Mary GrandPre: “There is a Reason” for “Deathly Hallows” Cover Art Images


Jun 05, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The Detroit Free Press has a new interview this morning with artist Mary GrandPre about the work she does illustrating the US editions of the Harry Potter novels. Stating again she can not speak about her thoughts having been one of the very few to have already read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as part of her work before creating the cover art to the Scholastic edition of the novel, she does she feels this cover is her “favorite.” The article does go on with a bit more (no spoilers!) regarding the cover art to the final Harry Potter book:

And speaking of the final cover, does she get a kick out of all the excitement created by the early release of the cover? “I think it’s fun to see the reaction from people. The fans that are really diehard fans look very closely at the artwork,” Mary says.

And they should. “I try to make everything have a meaning. … There is a reason why something is in the illustration. I don’t just put it in because it looks better. It really does have to have a meaning or part of the story has to support it.”

Harry, Ron and Hermione have been a part of Mary’s life for a long time — the first U.S. edition was published about 10 years ago. So how does Mary feel as the final book is about to be released? “Oh gosh, it’s actually quite a big relief that it’s done,” she says.

You can see more of Mary’s work for all of the Scholastic editions of the Harry Potter novels here in our image galleries, as well as see some of her other work via her website.

38 Responses to Mary GrandPre: “There is a Reason” for “Deathly Hallows” Cover Art Images

Avatar Image says: awsome!!!!!!1st!!!Avatar Image says: mmm...I wonder why she feels relief...i want to read that book!!!Avatar Image says: The piece of cover art in question looks to be taking place in a sort of coliseum. Harry appears to be reaching to the sky as if summoning something, while whom I presume to Voldemort falls back in terror. That's just me, though.Avatar Image says: Oh, when are we going to get the deluxe edition cover art? Pretty, pretty please scholastic.Avatar Image says: it must have been really hard to beone of few who read the book, you can't discuss it with anyone, you can't say:"Oh, did you believe this!" No, I don't to be in her place, I want to share my feelings :)Avatar Image says: T_D_O, I have the same questions. Anyways... which will be this "thing"? Maybe the curtains, that people ask if they are really in the scene or they are a artistic element?Avatar Image says: El Cronista de Salem, I'm pretty sure that the curtains are there for a reason, as she said, everything on the cover art seems to be there for a reason. Every time we look at the cover art on books after we read them we seem to see lots of new significant details that we didn't notice or pay enough atention's always wonderful!Avatar Image says: Soooo kewl. *waits patiently for the Deluxe Art...*Avatar Image says: I wonder what parts she means...but its so cool anyway that she tries to incorporate material into the artwork. I love this final cover a lot. This and probably OOTP are my favorites. Avatar Image says: Hmm... everything has meaning... oh golly gosh, this just makes me over analyze it more. And what about the deluxe edition? ;_;Avatar Image says: If you look at book one it also has curtains but they are not tattered and torn. I think they are the opening curtains and Deathly Hallows has the closing curtains but they are tattered and torn because of everything that has happened in between. Thinking of this as the end makes me so sad I can't decide if I want to read the book slowly or tear through it. Most likely I will tear through it simply because I won't be able to help myself!Avatar Image says: Okay, what could be the 'something' she referred to? I think it must be something obvious. Possibilities: - the thing around Harry´s neck - the figures in the background - the curtains? (Although I personally prefer the interpretation that these are the closing curtains to the HP septology) - something with LV? Ah, the possibilities. In 45 days we´ll all know. Avatar Image says: Im pretty much thinking she means "everything" not just "one" thing. JMO...Avatar Image says: I love that woman. No offense to the brits, but her cover art is way better than the british guy's stuff.Avatar Image says: So, I'm sorry, but I'm really getting impatient now: WHERE IS THE ARTWORK FOR THE DELUXE HARDCOVER EDITION??? We got the HBP Deluxe cover artwork on May 11. I'm starting to think we won't see the Deluxe artwork for DH till it's published. This is very exciting and I agree, it all means something. Imagine being Mary GrandPre and getting to read the book much earlier than everyone else, but then having to keep the secret. I'm not sure I could do it . . .Avatar Image says: Really, I don't see anything in the article that's worth a "spoiler." I mean, we all know she doesn't put random things in the covers for the sake of putting them there; what's the spoiler in that? Unless the spoiler is that she has a dog that greatly reminds her of Hagrid?Avatar Image says: Can anyone see Harry's scar on the cover? I can't see it, maybe it's gone!Avatar Image says: I noticed the "reaching to the sky thing". Could the curtains be the ones in the Ministry of Magic? Also, Harry or LV don't have their wands? Could LV have thrown a horcrux into the veil where Sirius is? I noticed the colossium, wasn't the veil in somewhat of a auditorium? Man I need this book!Avatar Image says: Well, now I am really curious what's behind all of the things on the cover. I would like an interview with the UK artist. Avatar Image says: dukemeiser: I haven't exactly been going out of my way to read cover threads anywhere, but yours is the first comment I've seen that mentions that Harry's scar appears to be missing, and I agree! (But I don't think that Harry realizes this yet...) Of course, it doesn't hurt that I've had a theory about both the literal and symbolic meaning of that scar for quite some time now, and it fits perfectly with it having been removed from Harry by this point in the book -- which is almost certainly the climax. And for all the importance of what is on the cover, I suspect that what we don't see -- and Harry and Voldemort do -- is even more significant....Avatar Image says: Hey dukemeiser, I noticed the same thing -- Harry's hair is falling over his forehead in such a way that you can't be sure he still has his scar so maybe he doesn't have it anymore! I'm wondering if Harry is releasing part of Voldemort's soul to heaven, which will mean that V has to die. Maybe the "thing worse than death" is never reaching heaven (or love).Avatar Image says: From the first time I saw the cover, I've felt that Harry is reaching to catch something. I don't think it's a coincidence that he was the youngest Seeker in a century.Avatar Image says: Of course she's referring to the curtains - there's no reason to confirm the necessity of any other element in the artwork.Avatar Image says: I imagine her relief is from knowing she won't have all the pressure that comes with the Harry Potter phenomenon. I must say that its too much pressure for me to handle and I'm just reading the series. I can only imagine having to be one who helps create it. Especially since she is the only one creating images for us to see since the movie won't be out for a few years. She has to use her imagination in hopes that it matches ours somewhat. Its a big responsibility. But I bet she loved being able to read it first. She has to be a big fan like the rest of us! Well at least I would hope so.Avatar Image says: Oh, now I'm antsy. Can't we get some chapter titles or something? Good grief. Or a W.O.M.B.A.T.? Avatar Image says: *draws a picture of mary on the floor and lights a bunch of candles and says "mary grandepre" 100 times like you are suposed to say "bloody mary" in a mirror to summon here.* Deluxe cover art.... deluxe cover art... deluxe cover art.... DELUXE COVER ART!Avatar Image says: Actually, Harry does still have his scar. It’s a little bit above the area between his right eye and his nose, with the end of a lock of his bangs touching the bottom of his scar and another small lock of bangs cutting across the top of his scar. Opening the cover’s image file in PhotoShop and zooming in makes the presence of the scar even more obvious. It may be a little less prominent (as it has become in the U.S. artwork over the course of the books), but it is definitely still there. I have a scar on my arm that was very prominent when I was a young child but is very faded now—however, it is still there.Avatar Image says: It appears that Harry is pulling lightning out of the sky. That could surely kill a person.Avatar Image says: I'm 99% sure the cover art is an image representing a moment during the climax... but even then Mary GrandPre can't confirm or deny it until the book is released. Companies like Scholastic and the WB don't have gag orders for nothing. I would be greatly surprised if it represented a scene in the book other than the climax or any of the other themes in the book.Avatar Image says: i love her artwork!!!!! i see a scar... and a locket... and some borken wood.... and some death eaters.... and what possibly could be the veil..... hmmmmmmAvatar Image says: ohhhh, welcome to mom-ville, Mary! (ahhh, yes, how the unicorn family wishes I were more like Molly and less like Sybill...)And a dog like Hagrid(ohhhh, again)! We'll always love your never fails to be our portkey to the Potterverse.Avatar Image says: I had a closer look at the cover of DH and I see a destroyed Veil, a horcrux (possibly the locket) and I really dont think their DE's. I had a closer look at chapter art and the figures behind Harry and Voldemort in DH cover looks nothing like MGP's art of the DE's or Dementors. I think their shaped more like people, possibly those voices behind the veil! OH! Im psyched even more, now! Thanks Sue.Avatar Image says: I think we need to consider that this whole affair is actually happening BEHIND the veil. Far-fetched, I know, but where else in the wizarding world is there a massive arena that has drawn curtains? Avatar Image says: I am really surprised that Mary GranPre says that she has a reason for everything that she puts on the covers. The cover for HBP clearly shows Dumbledore's right hand, his wand hand, as normal and uninjured when he and Harry are in the cave with the evil green potion at the end of the book. However, at the very beginning of the book, Dumbledore's hand is described as withered and dead looking. She did not pay attention to what she was reading in that book. I don't like her art and I especially don't like the odd colors that she uses. Nearly every book cover has every character bathed in the same color. The British covers have their own odd characteristics. I wish that all of the publishers had used JKR's own illustrations, she is a talented artist as well as a phenomenal writer.

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