Happy Belated Birthday, Jamie!


Jul 22, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

The site has been semi-closed while we’ve been reading (which is why you couldn’t comment), so it’s time to wish a very happy, belated birthday to our friend Jamie Waylett, who had the misfortune of having all Harry Potter fans’ attention directed elsewhere this year. His birthday is July 21. So, here’s to Jamie and his film counterpart, Crabbe, who, I think we can agree, we will all look forward to watching in movie seven. :)

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Happy Belated Birthday, Jamie!!!

(So, what do YOU think about “the book” that came out on your birthday??? Did you stand in line waiting with the rest of us? Have you finished it yet?)

I hope you had a terrific party with lots of cake and ice cream and presents.

Best wishes for many more!!!

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I have a feeling they’re going to switch Crabbe and Goyle’s roles in the movie of HP7….in the movies, Goyle (Josh) is the tall, muscular imposing one and Crabbe is the shorter one (not that thats a bad thing Jamie.) Josh Herdman definately looks the more menacing of the two.

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Um, Billybob, Jamie (Crabbe) is actually taller than Josh now. Before, Jamie was shorter, but now he’s taller. But I agree that Goyle in the movies looks more menacing. Happy belated birthday, Jamie. btw, was I the only one who laughed when Crabbe died?

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