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Jul 18, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Just in case you could forget: Read this, and this. And to help us spread the word, share this, a moment from our recent LA podcast:

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CONSTANT VIGILANCE, everyone. Our unbelievable team of elves and mods have been deleting spoilers left and right, whether they are real or not, but you need to still be aware. It’s only up to you, now, to honor Jo’s request to let Harry Potter fans read the book the way they’re supposed to. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stay away from MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, YouTube, and all other social networking sites. Be careful of message boards. Spread the word by posting the PSA and telling your friends that you are not tolerating it. We’re less than 72 hours away now – we can do it!

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Nobody, I repeat NOBODY go on youtube. This summer I have been rereading the entire series, preparing for the last book. After having just finished Order of the Phoenix yesterday, I went to youtube to see if anyone had posted some bits of the Order of the Phoenix soundtrack. Turns out a few people did. I enjoyed myself, listening to some music and decided to check out the comment board to see what people thought. I can only hope someone had a bad since of humor. In tiny font they said something like “Deathly Hallows Spoilers (deaths)”. I only saw two names of characters subconsciously out of the corner of my eye before clicking off youtube. I know I’m probably wasting my time, but I had to warn someone who thought about listening to “Fireworks” or “Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning” etc. while waiting for the opportunity to purchase the new soundtrack. Hope nobody suffers my misfortune (though this comment could have been an unfunny joke) and has the book spoiled. I pray that this may be the book where I get to find the ending out for myself (Both OotP and HBP were spoiled by someone). Sorry for wasting space, but I had to say something. Bye. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!

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Poor Leaky staff! Sorting out spoilers for the rest of us, you are bound to come across some of them yourselves…


Hope that doesn’t happen, though.

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It is everyware i look. On news site’s, weather info sites just everyware… I don’t even go to the shop because I am scared some idiot yels it out… I posted on the forum ones that i did not know what i would to if i had the change to read spoilers wel now i do I DONT WANT TO BE SPOILED :-)

THANK YOU leaky!! I know by preventing the spoilers to publish on leaky you guys probably have been spoiled a long time ago…. SO REALY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’m so glad Leaky is back. I thought shutting down might be the only way to stop the spoilers. Many thanks to all you folks that are keeping this site spoiler free. I’m barricaded in my home till I depart for the bookstore, not answering the phone, answering machine shut off, and this will be the last thing I do online. At the bookstore I’m going to keep my headphones on and my attention on Books 1-6. If anybody tries to tell me even a smidgen of the ending I will be forced to slap them and scream at the top of my lungs. Good luck to all you “true Harry Potter fans”. Have fun!

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I wish italian national networks were Leaky readers …. last night they showed on national news TG2 an image of the last chapter. SHAME!!! I ran to my tv remote control, but I did’t make on time. It was orrible and not professional at all… I hope only few Potter fans were watching, and I still hope it wasn’t the real book ….

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I am also avoiding everywhere on the internet apart from here and another trusted site that is nothing to do with HP, though I have already seen something that names a character that dies. This was a few days ago though, so I’m hoping it was a prank.

With HBP I read X kills Y before I got the book and that really p’d me off.

I think everyone should boycott the company that has sent the books out early. Take a stand and make sure that you never at any point in the future, ever use them.

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I second the staying away from youtube!!! I was just on a random video and some genius thought it funny to chronologically order the major events in the “plot”. Thankfully I stopped looking after I realised what it was, and even if the stuff was true (which I highly doubt)it was not enough to ruin it. Also beware of myspace comments, messages, and bulletins!!!!! My friend just told me he opened a bulletin that just said the guy had new pics when it had the same kind of plot spoilers!

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Thanks Leaky. I too am only looking at trusted sites where I know nothing about HP will be popping up. I can’t wait for the book coming out on Saturday at 9:01am in Australia; but I don’t want it spoiled by being told what happens.

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Would you all really be unable to enjoy the book if you heard the ending? A good book captures you with its words, not hype.

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I have read a book that is suppose to be an editors copy. If it really is I can say that most of the spoilers I’ve seen are way off. If it’s not I still hope that they are wrong. I enjoyed what I read and feel hp fans will be glad they waited and didn’t pay attention to the spoilers.

Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I hate spoilers

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