New OotP Contest from Cartoon Network Launched in the UK


May 26, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network Too in the UK announced a new contest for Potter fans aged 6 to 16 from mainland Great Britain, to win the chance to walk down the red carpet at the UK premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In order to enter, you must watch the Cartoon Network/Cartoon Network Too stations May 26 through June 3, and identify the Cartoon Network character with the SuperStar ‘star’ that appears on the screen throughout the day. Once you have spotted at least three days worth of characters, you go to the online entry form and match up the character with the day on which they appeared. To complete the entry you must then answer the question, in 15 words or less, “If you could preform one magic trick, what would it be and where would you preform it?” The complete entry rules can be found on the contest website.
Cartoon Network’s Super Star contest winner will be treated to an evening at the premiere and will also receive other related prizes including: a one night stay in a London hotel, a helicopter sightseeing flight around city and will arrive in style courtesy of a chauffeured driven stretch Hummer.

As noted before, in order to enter you must be a resident of mainland Great Britain, aged 6 to 16 and be able to travel to London between July 2-3, 2007. You are able to enter as many times as you like, so be sure to watch and good luck!

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Avatar Image says: coolioss! shall get my sister at it- but i doubt she'll bother... schoolAvatar Image says: That's great for the UK fans, where's the love for us US fans?Avatar Image says: "aged 6 to 16" damn... A fan aged six is quite young...Avatar Image says: Good luck to everyone who enters! =)Avatar Image says: Even if I wasn't too old to enter, who has time to watch Cartoon Network all day for three days running!? I have exams!Avatar Image says: wat about if i turn 17 on the day of the premiere? i really wanna go!Avatar Image says: does anyone have the answers? i want to enter and am the right age but i dont have cartoon network! :( damn this sky dominated country Avatar Image says: I'm going in for it... I watched cartoon network for two hours today (and endured about an hour of Pokemon) and the stupid star never showed up... btw, for anyone hoping to get younger siblings to enter, the 'bring two friends' part means people under 16.Avatar Image says: Its not fair that all the good competitions are done through sky TV. They should have given the comoetition to the BBC or something like that so that anyone with a TV could enter. When they did the book release for half blood they did it through newspapers which I think is a much better wa to do it.Avatar Image says: Hey, does anyone know the character for Saturday? I have all the rest, even today's, but I need Saturdays. I will help you if you help me! :PAvatar Image says: I keep seeing the stars all the time - they're on at least once an hour on Cartoon Network and on Cartoon Network 2 as well..., and you only need to catch three over the next week or so, so it's not that hard to enter... Avatar Image says: plz plz plz can you lot help i need all of them but Thursday cus i only found out bout it last night i reeli need this i went to see all the other films in the cinema at least 4 to 5 times each and my room has been taken over by the posters so plz help me and i'll help every 1 else as much as i can

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