New OotP Video Game Developers Diary; Footage of Potter Actors Recording for Game


Jun 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Along with the video from EA we showed you last night, IGN has a new video online, featuring the process of the actors recording their voices for the new Harry Potter video game. This trailer features interviews with the developers of the game as well as studio footage of “Order of the Phoenix” film actors Bonnie Wright, Katie Leung, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, James and Oliver Phelps, Matt Lewis and more during the recording process.
The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game will be released on the PS2, PS3, PSP, GameBoy Advance, PC-DVD, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and Wii Platforms, June 26th.

Thanks to Jackie and dynamo for the heads up!

28 Responses to New OotP Video Game Developers Diary; Footage of Potter Actors Recording for Game

Avatar Image says: really interesting to see some of the behind the scenes work. Funny, though some of them can't help doing the wand waving actions at the same time!Avatar Image says: Great that the HP actors recorded their voice for their character in the OotP videogame.Avatar Image says: This is so great! I love it! So fun to see them do their own voices. I just wonder why now, and not in the beginning, with the first 4 games? Hope they do 6 and 7 the same! Love James and Oliver doing theirs. weeee can't wait!Avatar Image says: Do you need to register to see it?Avatar Image says: "Lupin, watch out!" "Come on Harry, we have to get that box!" "Expelliarmus!" "You have to be pretty desperate to ride a giant invisible horse that eats raw meat." "Good job I'm not a prefect!" LOL. Fun stuff. :)Avatar Image says: Can you post it on Leaky, so I can see it? My job blocks active content from most sites, but not from yours for some reason... :-)Avatar Image says: I was cracking up at the Phelps twins repeating that one line over and over again. Sounded like had a beat going there.Avatar Image says: If only school was more like Hogwarts. :PAvatar Image says: Hehe, it was quite funny. Tom Felton looked adorable, even when he's trying to be mean. :)Avatar Image says: Aw especially liked- Tom Felton, Ruperts bit and the girls who play patils. Also liked phelps twins. Avatar Image says: You don't have to register to see it. By the way, Debbie, they actually have to do the wand movement when they say te spell, because when you're moving you're arm around wildly, your voice will respond to that. So it just makes the voice acting more realistic. It's a shame We didn't get to see Emma.Avatar Image says: While it's interesting seeing the cast record their voice, I wonder if Emma and Dan recorded their own voices. There were videos of gameplay on, but Harry didn't sound like Dan. Funny, how you can get most of the supporting cast to add their voice, but not the title character. Well, I've got to run, bye!Avatar Image says: ahhhhh i want this game!! and we got to hear our first bit of natalia tena (tonks) :)Avatar Image says: LOL Cute! I love how they all act along with it. Can't wait for the game.Avatar Image says: wow Rupert is so strong! Anyways, very interesting to see how they make a video game.Avatar Image says: That's Tonks saying 'Lupin, watch out!' isn't it? If so that's the first time we've heard her. It isn't surprising if they couldn't get Dan to do voices because he's been so busy.Avatar Image says: Wii is the best.Avatar Image says: Cool, I'll watch now.Avatar Image says: How do you enter the site? I click on the link and the front page of the site opens up, but I cannot do anything further as I cannot click on anything! This is soo frustrating!Avatar Image says: They do have Emma, but they don't have Dan, because I think he was doing equus at the time. They got this guy that does the 'automatic responses'or somethin like that, for the fil, to do harry's voice in the game. But they do have Rupert and Emma.(yeeeeeeh!) Avatar Image says: Garr, it wants me to sign up to watch the video. I shouldn't have to sign up... Can you guys YouTube this or post them in your galleries?Avatar Image says: Rupert looked cuuute... It was cool to see the actors give their voices to the little videogame people, lol.Avatar Image says: Galleries please ^^ I went to watch it (it worked fine for me) but a stupid horror movie came up just before it started!!! I have a phobia of horror movies and I'm not game enough to click on the link agian :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we get it in the galleries!!! Avatar Image says: Oh god, those lines were cringe-worthy! But it was still interesting to see the actors at work when they're not actually filming. Nice.Avatar Image says: Ha, at 1:49, Natalia Tena, who plays Tonks, says "Lupin, watch out!" I thought that's funny, considering what happens in the next book. Just fangirl's dream come true in a few seconds! XD I think its fantastic that they are finally getting as many actors to the voices as they can, it gives the game a more friendlier feel to it, IMO.Avatar Image says: Yay! My first successful news tip!Avatar Image says: LMAO @ Katie's horrible attempt at voice-over acting. It was so cringe-worthy, she needs to get more lessons. Bonnie's voice is so pretty and Rupert's really great at voice acting! He should venture into some voiceover roles, that'd be suitable for him :)

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