PotterCast 92, Our First Tour Stop, Now Available


Jun 09, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

The first show of our summer tour for PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast is up! To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (—>), or use iTunes, or direct download.

Chicago is the first stop on our BIG PotterCast Summer 2007 Tour:

- We make a big announcement about where we’ll be on July 20th!
- In our new Deluxe Edition cover art discussion, we think we’re seeing an Antipodean Opaleye dragon, not Norbert
- Could the trio be flying over Godric’s Hollow?
- What scene could this be that would have Arthur Levine saying it was his favorite and requesting it? Could this be the final chapter and proof that the trio live?
- Chicagoans are the first to take the 5-question “Best Potter City” Deathly Hallows prediction exam! Chicago says: Harry will Live, Snape is Good, Harry is Not a Horcrux, Harry won’t return to school; and we won’t go behind the veil.
- What about Harry’s Scar? What about his eyes? Could either have some significance in book 7?
- Could a Hallow be the opposite of a Horcrux?
- Mr. Blood makes his return!
- Our next show will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we’ll be live with HARRY AND THE POTTERS!

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Editor: Matt Kelliher

PotterCast’s Summer of Seven Tour
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To see photos from this live PotterCast, go here in our Image Galleries! If you have photos from the event that you’d like to share, please email us at [email protected]

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26 Responses to PotterCast 92, Our First Tour Stop, Now Available

Avatar Image says: Oh good! I look forward to listening to all of the upcoming Pottercasts and attending one of the live shows.Avatar Image says: You need to make a correction in the post. At the moment it says Godric's 'Hallow' and it should be 'Hollow'.Avatar Image says: Can't wait to listen! Hope you guys are having fun in Chicago!Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see you all LIVE in a few weeks!!! It's going to be awesome (!!!) & I can't wait to listen to this PC. ~pb p.s. when I finally see you I'll be worse (or better, depends on the way you look at it) than Sue ;)Avatar Image says: Goodness, Melissa - you must be tired . . . Not only is it Godric's Hollow instead of Hallow, but the First Tour Stop is now "Available" rather than Availbale . . . Too much excitement!! :-)Avatar Image says: WOW! That was quick. I love your idea of it being Godrics Hollow. I never even thought of that. Pottercast is by far the BEST Potter podcast around, hands down!Avatar Image says: Running time of 37 mins? wow it's got to be the shortest Live PotterCast yet :-S. Well, short and good is better than long and borring, though no PotterCast could be borring cuz you guys are the best!Avatar Image says: Melissa, John and Sue make such a good team and are so entertaining, I wish could go to one of these live podcasts but I live in London. Yes I know they were here recently but they did not check what day I am free as I was working on that day :( I forgive them though! This new live podcast was once again fun to listen to. And Melissa's realisation of the connection between the covers of CoS and deluse DH was a hoot. Startling if true though!Avatar Image says: I can tell you now that the dragon is not flying over Godric's Hollow, wherever it is sited in Britain. None of our mountains are as pointed as those illustrated and the style of housing is not typical of here either. All our fields are separated by hedges or walls as a result of political activity.Avatar Image says: *sniff* Dan cried during the standing ovation at the end of his final performance. Thanks for your awesome coverage of this once-in-a-life-time event, Leaky! I guess appearing in a major West End revival isn't as interesting as being on the cover of a two bit fashion mag...Avatar Image says: Ahh bless him. He deserved that standing ovation. I hope he wins an award for his performance in the play. Avatar Image says: Aww! Well done Dan! Wish I could have got to go and see the play before is finished :(Avatar Image says: This is the first time I have listened. I love hearing what the audience ideas. Ask if they think V will die or meet a fate worse than death, but still live.Avatar Image says: I'm really happy for Dan! It's nice to know that one of the trio will have a career outside of the HP movies!Avatar Image says: John and Melissa- This was a great PotterCast! I love that you focused on the book; while I love the movies, they are just a re-hash of my true love! Also, the audio was excellent! I could hear all of the questions from the audience. You all aren't going to remember how to do a pre-recorded version after the tour is over! Well done, well done.Avatar Image says: Was it the last potions teacher?Avatar Image says: Is it just me, or is it supposed to be 37 minutes long?? I thought that there was something wrong with my download, so i went back to re-download it and its not on the itunes feed :( so when i went to play it on pottercast.com on the little player thing, it wouldn't load all the way. somebody doesn't want me to listen to this episode!!!Avatar Image says: I noticed you fixed the errors and thank you. Melissa, I heard you say that the antipode is France not Britain but most that I read on the net says Spain. Could you clarify? Thanks for the podcast. You are already a very busy lady. The excitement builds. I appreciate you. Thank you!Avatar Image says: Sorry to hear about the death in sue's family. will she be returning to the tour? prefiribly before Eugene, as I am a huge sue fan and it just is never the same if she isent there.Avatar Image says: So sorry to hear about Sue. You and your family are definitely on our thoughts. Avatar Image says: Melissa and John, Great podcast! The audio quality was fab - a small correction Antipodes is pronounced An - ti - po- dees (ti as in tip) and Antipodean as An- ti - po - de - an!! I was so excited o see the dragon on the cover I squeed as loudly as Sue(my thoughts are with you Sue). Can't wait for more discussion. JanieAvatar Image says: Is there going to be a video of this up sometime?/ Are any of these tour stops being videotaped?Avatar Image says: I want to thank you guys for being in Chicago. I was very lucky to be there live and only two rows away (it was so crowded people were standing outside!) My nephew loved it and had lots of fun. I'm so looking forward to you guys coming here in July.

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