“Most Magical Places” Contest Winners Announced


Jun 16, 2007

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Last month, we had a contest where readers were to photograph a most magical place in their vicinity or a place which reminded you of a setting from the Harry Potter novels. With photos to make Colin Creevy proud, we can now announce the winners of this contest, which are as follows:

  • First Place: Herpo

    Approaching Hogwarts Castle onboard the Hogwarts Express in a cloudy September’s afternoon has always been a strong and promising image placed in the imagination of every Harry Potter reader…
    This image was taken in Germany,south of Stuttgart and depicts the Hohenzollern castle which shares a striking resemblance to our beloved Hogwarts!!

  • Second place: Emily Hughes
    This photo I took at my cabin reminds me of the Forbidden Forest at full moon. Is that a werewolf I hear?

  • Third place: Nundu
    I took this photo (England August 2005) on the North Yorkshire Moors and reminded me of the statement made by Hermione in Goblet of Fire:
    ‘It’s bewitched…If a Muggle looks at it, all they see is a mouldering old ruin…’ (pg 166 [US]; pg 148 [UK])

  • Honorable Mention #1: heatherhpfan06KS

    This picture was taken in the Great Room at Hale Library at Kansas State University, and I took the picture for an Art project. This room reminds me of the Great Hall, with similar high windows and a high ceiling. Whenever you walk it, it is breathtaking. All it needs are floating candles, an enchanted ceiling, and the four House tables!

  • Honorable Mention #2: Redcrosse Knight
    I expect you’ll be getting a depressing number of whomping willows for this contest, but one I want to contribute to you is this photo of a tree from my university campus, at Vancouver, Canada’s University of British Columbia. I took this this January, and the creepy branches in the foreground are from a tree that was uprooted by the forestry department kids many years back and then replanted upside down. The building in the background is our library – a magical place anyway, but one that’s often been filmed as a set for Smallville and Battlestar Galactica. This photo reminds me of the scene in Book 4 where Barty Crouch Sr has finally made his way to Hogwarts through the Old Forest only to meet Harry, Krum, and Fake Moody at the forest edges.

  • Honorable Mention #3: Emily G
    This picture was taken in the Lost Maples State Natural Area near Leakey, TX. It reminds me of the rocky beach in POA where Harry defends Sirius from the Dementors? Kiss. It was a cold overcast December day when I visited and there was a harsh chill in the air, almost like the dementors were actually there…

    Congratulations to all who entered! Be sure to discuss the results in our contest section of the Leaky Lounge forum. A reminder that the Deathly Dursley contest is still ongoing as well, so enter today!

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