Miami Herald “Deathly Hallows” Contest with Judge Dave Barry


May 26, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to all the readers who mailed about the new contest the Miami Herald is holding asking fans to write their own final chapter to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” In 300 words or less, submissions entered by June 21 from those 18 years and younger may be the winners of a free copy of the last Harry Potter book as well as free tickets to an advance screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Along with Herald columnist Sue Corbett, the judge for this contest will be noted (and very funny) author Dave Barry. Good luck!

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Avatar Image says: OK, the picture of Dave Barry with the Trio? Pure gold.Avatar Image says: Oh this is a really awesome idea! I'm a hopefully this will turn out well for me =] 300 words though?? That's like two paragraphs!Avatar Image says: Again, 18 or younger. Argh!!!Avatar Image says: AWESOME! A great idea for a contest, not to mention the fact that it will be judged by one of the funniest people ever, Dave Barry......Avatar Image says: too bad it's only for people 18 years and younger, i thought of an ending that would bring jo to tears!Avatar Image says: Whats interesting is that Dave Barry has always wrote about stuff that a adult would laugh at, not someone younger than 18. Go read his books and you'll see what I mean. Some of his stuff is about his children doing children things and being amazed that a child can make sure every single piece of toilet paper gets stuffed in the toliet when you aren't watching!Avatar Image says: Um, 300 words? I wrote more than that for an answer on a test at school!Avatar Image says: A chapter that is 300 words or less? Only for people 18 and younger? What were they thinking??!Avatar Image says: I saw this in the paper this morning and hoped no one else had seen it so I would have a better! oh well, good luck to all, and yes, the picture is pricelessAvatar Image says: Sometimes I hate being an adult.Avatar Image says: Do you think locals have any advantage =/? I wanna win!!Avatar Image says: And, if you're over 18?? yet again??Avatar Image says: They've had Potter-based contests before, the last of which being at the Herald Hunt (giant 3.5 hour riddle game, ran by Dave Barry et al., attracting tens of thousands of players each year) in 2005. So, it seems to me as if Dave Barry is a huge Potter fan, indeed.Avatar Image says: Why each and every Harry Potter contest is under 18/21???? What about those people who dont belong to this age group or don't live in UK US and are big HP fans??Avatar Image says: WHAT is WITH all these contests for people under 18 or 21?!?!? WHEN did the books start being published? And HOW old would Harry be now if he'd been actually 11 then? A lot more than 18.... Wise up, folks, we're not all kids, even if we were when Harry started school. I'm with the "grumpy adults" group. Is Scholastic the only one limiting ages for the midnight signing, or has Jo herself limited the age of all 1700 people to under 18 or 21? Can't the adults have a little magic? OK, gripe time over. Next?Avatar Image says: I guess because they think it would be weird to have a contest for adults -- or they think all the women are trying to meet Alan Rickman. Maybe all the judges should be kids as well. Avatar Image says: Guys, it's not Leaky's fault that the contests are 18 and under. It's not like they're withholding information about other contests. BTW, what's the grand prize? Five runners up get a copy of DH and advance tickets to OOTP, but what about first place?Avatar Image says: I love Dave Barry! That is awesome that he's doing the judging! So now the question is to write a serious ending or a funny one...Avatar Image says: Oh, for the love of all that is enchanted, these are CHILDREN'S books, after all. All the adults whinging is just embarassing. Almost as bad as everyone shouting "CRUCIO!" at poor ignorant Laura Mallory ...

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