New Behind the Scenes Photos of Trio for Teen Vogue


May 21, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Teen Vogue has uploaded some new photos of the trio of Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) during their photo shoot for the new June/July issue of the magazine. Also new on the magazine website are quotes from the actors which read as follows:

TRUE BRIT: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint are all big music fans. When asked to name their favorites, the three cited mostly U.K. acts, including The Fratellis, The Long Blondes, and Arctic Monkeys.

DANIEL, ON THE LATEST HARRY POTTER INSTALLMENT: “It’s been my favorite one to do…The character is so exciting in this film. He’s so complex.”

ON HIS BUZZ-WORTHY ROLE IN THE LONDON PRODUCTION OF EQUUS: “I hope that role will allow people to see me as something else. Harry Potter will be the character that got me famous…but I like to think that if I work hard enough and do as many different things as I can, there will eventually be others that will stick in their minds as well.”

EMMA, ON FUTURE MOVIE ROLES: “I’ve read scripts, but nothing’s grabbed me. It would have to be a film I’m really passionate about.”

RUPERT, ON FAME: “It’s quite strange being recognized. I’m still getting used to it.”

THE CAST, ON ON-SET ROMANCE: “When we were all turning thirteen, fourteen, there was a bit of that going on. We all fancied the hell out of each other.” (Daniel) “I can’t quite remember now.” (Rupert)

You can now see these new photos here in our galleries including:

Thanks Paula and Ana!

87 Responses to New Behind the Scenes Photos of Trio for Teen Vogue

Avatar Image says: That house looked beautiful, the pictures were pretty classy. It's sad how they're all grown up now! I remember watching the first movie when they were the same age as me.Avatar Image says: So Rupert was in the pic they put on the cover... Avatar Image says: WHAT? No leafy greens? Naughty, naughty lol. Typical teenagers, prefering pizza. That just makes them seem just like the rest of us, which of course they are. Here's hoping this batch of comments will GRACIOUS.Avatar Image says: Well all I can say is good for them tucking into pizza- proper grub!!! Nice pics.Avatar Image says: The photo's show that they are teens/adults, just like anyone else... Eating pizza, etc. :)Avatar Image says: Now that is what I like to see! It is great that Emma is pictured sitting there eating Pizza and drinking a coke. All girls should she that pic. Good for the trio! Daniel is growing up to be a very good looking man. (I cant say hot as I am over the age of 30 lol)and Rupert lokos wonderful!Avatar Image says: ...come on Rupert. talk! we know you have things to say!!Avatar Image says: At first I was a bit disappointed that they didn't put Rupert on the cover, seeing as that the picture clearly had him right next to the other two. But somehow, I don't think he'll care that much.Avatar Image says: I thought that one with the pizza was hilarious with dans mouth half open.....but you've gotta love 'em!Avatar Image says: yay i have this magazine at home =] i actually ended up getting itAvatar Image says: I love the pizza pic! lolAvatar Image says: I have to say the pic of the pizza made me hungry but thats another subject. lol... Emma looks beautiful and dan and rupert really look hot. I cant believe how much they've grown up, its incredible.Avatar Image says: OMG, I WANT that jacket Dan is wearing iAvatar Image says: Dan looks like an odd melancholic Steve from Blues Clues in that sweater. =) Seriously, though, great pics. How funny to hear Dan talk about all the teenage fancy-ing (is that a word?) on set!Avatar Image says: It looks like Emma likes cats as much as Hermione! All really nice pictures of the trio. And yes, it's nice to see the trio chowing down on pizza like any other normal teens. Avatar Image says: Emma is just so incredibly beautiful.Avatar Image says: aww dan looks ADORABLE in those pics especially when hes eating the pizza haha so cute :]Avatar Image says: Emily, Dan's mouth is closed, full, but closed. He looks great though. I think we should email the mag and complain that we only got these few pictures. Those other shoots had like 11 behind the scenes pics-we were robbed, damn it. Where are the rest of them?Avatar Image says: Hahaha, the last picture is my favorite as the others before me. I would've eaten the leafy greens but of course I'm a fan of salads. Anyways, I wonder if they ate those pizzas whole...? I'm still a little bibter about Rupert not being on the cover even though it seems that he was part of it. Oh well, what can I do.Avatar Image says: Yay for pizza and coke! :) Mmmm. I miss it. (**)Avatar Image says: Awesome pictures!I love that last picture with the pizza and coke! It was adorable. Dan and Rupert were as good looking as usual and Emma was very pretty. I bought the magazine at Barnes and Noble and am glad I did but none of the pictures in the magazine beat that pizza pic.Avatar Image says: I really liked the "pizza" picture too. It is adorable. But the picture with all of the stuffed animals (do you think all of those cats are stuffed too?) intrigued me. There's the turtle (or tortoise) about to chomp on Emma's leg; a knight in not so shiny armor about to waylay Rupert; and an entirely too happy looking (wolf, dog?) ready to pounce on Dan. But what is that creepy, hairy thing back in the corner, Sasquatch? It's giving me the heebie-jeebies. wwAvatar Image says: All three of 'em look cute in the pizza one! Avatar Image says: Vogue is a French fashion magazine. Leave it to the fashionistas to make Emma look so gorgeous. Ron and Harry are yummmmm. Avatar Image says: oh gosh! :) I cant wait for this mag to come out. I`ll get it as soon as I see it. (= the pictures look awesome too! :)))Avatar Image says: So cute that the boys are back in their street clothes, but Emma is lunching in her fashion for the day. =) Rup's Area 51 shirt is very cool.Avatar Image says: rupert and emma look fit. Dan not so much.Avatar Image says: That last picture of them eating pizza was just adorable - it suits them perfectly, as teenagers. Overall, I must say I have been impressed with the images that have been released from Teen Vogue. More sophisticated and unique than most I have seen, to be honest.Avatar Image says: They must have laughed so much doing the first pic. Emma's pose is hilarious. I wonder if they prefer posing as the trio. This makes me think, they will be known forever as the HP trio, even when they're like 50 and 60 or whatever. Not that they do as much as the trio in later movies. PS/SS is still the most trio-intensive IMO. I hoped that Jo would get back to the trio for DH (we've had the sextet, Harry and Hermione, Harry and Ron, Harry alone, it should be the trio again) so it made me happy to see the three of them on the UK cover.Avatar Image says: Well, they all do look very grown up. I almost didn't recognize Emma with that 60s bufont hair, though. Otherwise, I thought she looked beautiful. I don't care that I am quite a bit older than those boys - they are hot! As for the pizza photo, I thought it was too contrived. I mean come on - of course they eat pizza & drink Coke! What young adult doesn't?Avatar Image says: These three will be engraved on the hearts of countless millions of people for the rest of their lives. I was watching Shirley Temple doing her Good Ship Lollypop routine on TV the other night, on Turner Movie Classics.In today's world, where it is all preserved on DVDs, they just never go away. We will be able to watch these kids over and over. For me (I'm nearly 70) it has been like having surrogate grandchildren. What fun! And three very nice kids they are, too.Avatar Image says: OMG Dan eating pizza looks so HOT and the pose he is with Emma resting on his shoulders is so SEXY, Emma looks as beautfiful as always and Rupert looks not so good in these pics.Avatar Image says: What I'd like to know is where they got the Coke in glass bottles - maybe they're common in the UK*, but, alas, they aren't easy to find in the US any more. (*I'm guessing they're in the UK because of the big 240 volt power outlets over the kitchen counter)Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAAGGHHHGG!!!!!!! A NEW TRAILER JUST AIRED ON THE SEASON FINALE OF HEROES!!! AAAAHHH!!!!!!!!! It had basically things we've seen before but some new things, like the Hermione being scared and insecure, someone blasting Malfoy Sr., the ball of water spell in the DD Voldemort battle, and some other stuff. Now Heroes is back so i g2g! YAY!!!!Avatar Image says: hey guys, there was a brand-new commercial for ootp aired during the tv show 'heroes' and was full of new scenes, so i just wanted to give you a head's up in case someone could capture it.Avatar Image says: wert, can you describe the new scenes and were there any new dialoge?Avatar Image says: "rupert and emma look fit. Dan not so much." I love the Borat-esque comment!Avatar Image says: I saw it too. There's also shot of Ginny's amazed reaction to casting a spell. Most likely it's when she blows up that dummy thing in the DA.Avatar Image says: ruperts not much for conversation, is he? seems like dan and emma are always really into this stuff while rup is just like...whatever.Avatar Image says: Emma looks so cool I love her hair I think I know what hair style I'm wearing for the next party I go to. And I love the outfits they're all wearing!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: OMG! I just got this magazine in the mail.I wasnt sure if i had subscribed early enough to get it but YAAAYY! Dan and Rupe look soooo awsome! Im so excited to read it all on paper! lol SQUEEAvatar Image says: Cool! I really want to get this issue!! I love the behind the scenes stuff. Thanks for all the behind the scenes info!!Avatar Image says: Oh man, I want to be able to eat pizza in a Burberry Prosum dress!Avatar Image says: Hehe..I can't help noticing that Dan's hairs all emo, it looks like the lead singer of Panic at the disco's hair.Avatar Image says: I love how there are plates of "real food" sitting around and the trio opts for pizza and coke! Looking at that picture makes me want a pizza and coke. Well, a pizza and pepsi (my preference). Avatar Image says: I need PotterCastAvatar Image says: In that one picture, Emma doesn't have heels on and she's taller than Dan. He's really that short? She looks like a hooker looking for a john in that pic. Avatar Image says: suivleh, Dan is leaning against... whatever it is. It looks like a very tall dresser or something.Avatar Image says: Why do they have Rupert always off to himself in the posed shots?? He needs to be right in there!!Avatar Image says: Whose study are they in, or is it merely a magazine set?Avatar Image says: hey guys, found another new tv promo for ootp here: Image says: Yes Dan is on a 45% angle that's why he looks shorter, but why you care so much about it, someone can think that you are into his height... Emma looks really posh and sophisticated Rupert looks ok for once I like what he is wearing, but of course it is not his clothes, he needs to get some tips from this photoshot. I would love for another mag to have more pictures of the trio now days, as it was stated in this behind the scenes article these set of pictures were taken last year.Avatar Image says: I like these new pics, too. The first one I love everything except Rupert's facial expression. The second one really reminds me of a picture that I have of all of my friends. The third pic just makes me want to ask Vogue were they got all these all of these stuffed animals and why they decided that it would look good in this shoot. The last (similar to tons I have of my friends) makes them just seem like normal teens. On another note, I hate that I missed the a new trailer during "Heros". I sometimes watch that show (my mother always does) so I would have probably seen it if I did not have to work. I should have known that I could not be that lucky today (I was just flipping through channels this morning to see that Ellen was on so I go to see that first clip and I also got my acceptance letter for my 1st choice college today.) I hope that someone captured it and will post it online soon. On even another note that has nothing to do with this post, I saw a post on the MTV site and saw a little clip on the MTV channel about Phoenix Rising. I am so happy that Harry Potter (and HP fans) are getting some airtime (like they both deserve). =)Avatar Image says: Hm, just have to roll my eyes at the choice of location and presence of um, taxidermy in the room. I guess it's a take on the American fantasy of the British upper classes, particularly with Dan in those vintage-looking (almost period)outfits. Whatever. The kids look truly fab though. Avatar Image says: Yes it was a photoshoot in Britain and yes, Coke is still available in glass bottles here in the UK, as well as cans! Though not at every store..Avatar Image says: Are they good? Or are they good?Avatar Image says: To the person who said Emma looks like a hooker, goodness knows where you've been loitering. Her outfits are too vintage and classy for 'working ladies'. But you made a similarly nasty comment about Emma on the previous Teen Vogue post so I suspect you were just taking another pot shot at her. I love these candid pics, they all look relaxed even though it's probably more fun for Emma than for the lads because girls usually like to dress up more than guys do. I agree with the person who said the taxidemy is a bit distasteful (not sure how many of those cats are real either) but the theme is very 'Stately English Manor' so I suppose it all fits.Avatar Image says: Wow!! They like the same music that I like. Artic Monkeys and The Fratellis are two of my favorite bands ever. I would love to meet them so then we can talk about music. All three of them are great. Avatar Image says: pizza pic = best picAvatar Image says: Heh, I say Dan's verified that he and Emma did have crushes on each other back in POA days. It was pretty obvious during the premiere :D . I'd say they consider it enough in the past to be able to move on.Avatar Image says: Oh that first pic is horrible! >_< Emma's only just 17, she's still a kid in my opinion... I wish we could still just have normal shots of them, like the last one sans the posh outfits!Avatar Image says: Yes, Daniel is shorter than Emma & Rupert, have you seen his parents, they are short too, so what? Can he help it?, no. Stop picking out every fault these kids might have, they're not perfect so STOP POINTING IT OUT EVERY 2 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!! These are better pictures that the ones used I think, they look relaxed and natural in these.Avatar Image says: Okay, Rupert Grint is the only one who can pull that off. Emma Watson looks a tad bit like plastic and Dan just looks hilarious! In the first one at least, the others are better.Avatar Image says: I don't understand how eating pizza makes someone look sexy, but then again I'm not a teen. I just thought it was cool they all got their own pizza, I usually have to share, LOL. That what looks like chinese food looks yummy. Anyways, I think the pics look awesome, they are all getting so grown up looking. I was just watching the first Harry Potter yesterday. It makes me feel old..Avatar Image says: i like the first one the best but that pizza one is AWESOME!Avatar Image says: Great pizza pic! What's in the other bottles that are not cokes?Avatar Image says: Sarah Don't worry about the comments about his shortness - One newspaper reporter recently described Dan's frame as 'diminutive but perfectly formed', which is a pretty conclusive compliment! :D He's about 5'6" and reckons he won't grow much more but after a compliment like that who cares!Avatar Image says: This is wonderful! harry potter is everywhere! Rupert Grint got 2nd in the summers hot 100 in cosmo girl too! and Katie got 80! the actors in the films have come so farAvatar Image says: The "second place" rating for Rupert wasn't in any particular order, sorry! Dan I know and Emma i think were in that list too. Dan made some top 10 hot summer movie stud list too as well as some top 10 cute nerd list! The GQ list Dan made was of what, best of Brit hollywood talent or something like that. (sorry to lazy to look it up- i just know he looked hot). Someone else will enter the details i know.Avatar Image says: I realy gave Teenvogue the benefit of the doubt when the cover pic was released. I thought they originally intended to put Dan and Emma on the cover and Rupert was never part of the plan. But now, It appears like they really did get a shot of the trio but later decided to crop Rupert out. Isn't that a little mean? Wonderful pics BTW. The pizza pic is the best candid pic of Dan I've seen in a while. He looked so surprised. Emma must have been prepared for the shot but Dan was caught with his mouth full. lol. Or is it only Dan they wanted to get a shot of? At least he wasn't caught with his mouth open. And JOrdyn, the cosmo list wasn't in any particular order. Goodness, Emma was almost at the bottom of this list and we all know she's on top of survey lists these days. And the GQ spread for Dan was not to showcase clothes. It's being one of the biggest stars in UK Hollywood. That black and white photo of Dan in GQ is one for the collections.Avatar Image says: I love how in the pizza picture, Emma is the only one still wearing her 'vogue clothes' :D I totally would too!Avatar Image says: Those who are saying that Emma looks like a hooker in the pics only say that because she's all over Dan in that sexy pose. If Emma was hanging around Rupert like that, maybe they won't complain so much. And I don't know how informing Rupert in advance that he won't be on the cover wpould be so much better. No difference at all except that this way is more diplomatic. They have to include Rupert in the photoshoot (can't have a trio with only 2)so they included him but cropped him out later with some "financial and artsy" reasons.Avatar Image says: I have read the comments and looked at the pictures a couple of times and I will say that the pictures are interesting, but not anything unusual for Vogue/Teen Vogue. Vogue is always pushing the envelope in fashion and sets. Sometimes they nail it and sometimes they are way off target. As far as Emma's look. Her clothes are fine. I personally do not like her hair. I looks like she just got laid and threw on her outfit from last nights part and is doing the walk of shame. I am not saying that Emma has loose morals or that she is a bad person. I only know what I have read about her and she seems like a normal average person. What I am saying is that her hair stylist did a terrible job. And, poor Dan. If he is short, who cares. Tom Cruise has had a very successful movie career and is what, 5'5"? I think Dan will do well in the acting field because he is a very good actor. As the films have continued, you can see his development. Actually, all of the actors have raised the bar with each film. I am really looking forward to the final three films.Avatar Image says: I don't know if anyone noticed but Dan and Emma's eyebrows look EXACTLY the same...I'm not judging but it just kinda wierded me out when my copy came in the mail. Maybe I'm just crazy...Avatar Image says: Harry is normal but his hair is like a bomb felt to it but how did Harry become a teacher? And did voldemort kill sirius black?Avatar Image says: "It looks like she just got laid and threw on her outfit from last nights part and is doing the walk of shame" Great analogy. lol. Now, I can't get that off my head especially with Emma hanging over Dan like that. Avatar Image says: they really over did Emma's eyeliner!!! and the hair!!! but after that the pics are great!!!

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