Phelps Twins to Attend “OotP” Event in Chicago


May 25, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

At trip to the let us know that actors James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) are now confirmed to attend an event in Woodridge, Illinois to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This event is scheduled for July 13-15 at the cinema bar and eatery in the Chicago area, where the actors will meet with fans and sign autographs. More information can be found here.
Thanks Angelique!

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Avatar Image says: first comment?????? coooooooool fred and george... you rock......!!!!Avatar Image says: Siriusly, that's wicked cool and I'm glad the Phelps twins decided to do some extra stuff in the States. Avatar Image says: I saw them at the same place for GoF. It was really awesome, I got their autographs and a picture too. The only thing was that everyone had to pay $20 for an autograph. Totally worth it though.Avatar Image says: OH! I want to go! That place looks awesome. That would be so crazy to meet them.Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD!! I just scheduled some college visits in Chicago for these exact dates!!!! I can finally go to one of these events!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAAAAAAH! FINALLY CHICAGO! Yes i can go! I was screaming for the past 5 minutes!Avatar Image says: Theres no way I could ever possibly go but they will only be 5 hours away from me. That is so awesome. To everyone who can go HAVE FUN!Avatar Image says: Oh, I live an hour from Chicago....I might go! fun stuffAvatar Image says: I'm going! Yay! It should be fun :)I was calling all of my friends when I found out and freaking out!Avatar Image says: I have a friend who lives there and I called and said I was coming for a visit!!!I can't wait!! I don't care how much it costs!!!!!!!

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