“Colbert Report” Gets Scoop On Harry Potter? (Satire)


Jun 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows only weeks away now, reporters from all mediums are going out of their way to get the latest scoop… even when they may not be real reporters. Readers have been emailing in to let us know that recently, Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report did a very funny satirical bit that featured “an advanced copy” (prop) of the not available to anyone, final Harry Potter book. In the clip, which you can see here, Colbert, reporting on the new iPhone, tells us about some of the other advance items he gets for being a ‘celebrity.’
Thanks to everyone who mailed!

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Avatar Image says: I love the colbert report! Stephen Colbert is a genius!Avatar Image says: Haha, I saw this episode! Stephen Colbert reads Harry Potter, by the way. On an episode that aired like a year ago, when he was interviewing Al Franken (hilarious interview, by the way), he referenced the whole priori incantatem situation in GoF. It made me love the show even more.Avatar Image says: Clobert?Avatar Image says: I know that it is a fake,But i can't help but get excited to see it 'in person' like that! LOL Avatar Image says: Yippee! That's the first time I ever mailed in about a news tip, and it got on! Thanks everyone else, too who emailed Melissa. Now I feel *special*Avatar Image says: OMG! Hermy's a dude?!?! Why did he just blow book 7 for us all? (just kidding, of course I know it's fake)Avatar Image says: The "Clobert" Report LOLOL!!Avatar Image says: I saw this a night or two ago! this is one of my favorite shows.Avatar Image says: *laugh* Sorry, Colbert. Hermione being a dude is no spoiler XP That was really funny! Anybody know when it aired? Is it tonight?Avatar Image says: The iPhone + Deathly Hallows + Steven Colbert = three of my most favorite things... Hermione's a dude - SPOILER ALERT! :) Avatar Image says: Ashley, this aired on last night's (June 5th) episode of the Colbert Report. I love Colbert. His satire is first class!Avatar Image says: actually the book he used for the show ad blank pages, you can see them when he turns the pages.Avatar Image says: a copy of DH with no print, just blank pages?? oooh!! what a deliciously wicked idea!! you could have a lot of fun with that! (as long as your definition of fun extends to seeing people looking both crestfallen and irritated.. i know mine does) mmmwwahahahahaha!! (evil laugh)Avatar Image says: Hermione a dude? does that mean Ron is gay? uhhhwww!!!there are hords of characters I think they are, but not Ron. *grumble* next we hear Draco is a girl.Avatar Image says: Emma - ha ha you are evil... You could print the book jacket, slap it over Goblet of Fire and leave it on a park bench... sit a couple of benches away and watch the fun. (^∇^) Avatar Image says: I remember that, Abhit! Oh god, that was side-splitting.Avatar Image says: That was hilarious. Colbert's great, and he's a total nerd. I found this way more amusing than the thing the onion did which scared the bejesus out of me, until I found out it was actually the onion. Then it's kind of funny in a creepy network news kind of way.Avatar Image says: That entire clip was hystarical. I don't often watch Colbert, I can take him in small doses. This clip was just that. Really funny! I wonder how Laura Mallory would react to seeing a Harry Potter book in the same bit with "The God Machine"? (Yeah, like her next lawsuit isn't going to be against Colbert's "This Week In God" routine). Avatar Image says: Too funny!!! Did you hear the crowd collectively lose its breath when he pulled out the book? Greatness! =)Avatar Image says: I love Colbert and Jon Stewart. They are so hilarious! They make my day. :DAvatar Image says: I love this man. I laughed so hard when he pulled out the book.Avatar Image says: "Spoiler alert!" LOLAvatar Image says: Colbert is so awesome. You can totally tell that he wants the book as much as he wants that iPhone.Avatar Image says: Hahaha, Clobert? That was hilarious. I want an iPhone.Avatar Image says: Oh Stephen... we all know you're a HP freak ;)Avatar Image says: Stephen = LOVE. Then he followed that report with one about pink flamingos, which, considering the brutal and surprising flamingo attack at Phoenix Rising, made me laugh all the harder. Love, I tell you.Avatar Image says: Gotta love the Colbert Report. I cracked up seeing that clip. They did a good job on making the prop... looked like the real thing!Avatar Image says: Actually, "This Week in God" is on the Daily Show. Colbert just did the noise for the God Machine. Considering he's supposed to be a extremist Conservative, shouldn't he be burning the book and siding with Mallory? Yes, he is a nerd: he was featured on a History Channel Star Wars thing. So was the US Speaker of the House. I reported this on Mugglenet, they still haven't posted it.Avatar Image says: Oh God, how I laughed! I love him, he's so funny! XDAvatar Image says: funny dude.Avatar Image says: TOKYO MUGGLE - what a BRILLIANT idea!!!! you must be as evil as me!! (at least i'm no longer alone) the park bench is a good idea. not sure, how many potter fans would go past though - perhaps a school or children's hospital would be a more suitable location... (OK OK i overstepped the mark with that one, i know *covers head and prepares for Howler bombardment*)

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