Three New OotP Character Posters


May 03, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Three new character posters for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have now surfaced online.
Below you can see character composition posters of:

Thanks to the reader who originally sent these to us and MuggleTai!

27 Responses to Three New OotP Character Posters

Avatar Image says: those are nifty posters, neat conceptAvatar Image says: Thanks, I can't wait to see a hi res version of Hermione's poster: Emma looks really good!Avatar Image says: Only one can survive....OMGoodness! *sobs* This HAS to mean that Harry lives! Right?! I want the Hi-Res! H*ll! I want the poster!!Avatar Image says: Emma looks just gorgeous. But Lucius awful. Still I hope there will be hi-res soon. And more, more posters!Avatar Image says: Nice posters.Avatar Image says: I love that the 2nd figure is in a bubble - kind of like the prophesy globes. Also so cool that each has their own challenger - its cannon!Avatar Image says: The tag lines for Hermione and Ron posters are lame. The only totally non-cheesy one is Harry/Voldemort. If I see the word "rebellion" one more time on a promo I'm going to....rebel... and start my own army against graphic designers who make me feel like a 10 year old.Avatar Image says: It's canon Ron! IT'S CANON RON! *dies in excitement* *is too excited to write awful poems* Avatar Image says: I'm liking these posters very much. Neat idea with the pairings, the Prophecy globes, and the glimpses of the Ministry and DoM. And thank heavens the people look real and aren't too heavily photoshopped.Avatar Image says: I'm with Susie and Tistytosty... Ron is more than comic relief, and it seems Yates has realized that. Based soley on that I hope he gets DH too! -BAvatar Image says: why are umbridge and lucius in prophecies? aesthetics?Avatar Image says: I really like the one with Harry and Voldemort, they look perfect. Not sure about the other two, for example Hermiones's eyes looks very strange. :SAvatar Image says: Ron's is the best...Harry's a little cheesy(but I still kinda like it) and Hermione's looks fake.Avatar Image says: okay guys,enough with the photoshop,&the word rebellion seriously?wheres cannon hermione?i think emmas eyebrows & makeup killed her off after the 2nd movie. atleast we have cannon ron back *is still majorly disappointed that such a great female role models been turned into an h&m model* shes frumpy & crazy!awesome in cannon WB! leave her character be >:|Avatar Image says: This makes me wonder if Ron and Lucius will do a face-off in the Ministry! That would be awesome! Ron would lose.... but still--AWESOME ANGST. XDAvatar Image says: Hey! I sent these in! =]Avatar Image says: I reallyreallyreally like the Ron and Lucius one. Both of them look great, and Lucius looks incredibly evil.Avatar Image says: "I think some fans mistake how Ron is in the books and how they would like the character to be." I think instead of applying this to 'some fans' you need to apply this to yourself. Ron is not described as scared in the books anymore often than Hermione is. Full stop.Avatar Image says: From all the pics so far, it looks like "scared-face" Ron is gone at last. *sighs in relief*Avatar Image says: These are incredible. I can't wait to see the movie!Avatar Image says: I think everyone has thus far failed to notice that Lucius seems to have totally pulled his wand out of his snake cane. That is so AWESOME.Avatar Image says: That's Canon!Ron to a lot of people, Roger - certainly that's the way *I* see him and it seems a number of others here do, too. Not only that, we've been waiting a loonnnggggg freakin' time to see him on film as we've always seen him in the books.Avatar Image says: Love these! I like how they each have a different tagline too. Harry's is great! "Only one can survive." I have chills.

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