Early Ticket Sales for “Order of the Phoenix” (Updated)


May 27, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Reports are beginning to come in regarding advance ticket sales for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Many of you owled to say that Odeon theatres in the UK are already selling advance tickets, and now AMC Theaters in the US are set to start their pre-sales of tickets on June 29.Fandango has a mention of the film, but does not appear to actually be selling the tickets at this time. If anyone sees other chains selling advance tickets, please send them in and we will update this post with a master list of chains selling the tickets to Order of the Phoenix.
Update: Frits emailed to say that Pathe theatres in the Netherlands will start selling tickets for OotP in advance the Mondaybefore the fim is released.

Nimbus XL owled with news on some Irish chains as well, writing “Irish Multiplex Cinema group (IMC) are taking bookings for the opening week of OotP. Internet bookings can only be taken for the Dun Laoghaire cinema but all branchs can take phone and in person bookings.” Link, here.

Pigwidgeon also says that Vue Cinemas in the UK are also selling tickets, via this link.

Eva says this IMAX (jordansimax.com) will start selling tickets June 22, other IMAX theaters may start earlier, so please check your local IMAX theater using this link.

Many thanks everyone, and please keep sending them in to [email protected] or use the direct contact form, and this will continue to be updated.
Thanks to all who have emailed!

21 Responses to Early Ticket Sales for “Order of the Phoenix” (Updated)

Avatar Image says: This is truly great news! I am going to get my tickets for OOTP when they are available. We have a AMC 20 theatre just across the street!Avatar Image says: will HP5 be at londons imax theatre....if anyone knows could they please let me know because im thinking of booking it. I live in ireland btw.....second???Avatar Image says: For Fandango, you order the tickets online and they come in the mail, right? I'm not sure =\ This question probably sounds really stupid...haha!Avatar Image says: omg y cnt the movie tickets be on sale in australia!!!! grrr i want to see it now!! but i am going to buy them as soon as they come on saleAvatar Image says: June 29 --- Ill mark it on my brainAvatar Image says: The BFI IMAX is selling tickets for OoTP, and screenings start August 3rd. Nothing on the Science Museum or Leicester Square yet as far as I can tell.Avatar Image says: "omg y cnt the movie tickets be on sale in australia!!!! grrr i want to see it now!! but i am going to buy them as soon as they come on sale " Catie, tickets in Australia usually go onsale a month before the release, at least with Greater Union. Check their website on June 12th.Avatar Image says: The Jordan's furniture IMax website says they will begin selling advance tickets on June 22nd. (jordansimax.com)Avatar Image says: haha, man 1 of the cinema's in my country listed emma's name before dan's, then gary then rupert, then michael gambonAvatar Image says: Margaret, for Fandango, I don't know about you, but the last time I used it, basically you buy the ticket to the movie you want at the theater you're planning to watch it at. Then you go to that theater and if they have a kiosk there, you can get your tickets through that kiosk or you go to the ticket box of that theater and tell them you bought tickets through fandango and they'll give you your tickets. Avatar Image says: Thanks Gilyweed - i will be haunting Greater Union until they release them... like Myrtle on Olive Hornby.... Avatar Image says: In Australia Birch Carrol and Coyle cinemas are selling tickets as of the 28th of June!!!Avatar Image says: Vue cinemas in the UK has been selling them for weeks. (I've got mine! hooray!)Avatar Image says: Indeed, Pig, the one in Lancaster started selling them quite some time ago. I haven't booked yet, though, I'm not sure where I'll go and see it.Avatar Image says: I want to book for Leicester Square but they're not taking bookings yet?? Avatar Image says: Odeon have been selling them for weeks too. I bought mine 3-4 weeks ago.Avatar Image says: The Cineworld cinema near me starts taking ticket bookings in the next few weeks. I might book my tickets then.Avatar Image says: A bit hasty, much? I've never seen a cinema sold out more than 6 hours before an evening showing, and Northern Ireland has an usually high rate of cinema attendance.Avatar Image says: yeah the AMC thing is true i was there saturday to watch shrek the 3rd and there papers saying that you can pre-order those tickets for OOTP and other movies too

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