Tracklist for “Order of the Phoenix” Score

Jun 10, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC

Uncategorized has now posted the list of music for the soundtrack for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The score is composed by Nicholas Hooper and the soundtrack (available for pre-order here in our Cauldron Shop) will be released on July 10.
As this may be movie spoiler for some, you can click below to read the entire list (for those on the text only-stop now 🙂 )

Thanks to runespoor, sam, and all who owled with the link!

  • 1. Fireworks
  • 2. Professor Umbridge
  • 3. Another Story
  • 4. Dementors in the Underpass
  • 5. Dumbledore’s Army
  • 6. The Hall of Prophecies
  • 7. Possession
  • 8. The Room of Requirements
  • 9. The Kiss
  • 10. A Journey to Hogwarts
  • 11. The Sirius Deception
  • 12. Death of Sirius
  • 13. Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning
  • 14. Darkness Takes Over
  • 15. The Ministry of Magic
  • 16. The Sacking of Trelawny
  • 17. Flight of the Order of the Phoenix
  • 18. Loved Ones and Leaving

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