ABC Family ‘Behind the Scenes’ Clips and Videos from the ‘Today Show’ Now Online


Jul 12, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

ABC Family’s Behind the Scenes clips and interviews from the prior weekends Triple Feature of Harry Potter films are now online. Thirteen clips in all, they feature interviews with the cast and crew, a profile of the characters, shots of the films production, an overview of the story and much more. You can view them here on the ABC Family Triple Feature website.

On a related note, Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson’s appearances on the Today Show are now also online. You can view Dan’s interview from Wednesday as well as Emma’s appearance today, in the Harry Potter section via the Today Show website. It was also confirmed during the program today, Rupert Grint will indeed appear on the Today Show this Friday. As a reminder, we do have available a list of the TV appearances for this week. We expect to have the video from these interviews, as well as all of the others in our own Video Galleries shortly.

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Hey Leaky,

I just watched an interview on “” with the trio. It’s from Moviefone and is called “Unscripted”.

It’s the VERY BEST clip I’ve seen with the trio since the Stephen Mulhern interviews. It’s got a lot of VERY FUNNY moments and the “kids” seemed to be having a great time.

Would love to see this added to Leaky’s video gallery.

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I was at that Today Show. :]] I didn’t meet Dan though;; he only came outside for 1 second because he had to catch Regis & Kelly. Really exciting tho. :]

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The video of Unscripted didn’t work on my computer, AOL again… :(

But I love all the video’s of Dan or Emma at the other American tv shows! :) It doesn’t mather where you live, you can always see video clips of the tv show appearances via Leaky!

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When are we getting Leaky’s London reports?

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That Moviefone interview was great!!! Thanks for mentioning it KB Prez

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I watched Dan Radcliffes interview on Regis & Kelly and thought that really explained a lot about him and his the new HP movie. I can’t wait to see it!

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Looking forward for to downloading the appearances from this amazing site:-)

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Dan Radcliffe’s interview on CNN can be seen here:

I did email leaky early this morning.

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Emma will also be on Conan tonight! I’m excited!

Emma = awesome and beautiful Conan = awesome

Emma and Conan = HEAVEN


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Just a reminder that Gerrad Hall’s uncut interviews with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are available on (The links are below the red “Today on” banner.)

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I just watched the Today Show interviews. Dan and Emma were wonderful, but I just couldn’t stand the interviewer or her technique. Did you notice that she kept interrupting Dan and Emma? She kept answering her own questions, too. I wish the media would actually let the stars talk once in a while!

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Whay hasn’t leaky posted a lot other stuff, like the videos from the foot-hand-wand ceremoney, and the AOL Unscripted trio interview (it’s available on youtube too btw), and the TV shows that Rupert attended in Canada (MTV Canada, and The Sauce), and several others that I don’t remember now but was so surprised to notice that leaky is so behind like that :(

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is down

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now that we have seen the movie or about to see it. next week is going to be the longest and most boring week ever unless we get alot of pottercast and leakymug to pass it. I’m already bored, and the time is moving very slow today.

those who have seen the movie. What trailers were in front of it?

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Ummm… Whay was my comment deleted? I was asking why hasn’t Leaky posted many of the recent stuff, like AOL Unscripted, and the videos from the ceremony, and Rupert’s Canadian interviews…

Is it forbidden now to ask about that stuff?

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