Mary GrandPré, ‘Harry Potter’ Illustrator Profiled in Two New Articles


Jul 15, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Harry Potter book illustrator Mary GrandPré is profiled in two articles online this weekend. Having illustrated the series since its first US printing in 1997, these two articles talk to the artist where she discusses, among other things, her working on the cover art for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. One of the few people in the world who has read the book, GrandPré is extremely limited in what she can reveal, if anything. It is not a surprise that when faced with any detail specific questions about the Deathly Hallows cover art, her immediate response is: “I’m sworn to secrecy, I have to just let you make your own conclusions until you read the book.”

She continues in this spoiler free article from the Salt Lake Tribune, talking of the process of creating not only the cover art, but the chapter drawings as well. Mrs. GrandPré says:

“I go through and see what I’ve got,” she said. “I read and re-read until I feel I’ve got a good visual understanding of what would make an exciting scene or a meaningful scene.” After discussions with her art director and editor, she got out the pastels and charcoal.”

“Every chapter heading is supposed to tell you something, to pull you in and tease you,” she said. “Not that you need them – it’s a little something extra.”

The Saint Petersburg Times piece, also profiles Mary GrandPré, where she talks more about motherhood and life since first being asked to illustrate an unknown book by and unknown author, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by J. K. Rowling, ten years ago. Not only working on the “Potter” novels, Mrs. GrandPré has found what she calls “the most personal joy” in creating her own non-commercial art.

To view a more complete profile of Mary GrandPré’s work, you can visit her her website which features a gallery with many of her drawings. We also feature more of the illustrators work from all of the Scholastic editions of the Harry Potter novels here in our image galleries.

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wow cool

Avatar Image says:

Mary is a extremely gifted + talented artist she has done the best art for Harry Potter she is awesome she is also lucky to be with JK Rowling they make an awesome pair they probaly make millions. I also like mary’s other drawings there amazing.

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ummm…how the hell can it be illegal to give out possible spoilers????

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I love how people that have work so close the Potter books and have earned millions still seem and are so down to earth and care about the billions of fans waiting for this book. hahahaha it is soo close and I cannot wait

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I adore the book covers and the chapter pictures! Mary GrandPre is the best!

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Mary GrandPre is absolutely amazing I have loved her work from the begining but the covers, both the normal and the deluxe, of OotP and HBP just blew my mind.If any thing has shaped how I visualize the Magical world and all it encompasses, it has been her art work.

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As the author of one of those articles, may I offer a word of self-defense? I now can see that someone could get the impression that I asked Ms. GrandPre all those questions about the cover, but I intended them to be rhetorical. The only detail-specific question I asked her was “How many chapters?” after she mentioned that she’d drawn quite a few chapter illustrations for this book. I’m 100 percent committed to spoiler-free reporting! : )

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I noticed that she’s going to be at the Barnes & Noble by Lincoln Center on the release day in case any of you aren’t busy reading.

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Sorry. Of course it also helps if you’re in the NYC area AND not busy reading that day.

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