“Hogwarts Through the Years ” Poster Book Photos Online


May 05, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The onslaught of new photos from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix continues as even more new scans from the “Hogwarts Through the Years” Poster Book are now online. Included are a new (slightly blurry) photo of the Trio in the Hogshead, similar to this one officially released previously by WB. Other scans of the various smaller photos online include looks at the centaur drawings, the thestral again, a slightly different angle of this photo Weasley family waiting in Dumbledore’s office,and a new one of Luna, can be seen here at ootpmoviepics live journal community. This book, which has an official release date of June 1 is apparently being sold early at various bookstores.
Thanks Trish and ebonyserpent!

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Avatar Image says: Love the new pic of Ginny and also the picture of the weasley in DD office. Cant wait to get these in high res!Avatar Image says: LOVE em'!!!! Avatar Image says: ah, fantastic pictures of Dumbledore, Ginny, Ron, Luna, and .. well, everyone! But I especially like the Dumbledore photo. He really looks like a good guy there, doesn't he?Avatar Image says: Oh! I just love LUUUUNY! She is awesome! Picts are really sweet...Avatar Image says: hahahaha I bought this yesterday...along with the Poster Book, Sticker Book, and Coloring Book!! You guys should try to get scans from the coloring book, because there are actually new pictures in it from OOTP!! I wish I had a scanner...then I could send them in myself!Avatar Image says: Claire- You are so lucky!! I really want it, i live in canberra, australia. there's a borders on the opposite side of town, in the city, do u think they'd have it? i really want it!!Avatar Image says: imalda is soooo umbridge-ish......and that centaur is coool(and very wild)Avatar Image says: *LiveJournal, not live journal. :) Gotta love the poster books. Avatar Image says: is this the same thing that is sold at walmart for 10 dollars? the mag i am talking about is almost all hp but has a few pages of spiderman and other summer movies. Avatar Image says: I got the Hogwarts Through the Years book a couple of days ago. I'm not sure why they're calling it a "poster book." It's a hardcover book that you can't really take the pictures out of, like you can with the softcover poster book. This book is more like a sort of yearbook, taking you through the first five years of Hogwarts as depicted on film. It's even set up like a yearbook, with sections on the staff, Quidditch, student portraits,, activities, etc. It's really a nice keepsake sort of book; I almost wish I could spend a morning in the Great Hall at the end of the school year and have everyone sign it for me. ;-) *still hoping for her letter of acceptance from McGonagall*Avatar Image says: Claire, who is the new pictures of in the colouring book? Which characters?Avatar Image says: Love the Ginny and Luna pics.Avatar Image says: Now that I have seen pics of Tonks in this "posters book" am I the only one who thinks that Tonks is more pretty than Fleur? And its supposed that Fleur is far prettier than Tonks?Avatar Image says: cool!Avatar Image says: I have that book. I like it alot! Avatar Image says: I'm surprised these are already on sale. I assumed they wouldn't start the merchandise until June. I like the Weasley picture, they all look so sad. :( I also like the Hog's Head picture, even if it's a little blurry. Harry looks like he's revving up for CAPSLOCK mode.Avatar Image says: i cant see two of them =/Avatar Image says: Amazon.com has them for sale and they are listed as "in stock", so I guess they've decided to release them earlier than originally planned?Avatar Image says: COULD I BUY THIS AT MY LOCAL BORDERS STORE?! I LIVE IN CANBERRA! I really hope so, but knowing Canberra, it's unlikely, then again I havn't visited the magazine section of Borders. Thank for anyone who will reply to this!Avatar Image says: I'll have to go and check at Borders in Wellington (yes NZ has Borders stores).Avatar Image says: i just ordered this book through my school (scholastic) book order thing to $5, its was sweet!

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