“Order of the Phoenix” Composer Nicholas Hooper Interviewed


Jul 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

ScoreNotes.com features an audio interview with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix composer Nicholas Hooper. A longtime fan of the books, Mr. Hooper brought that knowledge to the table and worked closely with Order of the Phoenix director David Yates when composing the score. He goes on to speak about following in the footsteps of previous Harry Potter composer John Williams, whose iconic theme he uses as part of his new work, the possibility of returning for Half-Blood Prince and a bit about his previous experiences and projects as a composer. He wraps up discussing the motivation and inspiration for creating his music. You can listen to to the full interview here.

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This is great! I’m a huge fan of John Williams’ work and was first introduced to his music through the Sorcerer’s Stone score. It is encouraging to hear that Hooper is himself, a fan of the series. I am really looking forward to hearing (and no doubt buying) the Phoenix score. Thanks for posting!

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I’ve already got this pre-ordered! I can’t wait!

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I loved that thanks for this Leaky!

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I love the new score! I really hate the way people are comparing him to John Williams – I think he is very original and has brought a new magic to the movie rather than drawing on what Williams has already composed!!

Thats my rant for today :)

Much Love Leaky <3

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I listened the previews and I really love the new score, can’t wait for the movie!

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I already have it pre-ordered! I really love the piano part in “another story”. and Im glad he is also a big fan of the series.

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Well, I’m optimistic, though in all honesty I can’t judge the soundtrack until I hear the entire peices of music, and see the movie. The clips sound nice. But like movie trailers, small samples aren’t enough to give a definitive review.

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Nicholas Hooper is also going to be on the UK radio Classic FM programme “The Guest List” at 9pm on Sunday.

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Actually although 5 is arguably the best film to date, the music didn’t strike me as being as good standalone. More it seem designed to complement the script, which was what was needed. The sixth Harry Potter book though is the one in which music, particularly the Phoenix music after the death of Dumbledore, is absolutely key in its own right. Will it be a variation on John Williams’ theme played as a pavanne or something original? It may need to be a different approach this time, one where a rich timbre is needed rather than the slightly tinny Umbridge motif. Good luck Nicholas Hooper, book 6 could be the most important score in the whole series. I’m looking forward to listening to it.

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