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Jul 13, 2007

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Entertainment Weekly continues its coverage of the the latest Harry Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, with a few new pieces online about the film and its cast. Along with the magazines review of the film, there is a new interview with Dan Radcliffe where the actor talks to EW about his role in the film as well as a great deal about his performance in “Equus.” It is noted in the article that like his role in Harry Potter, he has often played a orphan or ‘troubled child’ in other productions; he is asked whether being an only child himself, helped him prepare for those roles. Quoteage:

I have thought about it. I’ve got a good and very accurate imagination, so I find it easy to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Also I’m very, very sensitive to things around me. If I listen to a piece of music and it really strikes me, it will send me these images. I can then use them when it comes to playing a scene. When you begin acting quite young, you’re having to make up a lot of experiences you haven’t actually had yet. And so you find ways of doing that. Also, a couple of the people I’ve worked with have said I’ve got a sort of haunted look about me. Which I think is just to do with my eyes, ‘cause they’re sort of quite big.

The upcoming July 20th issue of EW also has an extended feature on Order of the Phoenix that includes a four page article and new photos of the cast. The photos include shots of Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Jason Isaacs, who plays the Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy. This issue should be appearing on newsstands now; if anyone is able to scan the interview or images, please do send them in to [email protected]

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