Nick Harry Potter News: “Deathly Hallows” Up for UK Kid’s Choice Awards, Magazine Feature on OotP


Jul 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to Nickelodeon for letting us know about a few pieces of news involving Nick and Harry Potter.

First, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been nominated at the first UK Kid’s Choice Awards in the Best Book category. The final book in the Harry Potter series is nominated along with Blood Beast (The Demonata) by Darren Shan, Care and the Feeding of Sprites (Spiderwick Chronicles) by Holly Black, and Jacky
Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson. Actor Dan Radcliffe is also nominated as Best Actor for his film role as Harry Potter. These awards will be held at the Excel Centre in London, England on Saturday October 20. Starting Monday, residents of the UK can vote for their favorites, here.

On a related note, the August issue of Nick Magazine has a special feature (along with a cool poster) on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Featuring interviews with Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), you can see an online magazine version of this issue, here.

Thanks to Nickelodeon!

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Harry Potter is obviously going to win. Darren Shan however is a good author but he’s got no chance over Jo!!!!

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I agree. If Deathly Hallows doesn’t win that book award, I’m callin’ shenanigans!

Best Actor for Dan Radcliffe though…that’ll be a tough call. He did brilliantly, but it’s so rare that a sci-fi or fantasy film garners a Best Actor.

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I read that Emma is up for best actress?

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If you read the magazine article, it says Jo told David Heyman to hang onto a particular prop, as it would be needed for the seventh film. I wonder what it was. Any guesses?

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Adriene- Gryfindor’s Sword, maybe?

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Might want to switch around the names Ron Weasley and Rupert Grint, I do believe Rupert is the Actor and Ron the Role, right? ;)

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Let’s see, this book had:

1. A scene in which a character is called a “bitch”.

2. Implications and mentions of innuendo – snogging at the very mildest.

3. A House Elf being stabbed in the chest.

4. Real torture.

Ooh yeah, this is a REALLY fab read for seven year olds.

(That said, it was still a terrific book, but um, not for seven year olds… they’d either be terrified, comprehend maybe 40% of it, or both.)

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DH is already nominated eventhough it just came out? Yay for the HP power. lol And is Dan Radcliffe nominated for OotP? That just came out too so Yay for the HP power or should I say for Dan’s star power which just gets bigger every second…

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I’m glad only Dan was nominated for the acting award. If Emma was nominated with him, we’ll have another round of “poor Rupert” litany. So that’s a blessing in disguise. Hope Dan wins and hope DH wins.

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That’s great. Deathly Hallows was absolutely brilliant and is definitely my favorite. And Dan deserves that award. They’ve got my vote.

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chelsea Emma is nominated too…. oh dear…. ;)

btw mods, please switch Ron Weasley/ Rupert Grint names the right way round before someone notices…

I think DH and Dan deserve both their nominations.

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Oh dear, indeed. Emma is nominated too. But come on, out of the trio, Dan was the most praised for his performance in OotP. And let’s not deny it, Emma is second to him cause I have yet to read an OotP review that praised Rupert’s acting. Mostly it’s just, the ‘trio has improved vastly’ etc. (I’ve read at least two reviews that priased Emma’s outstanding performance.) IN fact, I won’t be surprised if Evanna would get a nom more than Rupert.

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