Pettigrew Speaks: A New Interview with Timothy Spall


May 30, 2007

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Actor Timothy Spall has given a new interview where he discusses his role as Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter movies. Promoting the release of his film Pierrepoint:The Last Hangman here in the US (it aired previously in the UK) Timothy Spall talks with Coming about his role in the series, however was not asked about a possible appearance in Half-Blood Prince. He did say however in regards to an optioned appearance in the film version of Deathly Hallows that at this point “there’s no option. I’m not on contract on it.” Mr. Spall continues on to give his feelings about the series and the last book:

CS: But if you learned there was a big part for him in the seventh book and movie, would that be something you’d like to return to?
Spall: I think so, yeah. It’s an amazing series of movie, isn’t it? It’s historical really, and it’s quite especially good, and I think they get better and better. People are absolutely fascinated by them, they adore them! All over the world I go, and it’s hardly a huge part. I mean, it’s an important role, Peter Pettigrew/Scabbers, but everywhere in the world, that’s the thing I get noticed for the most.

CS: Well, the “Harry Potter” movies have all of those great British actors, so it’s not something to be sheepish about. Maybe in 20 years, that will be the thing to perform on stage rather than Shakespeare.
Spall: I know it’s like a repertory theatre of all the good character actors. I suppose it’s a bit disgruntling if you’re not in it, I would think.

CS: I guess we’ll know in a little over a month if your character is going to be in the seventh movie.
Spall: Well, my daughter will tell me. She’s a big fan. She makes my executive decisions on “Harry Potter” for me. She’s already ordered the book.

Timothy Spall is currently filming “Sweeney Todd” which also co-stars fellow Harry Potter actosr Alan Rickman (Severus Snape) and Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix).

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