah for Puff Pride marches!!!! *can't have anymore love for that idea than already does* Redeemable!Slytherin Pride Marches!Avatar Image says: Wow Sue with all this Hufflepuff stuff going on this month you must to conbust in excitement! lol...Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday.Avatar Image says: I loved her in Chamber of Secrets! She was so cute.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday!! I hope you're in the next movie!!!!!I LOVE Herbology!!Avatar Image says: happy birthday!! she's staring in wicked in london at the moment! Chris :)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Miriam :)Avatar Image says: Oooh, I bet Sue is having a blast with all of the Hufflepuff pride this month! J.K. clearly likes Sue! Happy B-day!Avatar Image says: Crazy, Sprout's real birthday happened just a week ago! Go Hufflepuff!Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRIRAM!! haha we have the same name!! i hope you have the best birthday ever!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Miriam!! She's been one of my favourites actresses since I was a child. I wish she would be in future HP films.Avatar Image says: happy birthday!! she's staring in wicked in london at the moment! Chris :)______________ Chris, what role is she playing??Avatar Image says: She was great in CoS. I wonder why they haven't brought her back as part of the Hogwarts staff in POA, GOF and OOTP. She could just have been there in the background, without any lines to say, like Flitwick is always there.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Proffesor Sprout! I love your Herbology classes. :-)Avatar Image says: 'Puff Pride!!!! Happy Birthday Miriam!!!!! -BAvatar Image says: I hope we do see her in another movie - she's great as Sprout!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Mirim, and congrats on not only your outstanding career, but playing Professor Sprout divinely! :)

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