New “Order of the Phoenix” TV Commercial Airs During “Heroes”


May 22, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Scores of readers let us know yet another new television commercial for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix aired last night during the season finale of “Heroes.” TLC reader Adam caught this new ad, and you can watch it here via Youtube. While most of the footage we have seen previously, it does contain a few new shots, including ones of Ginny, as well as a cool shot of Dumbledore casting his water prison spell in an attempt to capture Lord Voldemort during the last moments of the battle in the Ministry of Magic. Enjoy!
Thanks to Adam and to all who emailed!

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Avatar Image says: Haha, I am currently at work (and should be working *cough*) & the web server has Youtube blocked so I CAN'T WATCH IT, GAAAAAH! Could Leaky upload it to their video gallery???Avatar Image says: Wow, I was watching Heroes yesterday and can't BELIEVE I missed this......anyway, it looks really good I look forward to seeing this on tv(and in theaters)Avatar Image says: WOW I love Dumbledoors water spell. KOOLAvatar Image says: Nice clip:D:D:DAvatar Image says: WOw when you like watching it really concentratedly (is that a word??? haha) you see like heaps of new clips in it!!! But woot! Ginny/Bonnie!! and even a new Snape clip *shuders*...evil!!! haha but awesome clip!!!Avatar Image says: Ginny! She looks so happy and cute. :D Dumbledore's water spell is SO cool.Avatar Image says: I like the fact that Ginny can so effortlessly cast that powerful a spell as if she is merely waving the wand. Also I think it's more likely to the be the phoenix Patronus that follows this shot since she is supposed to be standing in between the twins when she blasts that DE dummy. And could it be that her patronus is blasting a Lucious Malfoy Boggart? And she is such a natural. That's why I like Bonnie more than the others. And her hair! her hair! Avatar Image says: souds really exciting, but I will be strong and will not watch it, just afraid will spoil the movie like I did last time with GoF, but happy for you guys! :)Avatar Image says: Cool, I'll watch it later.Avatar Image says: I was watching 'Heroes', my fav show, last night when suddenly the Harry trailer came on. OH I squeeled! Was great! It did seem to have a few extra scenes that were different from the rest. They also showed 'The Transformers' and 'The Fantastic Four' trailers too. But of course Harry will rule them all! YEAH! :)Avatar Image says: I know it may sound cheesy but i can't help but like the way the voice over said "A school united cannot fall." =DAvatar Image says: I liked that too, Evie! I also really liked the shot of Ginny that was there.Avatar Image says: Oooh, Bonnie looks great! I love how her reducto of the practice dummy has made every single trailer & TV ad so far (except the teaser we saw last November.) But its great to finally see her face, she's adorable.Avatar Image says: I watched Heroes 4 times, I tivo'd it. lol....and each time, whoever I am watching it with, the commercial break with the Harry Potter Trailer in it always gets watched carefully then played just for that trailer and then FF again. I love Harry Potter......and I love MagicAvatar Image says: I've just watched it and it was pretty good. I can't wait for the film. 49 days to go!!Avatar Image says: Yeah, I saw the commercial last night! I *squeed* so loud it would make Sue proud! :D "I just squeed my pants!"Avatar Image says: Yea Ginny rocks. I also liked seeing "stupify" although I'm eagerly awaiting "stubiby."Avatar Image says: Saw the TV spot myself when watching "Heroes" and was so happy to see it. Much of it was seen in the previous full-length trailers, but I'm happy to see a couple of new shots as well (Harry and Neville shouting "Stupefy!" was great, and I can't wait to see who their target was -- Lucius, Bellatrix, or both.) And then we'll get the finale in 3D at the IMAX showings... sigh. This July, Harry Potter is going to rule the box office, no doubt about it. "Transformers" and "The Simpsons Movie" had better watch out..Avatar Image says: Not so fond of the music in that one, sounds to chidish.Avatar Image says: that was sooooo awesome : two of my fave things, heroes and hp coming together . isn't there a new shot of the DA running towards the camera in a way? love itt ! Avatar Image says: Disappointing to see them wussing out and going with a "brighter tone" with some of these TV spots, WB's marketing of this one really started out promisingly. Oh well... Avatar Image says: Awesome! I love that we are getting more and more of these! And may I say how wonderful it is to see Ginny in one of those; love the expression in her face at producing her patronus! :DAvatar Image says: I am a huge fan of Heroes, but alas, i missed the finale as i was watching something else at the time. i no, bad judgement there. However, i just accessed the link you sent, and it seems the video has been taken down for use violation. bugger really. is there any chance it might be in your gallery? I'll take a look. Thanks for the posts. I look forward to this site every day to keep me posted on all things hp. you guys rock. :DAvatar Image says: Well, HeWhomTheyCallJimi, Doesn't look like you could see it anyway. It's been removed for terms of use violation!?!? What the bloody hell? I SO need my Bonnie fix and want to see this! Anyone who knows where it can be seen please let us know!

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