High Res Images Online from Tour of Hogwarts Set


Jun 06, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Some excellent high-res photos are online tonight from EmmaEmpire.net showing a fans recent trip to to the Divinity School and Leavesden Studios in Oxford to tour the original Harry Potter sets. In this set you see excellent images of the Great Hall, Hospital Wing and much more. The images from the set tour can be seen here.
Thanks to Martin for sending these in!

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Avatar Image says: emptyAvatar Image says: I've been there! I loved Oxford...and I do admit that the main reason I visited the university is to see the sites of the scenes...heheAvatar Image says: That's not the Great Hall from the movies.Avatar Image says: Errrr, since when has Leavesden Studios been in Oxford?! Leavesden Studios is in Watford. It's definitely still there, I drove past it on Saturday!!Avatar Image says: To further clarify...the staircase is not in the Divinity School but in Christ Church, one of the Oxford colleges. The real staircase you see in the photos was used in films 1+2. Christ Church hall was the inspiration for the Great Hall in the films, but a replica that was a few feet wider than the real version was built at Leavesden. The original hall is very similar to the one in the movies, including the door Moody enters through in film 4, but doesn't have floating candles :-) Hope that's of interest to people!Avatar Image says: I will second what Steph last said. I was just in Oxford and visited Christ Church and other colleges-Christ Church was used for the staircase and the great hall. Divinity School was used for the library and the hospital wing.Avatar Image says: What Steph and Joni said. Christ Church (one of the largest Oxford colleges) was used for the staircase and as the model for the Great Hall. Parts of the Bodleian Library was used for the Hospital Wing - that is the Divinity School, now just next to the tourist entrance and gift shop - and for the Hogwarts Library - that is 'Duke Humphrey's Library', one of the mediaeval parts of the Bodleian. More recently, the cloisters of New College were used for the Hogwarts cloisters now famous for Draco the dancing ferret. Also well worth a visit - much smaller in real life than it appears in the movie. And there will probably be more Oxford locations before they're done! Aberforth MA(Oxon)Avatar Image says:

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