PotterCast 115: Those Deathly Hallows


Sep 02, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

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Discussing the Deathly Hallows

- Is the Deathly Hallows sign a crest or a symbol?
- What would happen if they would be united under one master?
- We’re two years old. (Plus one week.)
- PotterCast troupe on its way? Check PotterCast.com for more info!

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NO WAY! An early MuggleCast AND a new PotterCast on the same day? Sweet..

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SPOILER ALERT I know this will turn out to be horribly pretentious, but here is my view on the Deathly Hallows: one person actually possessed all three hallows: Harry, just before giving himself to death! He was the master of the Elder Wand at that time (not having it on him didn’t make a difference as we know from Voldemort’s death), we know it, he wore the Invisibility Cloak, AND he got the ring! I don’t think dropping it made any difference, since he was the last to use it (like the wand), and we know that you don’t have to wear the ring to actually be able to master it. And Harry really mastered it, he actually altered its essence, since he didn’t use the ring to overpower death, as it was created for! And what happened? Well, he didn’t die, or rather, he had a choice between life and death; this, I believe, on top of Lily’s protection in his blood and, of course, Voldemort’s. What I think is: hadn’t Harry had all three hallows, he would just have survived. But what I think made a difference is: he had the possibility to choose between life and death. This might seem weird since: who would choose death? But he actually hesitated, and that prooves that he was the master of death: he was able to accept it ultimately, and to even desire it. Normally, when people die, they just die. When people survive, they just survive, they don’t have a choice to die! They are unconscious! Harry was technically unconscious, but I think he didn’t dream when Dumbledore told him he had a choice. The deathly hallows are just able to provide this power while reunited: choice, or liberty towards death. The thing is, the true master of death accepts that he ultimately will have to die. And to accept death is one great great thing, believe me. Only two people did it: Dumbledore and Harry. This choice Harry made, to live, was not for himself at first, it was to save the innocent. This reaches towards philosophy: it is somehow linked to Plato’s idea of the philosopher king. He who does not seek power is the only one worthy of power. Dumbledore’s quote at the end of King’s Cross is almost a paraphrase of Plato’s. Deathly Hallows is a very political/philosophical book in a way. I could speak for hours about it, sorry…but what a good book! :-D

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Hi Good point Sophie, but I think as somebody pointed out before somewhere, the Hallows where united in HBP before DD and Harry set out for the Cave. Harry has the Cloak, DD the Ring and the Wand. Nothing happend. I think you have to go back to the Peverell Brothers who made? got? the Hallows. Surely they would have tried to unite them and the Wizard world would have been affected if they are immensly powerfull together. I think the fact that HArry was willing to die, accepted death, gave his life as a sacrifice for the greater Good (A world without voldemort) that Fact made him master of death. He choose! Thats all so complex but I doubt that the united Hallows would have much effect together.

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I just listened to this last night, it was great! :-)

Also, I totally agree with Sophie that Harry become master of Death and that he had all three Hallows. I mean, when I read that I thought that what was suppose to happen. It just makes sense, and the ending even better. It’s something I have always thought happened, and always will.

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update your website jo!

Those Hallows… What we learned from bk 7 is that the true master of death accepts it willingly like an old friend…

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A Pottercast Troupe?! That would be so awesome! I would love to do that! Are you going to announce when you’re doing the auditions and stuff like that?

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Fabby show! Can’t comment on Pottercast.com yet but you know… :D

Totally agree Rachel! :D I’d love to take part too! xD

Loving the Potterwatch endings! Squee!

Vicky x

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Oooh, I love this PotterCast troupe idea! It sounds fun, I’d love to be someone’s voice…I could see myself as a Rose-type, myself. Hopefully we wouldn’t need British accents, mine is seriously lacking.

I liked what Sophie said about the Hallows. Danny, I think that technically the Hallows weren’t “united” in HBP because different people were in posession of them (the Stone and Dumbledore, the Wand and Dumbledore and the Cloak and Harry).

Yeah, love PotterCast! Happy anniversary (sort of)!

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Melissa, I think this was your fastest-talking Pottercast yet! Holy cow!

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AHH!! I would SOO SOO SOO love a pottercast troupe! I’m loving this! I’ll be queing up on my phone for an audition! That would be amazing!!! Would we need british accents?

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In my opinion, it’s not that possessing all three Hallows makes you the Master of Death - it’s that only a person who is Master of Death, who does not fear death and accepts it, could possibly possess and be able to use all three Hallows. Harry became the Master of Death when he accepted that he was going to die for everyone - and at that moment, not a moment before, he was able to open the Snitch and truly possess all three. (As Sophie said above, the fact that he wasn’t actually holding the Elder Wand doesn’t change the fact that he was its master.)

Just my two knuts. Oh, wait, I only have a sickle. Can someone give me back 15 knuts?

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Yeah, just ignore those strike-through lines in my last post. Who knew that typing stuff between double-hyphens would make that happen? ::waggles fingers:: Mysteeeeeeeerious.

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soo…bandersnatch, a longer version of what i said ;)

just kidding…yours was more thought out

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danny DD dint have the ring on him he put it in the snitch before going to the cave just thought u ought to know

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Geek to Geek for real? LOL

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Leaky Idol or Potter Troupe (kind of F-Troop)

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A fanfiction I enjoyed was “Coda to an Epilogue” by Mistful.

This fic finally got me to accept the epilogue after many many tantrums. I dunno whether this was the sort of thing Melissa was asking for: but its a short one. (3 chapters). there are no ships (its general) and its very funny. its about the kids all being stuck in sewers beneath Durmstrang lmao (where they were on an exchange trip)


Also when the three Hallows unite; I don’t think anything spectacular happens (sorry Steve). When you’ve got all three; you can be invisible use the elder wand and be surrounded by your dead loved ones at the same time. 3 things that make up the concept of death. killing, being killed and having your loved ones be killed. I have no idea how their powers could combine and make you virtually untouchable. ??? However i think Harry did master death not because he had the “hallows” but because he did not fear being killed. And he killed Voldemort but kept his soul intact (because voldemort actually killed himself) and he died for his loved ones and hence Voldemort could not kill them.

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Sorry for my ignorance, what does ‘canon’ mean?

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