Jim Dale to Host “Deathly Hallows” Midnight Release Party in NYC


May 08, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Jim Dale, narrator of the US audio book editions of the Harry Potter novels will be hosting the midnight release party of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in New York City. Held at the Union Square Barnes and Noble store, Jim Dale will be reading excerpts from the previous six Harry Potter novels at this party which begins at 10:30pm (EST). He will then lead a magical countdown to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight.
If you are interested in attending this, or any of the numerous midnight release parties for the arrival of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you can find all that information and much more at our PotterParties.com, your one stop for all things festive Harry Potter.

26 Responses to Jim Dale to Host “Deathly Hallows” Midnight Release Party in NYC

Avatar Image says: wooooooooooow!!! i wish i could attend...but sigh i can't.............. i like jim dale's audio books......Avatar Image says: I would love to go, but i live to far. O well i'm shure there will be a party near me.Avatar Image says: I was going to go there but it will now be a mad-house & probably delay me in getting the book. I guess I'll just walk down to my local B&N to pick it up :(.Avatar Image says: HBP british official party was announcied last 13th May, so we won't have to wait a lot until the official announciement *cross fingers*. London or Edinburgh?Avatar Image says: I have a feeling we're getting an announcement on the official release any day now... Oh and I wonder whether Jim Dale will be reading certain excerpts from books 1-6 that he knows will be significant in DH?Avatar Image says: Ha,ha I can go all I have to do is take the #6 and transfer on to the #2 and im their!!!!! Avatar Image says: WOOT WOOT im so going ... i just have to take the r ahhh so excitedddddddddddddddddddAvatar Image says: NOW THAT will be a fantastic party! I have read each of the books only once or twice, but I have listened (and am presently listening to OOTP again) to each audio book six or eight times! Listening to Jim Dale read live would be a once in a lifetime treat!Avatar Image says: Oh, wow, I wish I could go. But, alas, I live on the opposite side of the country. Avatar Image says: I'll be there!Avatar Image says: HEY MELLISA JOHN & SUE! Why don't you come to MICHIGAN for your not yet filled day on the tour? I think that's where Sue's from & it's right on the way to Ontario.Avatar Image says: That sounds awsome! I listen to his audio books on a daily basis. My husband is to lazy to read the books so I bought him the audiobooks. He loves them! Hope someone will get video of this because some of us are clearly to far from these amazing parties.Avatar Image says: YES! I will be there! I am so excited! Thanks for posting this guys!Avatar Image says: funnnnnnnn wish i could come i dont even get the book until a day after it comes out b/c im at camp :( so sad, i attended a hbp release though, it was pretty awesome-of course!Avatar Image says: I'm going. The end. If you see a hysterical girl right before midnight, it's probably me.Avatar Image says: Too bad I can't get to New York! That would be a lot of fun. Oh well, at least I'll have the book!! Avatar Image says: Ahh I sooo need to be there! I love Jim Dale you cannot believe! :-DAvatar Image says: Jim Dale.. in NYC.. reading LIVE.. only a couple hours away from me.. on 7/21/07.. This is one of the most exciting news EVER!! (besides the book title, trailers, book cover, etc.) :) Thanks for posting about this event. I may (or may not) go!!! :)Avatar Image says: Looks like it will be a right Carry On.Avatar Image says: I'm 15 minutes away...so I'd be crazy not to go right??? It will be crowded, but I'll go and take plenty of pics.Avatar Image says: Aw, man! Wish I could go!Avatar Image says: that is soo cool! Please be in London!!! Pleeease be in London. If JK's going to be in London that would be the best!!!! (though it will probabaly be in scotland :( )Avatar Image says: Must. Go. Period. Jim Dale IS the voice of the Potter books for me. I hear him when I read them myself. Awesome!Avatar Image says: Take the 1 train to the N train and I'm there!!!Avatar Image says: i second the coming to michigan commentAvatar Image says: Potter Parties link isn't working for me. I'd really like to get together with some people for this.

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