OotP to Have “Over 100 Centaurs”


May 03, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Over the years at TLC we’ve told you about several of the companies who create the special effects seen in the Harry Potter films. One such company, Framestore CFC is sending out their latest email with news on work they are doing for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film. The company states:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
(UK & US release July 13th 2007)

Another year, another magical adventure. Framestore CFC has been contributing fantastic VFX and creatures to the Potter films from the outset, and the boy wizard’s latest adventure — his 5th — is no exception. We have been hard at work on some of the film’s most demanding beings, including over 100 centaurs, a house-elf named Kreechur [sic], the return of Fawkes the Phoenix and assorted magical effects. In addition, we are creating the films title sequence for the first time.

You can see some of their work in the most recent trailer for OotP which is now on the WB Order of the Phoenix website (you can also see the earlier teaser trailer as well).
Thanks Paul!

14 Responses to OotP to Have “Over 100 Centaurs”

Avatar Image says: Awesome!Avatar Image says: I like how they spelt Kreacher. :]Avatar Image says: That sounds great, but I still don't understand why they couldn't have Dobby.Avatar Image says: Having 100 centaurs is going to make that scene awesome!Avatar Image says: All those special effects they create, create the Magic into the Harry Potter movies! I love their work! Kudos to them! :)Avatar Image says: When Framestore CFC means by "title sequence", does that mean we'll get a main titles sequence or will they just work on how the film's logo appears at the beginning?Avatar Image says: I love the nit where Voldymort says" Harry Potter you will lose everything" as harry has everything to gain the darl personage has everything to loose and he aint gonna win. he he hehe he eeee.Avatar Image says: what do they mean by 'creating the film's title sequence for the first time?' I'm confused by that. other than that, yay! but i do wonder if they could include 100+ centaurs why not settle for dobby and a few centaurs. hm, maybe the centaurs only appear for a few sec whereas dobby would have to be for longer......Avatar Image says: Kreechur. lolAvatar Image says: Even though I only pictured lik 30, 100 centaurs is gong to make this scene a 100% better. :-DAvatar Image says: "Title sequence" is exactly what it sounds like. It's the part in the beginning when they show the WB and OotP logos. I hope it takes place in the corridor Harry dreams about! :DAvatar Image says: Hmmpphhh...I don't like the HP centaurs. They look like monkeys, not men. Avatar Image says: what? wow! 100 centaurs? i guess the battle in the forest will be huger than i can guess.Avatar Image says: Kreechur. Gads, I hope that they have a better system of proof reading. I can see something like "Harry Potder", or some other gaff.

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