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Jul 01, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The July issue of Scribbulus, Leaky’s essay collection, is now online. This month we have eleven new essays for you. There are no less than four wonderful essays on our favorite former Potions Master, an analysis of the significance of Halloween in the Potterverse, speculation on Mundungus’s role in the events occurring at Godric’s Hollow, speculations on the future fates of some of the minor characters in the series, an interesting theory on a specific magical trait running in the Dumbledore family, a comprehensive overview of the power of love, a character analysis of Nymphadora Tonks and her mother Andromeda, and a moving and inspiring personal account of what Harry Potter and his fandom have meant for one young reader. Enjoy!

  • “Thank You, Jo!” By Gwendalyn Krebs

  • “All Hallows” By gal fawkes
  • “Potter’s Army” By HawthorneAndPhoenix
  • “Severus Snape, Beyond the Grassy Knoll” By cbm
  • “The Power Within” By Firephoenix
  • “The Amazing Invisible Dumbledores” By birthday twins
  • “An Irresistible Potion: Felix Felicis” By caltheous and fuelpagan
  • “Mundungus Fletcher Is There More to Him than Meets the Nose?” ’ By Expelliarmas
  • Snape and the Malfoys By Praxagora
  • I’ve Got the Golden Ticket Severus Snape is Great! By Ginny Martyn
  • Andromeda and Nymphadora Tonks By hpboy13
  • Scribbulus Issue 18 is the final edition of Scribbulus prior to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Our next issue will be released on 1 September, and we are requesting reviews on the final installment of the series for that issue. Submissions for our next issue close on 4 August.

    From everyone at Scribbulus, have a wonderful, exciting, magical summer!

    13 Responses to July Issue of Scribbulus Now Online

    Avatar Image says:

    I’m going to read them!

    Avatar Image says:

    I can’t read any of these articles. Every time I click on one of them, it just opens the main page in a new window with the “July Scribbulus Now Online” story at the top. No article!

    Avatar Image says:

    Same thing happens to me to! I cant read them…. hopefully will be fixed soon!

    Avatar Image says:

    They worked just fine for me!

    I thought this was a good batch of essays. The last one about Snape I thought to be particularly interesting. But maybe because that is where my allegiance lies. =]

    Avatar Image says:

    Great essays! Too bad that Scribbulus couldn’t be an actual in the mail newsletter that you could subscribe to. How great would that be?

    Avatar Image says:

    Thanks for the new fun stuff!! and Daniel will be on Larry King Live in July per CNN website

    Avatar Image says:

    Harry potters Invisibility Cloak was mention tonight in British Soap Coronation Street. It was said when one of the characters served up an empty pot because she had distroyed the dinner. Her date asked her if Harry Potter had been playing with his Invisibility Cloak. Very funny will see if i can get clip tomorrow during repeat.

    Avatar Image says:

    Michael- I got the same but if you wait a while the essay replaces the news page eventually. Just takes a bit of time and looks like nothing’s happening.

    I love Scribbulus! The essays are always so cleverly written and come up with some really interesting theories. I’ve read the halloween and invisible dumbledore and power within ones so far.

    Avatar Image says:

    I have read the essay on Snape and the Malfoy family. I still think Snape is the godfather of Draco. If we do not learn that in book seven, I will eat my bonnet.

    I love those essays.

    Avatar Image says:

    they worked fine for me too…

    loved the one about tonks and her mom… and the snape and the malfoys one was good too.


    Avatar Image says:

    For those of you having trouble reading the essays: sometimes they’re a bit slow to load. The links in the news item do all work, but you may have to wait a few seconds before they actually load the essay. Alternatively, click on the Scribbulus scroll on the right hand side of the screen, and then click on the “index of essays” tab.

    Have fun reading!


    Avatar Image says:

    I read the essay on Snape and the grassy knowl and I am still convinced that Snape is loyal to Dumbeldore. He did not kill Professor Flitwick, who was in his office, with him; he did not kill Hermione and Luna, instead he occupied them with professor Flitwick, keeping them out of arms way; he did not kill Harry; he did not kidnap Harry; he tought harry a few more vital lessons in fighting silently and with one’s mind shut; he protected Harry from the death eaters who were torturing him.

    These successions of events prove to me that Snape, despicable as He may be, is on the right side. We shall see in a few weeks now.

    As for Kennedy, we cannot disregard the conspiracy theory. Yes, Oswald shot at Kennedy, but so did other people.

    Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I remember that one...

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