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Jul 02, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Parade Magazine has let us know of a new interview they conducted with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix actor Dan Radcliffe who discusses seeing himself grow up on screen, his performance in Equus and Dan’s particular ‘aversion to broomsticks.’ Included with the article are two Parade photo sets which show Dan through the years and from a 2004 photo shoot. You can read the entire interview here, but here are two highlights from the conversation:

P: Everyone is looking for lessons in the Potter movies, what’s the take-away from The Order of the Phoenix?<

DR: For Harry, it’s about sticking to your guns. If something is true and right, then you can’t let yourself be compromised by other people and outside forces.

P: Do you believe in magic?

DR: One-hundred percent. Yeah. Harry has inspired a lot of people”including me.

In addition, the print version of Parade Magazine, which appears in many Sunday newspapers throughout the States, will feature a cover story on Emma Watson in its July 8th edition.

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Avatar Image says:

Sooo cool ! Thank you ! :)

’’ Do you believe in magic ? ’’

’’ 100%. Yeah. (...) ’’


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I never noticed but some of those pictures in the slideshow are new! I know I haven’t seen that first picture, and they didn’t show all the ones from the original slideshow. Incidentally the two Dansites has a beauty of an original never shown shot as well, in hi res -warning to all danfans, take your heart medication beforehand…

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“One hundred percent”

Good answer, Dan! ;)

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I really enjoyed reading this interview, thanks!

It was very funny, specially: “Bruce Willis with a sword” xD

Also, I can not wait for tomorrow premiere!

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cover story for dan, cover story for emma. why no cover story for rupert? he always gets the short end of the stick! i swear someone has decided that dan and emma are the only one’s that have captured the heart of fans but it’s not true. rupert has captured my heart! and many others, i’m sure.

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ONE MORE WEEK TILL OOTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all this hype is making me hyper!!!!!

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Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with the interview, but my family just got a new computer, and for a while it wouldn’t pull up this website, and it made me really worried that the computer didn’t have the right macromedia software or whatever, but now it’s working, I’m really relieved because this website is 10 times better than mugglenet, and babble’s over now.

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Good interview and fun! I love Daniel’s great wit too! It would have been nice if they had some new photos as well.

christy, this was not a cover ariticule ,just an online articule

Rupert was in Parade this last year, I saw him.

I do think they should have put all of the trio on the cover .

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DR: “I keep kidding that this movie is my favorite because there is no Quidditch. I love to avoid scenes where I ride on a broomstick for obvious reasons. I want to have children in the future. So, because of the reduction of the broom-riding scenes, that may be possible. For the sake of my future reputation, I should clear this up: Riding a broomstick can be a little uncomfortable, but they gave me pants with padding in the right places.”

haha, his penis. yah im obvious. daniel radcliffe is so rad. ABOUT A WEEK TIL OotP COMES OUT!! screams to everyone walking by

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He got a bit personal about the padding didn’t he. haha, that was one of the best interviews, it made me laugh.

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like the photos.

that’s the second time I’ve seen Dan wear something spider related- this time a brooch, previously a t-shirt with large spider motif. I wonder what Rupert does when he sees them..!

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this comment very funny” I want to have children in the future. So, because of the reduction of the broom-riding scenes, that may be possible.” Bruce Willis really good actor.

Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: One of the better ones he has ever done...

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