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Jul 13, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Entertainment Weekly continues its coverage of the the latest Harry Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, with a few new pieces online about the film and its cast. Along with the magazines review of the film, there is a new interview with Dan Radcliffe where the actor talks to EW about his role in the film as well as a great deal about his performance in “Equus.” It is noted in the article that like his role in Harry Potter, he has often played a orphan or ‘troubled child’ in other productions; he is asked whether being an only child himself, helped him prepare for those roles. Quoteage:

I have thought about it. I’ve got a good and very accurate imagination, so I find it easy to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Also I’m very, very sensitive to things around me. If I listen to a piece of music and it really strikes me, it will send me these images. I can then use them when it comes to playing a scene. When you begin acting quite young, you’re having to make up a lot of experiences you haven’t actually had yet. And so you find ways of doing that. Also, a couple of the people I’ve worked with have said I’ve got a sort of haunted look about me. Which I think is just to do with my eyes, ‘cause they’re sort of quite big.

The upcoming July 20th issue of EW also has an extended feature on Order of the Phoenix that includes a four page article and new photos of the cast. The photos include shots of Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Jason Isaacs, who plays the Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy. This issue should be appearing on newsstands now; if anyone is able to scan the interview or images, please do send them in to [email protected]

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haha That’s cute about his eyes. This is kind of a pointless comment, but I just thought it was silly. Dan is SUCH a comic!

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The HP movie tickets at Bangalore, India are booked through the week, no hope of catching it for awhile :( Hope I get to see before the book fingers crossed

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” ’’Harry Potter’s like Jesus…[Pauses] Oh, God! No, okay, no, um…. [Laughs nervously] God, that’s a real Beatles moment, isn’t it?’’”


Here comes Laura Mallory, hahaha!!

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I love Jason Isaacs AKA Lucius Malfoy

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Well, after seeing the OOTP film yesterday – I have to salute Radcliffe for his giant leaps in fine acting. He was so intense and believable. He has worked hard in his progress through childhood. He has faced harsh harsh critisms from fans and critics. He seems very strong minded. I wish him all the success in his future acting career – he deserves it.

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I have to say that he comes across like a terrible idiot in the movie. Even worse than in the books. His need to be “good” is annoying.

Where I watched the movie the whole audience agreed that it was crap.

The dialogues are really stupid. The worst is that they are mainly taken from the book. If you hear them spoken by the actors you just realize how stereoptyped they are. Even “the emtotional range of a tea-spoon” becomes a lame joke. And this talking about what harry had to went through. What exactly? He was one when his parents died and since then he had a home. he was just not spoilt. And he saw Cedric die. Behind me set a boy who also saw a friend die and he didn´t become a “priest” like harry.

But if Radcliffe is that sensitive he is the perfect cast for the role

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I think Dan was great in OotP. He handles the emotion very well. Special in the scenes at the MoM!

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I loved the film! Did anyone take some loaded hints for future plotlines or am I just being hopeful? When Tonks says something like “When you lose something it will always come back to you….” PLease tell me this means Sirius and or Dumbledore return?????!!!!!

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I found this article on Harry potter from The Scotsman newspaper – who will take over when he has gone?

Hoorah for Harry? SUSAN MANSFIELD The Scotsman. 13th July 2007 Pottermania has been with us for ten years, but, with the saga heading for its finale, what kind of legacy will the boy wizard leave behind, asks SUSAN MANSFIELD

TWELVE years ago, a woman sat in an Edinburgh coffee shop, scribbling in a notebook. While her baby slept, she invented the life of a schoolboy wizard. She was a single parent living on benefits. And she would become the richest writer in the world.

JK Rowling’s story has itself slipped into legend. Harry Potter mania has taken over the world: 325 million books sold, four hit movies, websites, computer games, shipments of battery-operated wands and a whole generation of little boys who actually want to wear glasses.Rowling is richer than the Queen, and is second only to Oprah Winfrey as the top-earning female entertainer in the world . She is credited with inspiring a new generation of avid readers, and with turning a host of wannabe writers into coffee-shop scribblers. This month, Pottermania reaches fever pitch with the launch of the fifth film in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and the publication of the long-awaited seventh novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which will conclude the saga. Psychologists in the United States are warning that some young people could suffer Potter withdrawal, and summer camps are promising counsellors on hand just in case.

But, as the end of the story approaches, not everyone is distraught. Potter has dominated the landscape in reading, writing, publishing and film-making for almost a decade. We asked key figures in these fields to consider its impact and what might happen next.

‘When I first started I was very critical of the books’ GP TAYLOR, bestselling author of Shadowmancer and Tersias. His new book, Mariah Mundi The Midas Box is tipped as “the next Harry Potter”.

I THINK Harry Potter has been very, very good for everybody concerned. My passion is to go into schools and encourage children to read and write stories. I want to build on what JK Rowling has done. She has created that desire to read and it’s a great achievement.

It has also produced a lot of children writing stories and even books. I got one in the post the other day, a whole book written by a ten-year-old boy. It did read like Harry Potter, but how brilliant is it that a ten-year-old decided to sit down and write 100,000 words?

When I first started I was very critical of the books. That was wrong of me, I spoke out against them without having read them. Then I read then and enjoyed them, so I’m a convert. I used to be a vicar and I can’t find anything in them which is anti-Christian. Having had people in America wanting to burn my books, I have some idea what Rowling is going through. There is going to be a big void when the series finishes and everybody is speculating about who is going to take over.

Recently, the entertainment website described Mariah Mundi as the next Harry Potter. I’ve had movie moguls phoning me in the middle of the night badgering me about the film rights. It’s nice when people are offering you money, but it has a downside. It changes your life, puts a lot of pressure on your life. I’m completely anonymous, I don’t want security guards.

I didn’t write Mariah Mundi to be the next Harry Potter and it’s not fantasy, it’s more like a whodunit, a dour young boy who gets sent from London to work in a grand Victorian hotel in the North of England. But no matter how much money publishers spend, it’s readers who will decide who the next Harry Potter is. When they start saying things about your book, that’s when to worry.

There are hundreds of people on blogs already talking about Mariah Mundi and it doesn’t come out until September. I’m getting worried.

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Nadia: HP5 sucks. Too different from the book. Silvia doesn’t agree. Bye

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Aw, what a great interview!

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It’s not too different of the book, it’s jut not the entire book.

secunda, like Jo said, if some people don’t understand why Harry feels like that in book 5, then they have not understand the first 4 books and all he has suffered. I think the acting was great, specially the reaction after Sirius’ death, the possession scene, the scenes with Harry and Sirius, the detention scene and his reaction while he sees what the quill is doing to him, the train scene, the Hog’s Head, the teaching… ok, I think I liked everything. It’s not his fault they have cut 20 minutes of the movie, I hope to see all those scenes on the DVD.

The interview is very good, and there is a very interesting interview in the new issue of Entertaiment Weekly too, it has a very cool pic of Harry on the cover.

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I enjoyed the film, thought the ending better and certainly more streamlined than the terribly over-written episode in the Department of Mysteries. On the whole not a bad interpretation of an over-long book.

But Daniel Radcliffe is another thing entirely. He might be able to act better then when he was eleven, but he’s got no small opinion of himself, has he. He comes across very self-satisfied in most interviews, and this quote only confirms my opinion of him. Smug, self-satisfied, and never stops acting up to the cameras. Much prefer the unassuming Rupert Grint who is also a better actor, when he’s allowed screentime. Emma Watson is TERRIBLE. Can’t keep those bloody eyebrows under control to save her life. She really ought to watch the daily rushes and tone them down a little. Being pretty doesn’t mean you’re a great actress.

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