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Jun 27, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Our latest contest is online! Here is the rundown on the Deathly Hallows Autograph Contest!

It’s almost here!! The last book will be hitting book stores VERY soon. We all know what we would write to Jo… but what would you like her to say to you? This challenge is to create the ideal inscription for your new book. That way, if you have the opportunity to get your book signed, you won’t frighten her by being unable to utter anything but a long, loud SQUEEE!!! And if you don’t have the opportunity to get your book signed, you might find solace in winning this contest!

Entries will be considered for the following awards: Most Humorous and Most Inspirational.

In order to enter, you can write a fifty word or less inscription you would like to have Jo sign your book with and submit it to [email protected] by midnight (EST) on July 11, 2007. The entries will be judged on the works overall creativity; their spelling, punctuation, and grammar will also be considered. Please, one entry per person and be sure to include your Leaky Lounge name as well as first and/or last name you’d like to be known as. For complete rules and information head over to the Contest page and if you have any questions, or would like to discuss this Contest, please come to the Contest Corner Forum of The Leaky Lounge.

Since our Contest staff can’t enter, we thought we would give you a few samples of what we are looking for:

To Bethany, I hope you’re able to accomplish everything you set your mind on and able to reach your goals in life. Don’t give up and don’t get down if things don’t work the way you wish they would. Persevere! J.K. Rowling.

Dear Lily, Since meeting you I’ve felt such a personal connection! Please take my phone number and email, we simply must keep in touch! Love, Jo.

To Kelly—Don’t let the muggles get you down. My best, Jo.

Chase your dreams, Beat the odds, Keep your faith, Seek your gold! J.K. Rowling.

Good luck to all!

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I was wishing for a contest an adult could enter and here it is! Thanks Leaky!

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What a great idea! :) Maybe I’m going to enter. But I’m not sure about that grammar thing… My ability to use English grammar correctly is OK occasionally, but I guess it’s faulty most of the time. shrugs

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This sounds like a lot of fun. It would be neat if we could submit one entry for each of the two categories, though. Anyway, I hope to be able to come up with something for this.

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This sounds like so much fun! I just need some inspiration now :D

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Is there a prize? Is it a DH book signed by Jo with the winning inscription? That would rule!

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on a whim, i got onto leaky just to see if anything was new. and there were like 5 things! hehe. yeah i def entered. i didnt win. but i have yet to enter a single harry potter related contest of any sort and this was short and easy… so… i did! yay. haha. but good luck to those who are in it for the win. (what do you win?... hm… idk… it may have said)

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Pat, You were right, Harry dies. See Page 649. -Jo

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Don’t forget, the Deathly Dursleys contest is still taking entries! The contest closes at 11:59pm ET on the 30th of June! You can find the guidelines on the contest’s page. :)

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Haha, Lily—personal contacts from Jo! That would be grand!

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LOL, Pat!

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wiccccked. i need to think of something good!

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Hey guys,

We’ve already received quite a few entries for this – you guys rock!

Eleonore – grammar and spelling are taken into account, but this is just so we don’t get a lot of entries with netspeak etc. – we’d like to understand them :p We do take into account the fact that not all our readers here at Leaky speak English as a first language. And your grammar looks good to me.

There is no special prize for this – but, as with all our other Contests, the winning entrants will have their entry posted on TLC for all to see.

As mjk said, you can still enter for our Deathly Dursleys Contest! I’m enjoying reading all the entries for that one, too.

L.J Contests Crew

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Awesome! This is a great idea…if you get to go to one of the book signings, you have a great thing to fall back on if words fail you at that moment!

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Is there a prize for this contest?

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How about…

Dear Reader,

There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other – and that means Harry!

Love Jo

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hahah pat, that was way better than mine, hands down!! and snapedinhalf i like yours alot!!! sheds tear it makes me want to go back and read the first book right now (even tho im on the 6th.. lol)

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I already entered…LOL…..I just can’t find enough “Harry” things to do, till i get my DH!!!!!! This is the coooolest Harry Potter site in the universe!!! :^D

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Hehehe, I totally thought Leaky had secured some deal with Jo to sign a random person’s book!! Oh well, I’ll probably still enter anyway… :)

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Oh I hop the leaky could get jo to sign the books that would be awsome… though on jo’s website she says that she reads tlc and maybe if she likes one of the winners then maybe she’ll send them a signed copy!!!!!

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