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Sep 05, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

As we told you late last month, actor Dan Radcliffe is making the rounds on television talk shows in the States promoting his newest film “December Boys”, which will soon be in theaters. We now have a number of these interviews to bring you as well as a reminder of Mr. Radcliffe’s remaining scheduled appearances.

Cable network MTV caught up with the actor recently, where Dan discussed his role in “Equus” and his new film, comparing the difficultly of filming and preforming certain scenes. You can view this short clip right here. Our Order partner DanRadcliffe.com has a slew of interviews online as well. The CBS Early Show interviewed Dan Radcliffe earlier this morning and talked with the actor about “December Boys,” his future projects and a little about “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. Dan also made appearances on TV network CW11 as well as in a short interview with MSN which you can view here.

Earlier in the week the actor was also seen promoting his film on the Live with Regis and Kelly program. You can watch this interview here, also courtesy of our Order partner.

Finally, a print interview with the Manchester Evening News has also appeared online where Dan talks about his character in the film, Maps, saying:

“December Boys is a very simple, coming of age story.

“My character, Maps, is very, very different to Harry although I do feel as if personally I’ve got more in common with Harry because I’ve spent more time with him.

“Maps holds his cards very close to his chest, whereas Harry wears his heart on his sleeve and is very vocal about what he feels.

“With Maps you’ve got the same amount of information to communicate, in terms of both the plot and his emotions, but you’ve got fewer words with which to do it. Maps barely speaks for the first quarter of the film.”

In the upcoming days Dan is also scheduled to appear on a number of other US talk shows including: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday and the Ellen program, slated to air on Monday. Be sure to check local listings for exact times and channels for these programs. Full coverage of Dan Radcliffe’s promotional appearances can be found here. We hope to have the following interviews online shortly.

If you have the capacity to capture any of these appearances please do send them in!

Thanks to all who mailed!

11 Responses to Dan Radcliffe US Television Interview RoundUp

Avatar Image says:

Well I thought the CBS interview was great. I won’t have a chance to see December Boys here in West Virginia, but I hope Dan did well and the film receives strong reviews. I also hope in the future he’ll be willing to share more of his thoughts on Deathly Hallows.

Avatar Image says:

yes i do hope dan also expands on deathly hallows.. emma watson has on her website in the e.m.s … she is particulary excited that hermione and ron get together and has babies lol. i would like to here the other actors views on the book as well.. its a shame that they cant say. the books out for like amonth now adn if u havent read it yet tough for u

Avatar Image says:

I hope he go`s on to do the Deathly Hallows too. I can`t wait for December boys! Lol.

Avatar Image says:

That is a LOT of big time press for an small, independant film. Wow.

Avatar Image says:

I can’t remember if Dan talked about this topic on CBS but he did say something on Regis and Kelly about the DH movie. He said something to the fact that as he was reading the book he thought how are they going to make this into a movie. I thought the same thing as I read the book and posted something on this site about it the day after the book came out but I did not give away any plot points.The comment was deleated though. All I said was it is going to be hard because of all the CGI that will be needed not only in the final battle but in the entire movie. The funny thing is now I was just listening to pottercast 115 and Steve said the same thing about how are they going to condense this book to a movie. Can’t wait to see them try though.

Avatar Image says:

i lut that Dan is an entertaining guest. great with interviews… sensible and smart. and ‘course the fact that he’s damn goodlooking and has a pure Brit accent makes him luvlier to watch and listen to. =) wish he drops by “Late Night With Conan”....

Avatar Image says:

Dan’s looking more gorgeous than ever and these interviews have been tones better the “Phoenix” ones, some of best I’ve seen with him.

A lot of press maybe but not much from “Potter” fans it seems, if it was Rupert that would be a different matter, I just wish people were as supportive of Dan as they were for Rupert for DL, oh well.

DB Looks like a great film though, hope it does well for him, his accent sounds really good too which is not easy for an Englishman!!

Avatar Image says:

I agree, AmyS. I thought December Boys would be just this little indy film and wouldn’t get much notice, but it’s turning into something very big. I didn’t even think we’d get to see it in the States!

Avatar Image says:

Wow, can’t keep up with all this Dan news. It’s just another indie film and yet the promotional tour is much like HP promotions all over again. The TV shows are lining up to interview Dan and I hear rumors that there’s going to be a premiere? This movie is just getting bigger all the time. They just expanded that “limited” release to a few more theaters.

JUlie: What do you mean that the Potter fans are not supporting this movie unlike Rupert’s DL? Maybe you didn’t get your facts right cause I don’t seem to remember that DL had a huge boxoffice success. If that’s the kind of support that the POtter fans gave him, then Dan shouldn’t count on the POtter fans to make this film a success. WB is right in courting moviefans of all ages and types. Dan said in one interview that they shot the film without thinking of just one demographic but hopes to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

Avatar Image says:

It would be good if the release becomes wider because I’ve read a lot of fans on dansites who were really looking forward to seeing this film but are now disappointed because they live too far away from the cinemas. That’s a shame for them. Cinemas should take note of the level of interest.

Julie- I think you say this because of the small number of comments? The reason so few have commented here is because we’ve already seen this news on dansites! There seems to be a lot of interest in the film. I can’t believe how much tv coverage it’s getting, even in the UK national and local newspapers and on GMTV.

But UK cinemas are extremely bad at supporting these small foreign (ie non American) films, even UK-made ones, so I don’t hold out much hope of getting to see an Australian one!

Avatar Image says:

Thanks Leaky for giving us some news about December Boys. I’m looking foard to see it, and watching all these interviews is very exciting. :)

You are all right, cinemas should show more support to independent films, I know a lot of people who want to see December Boys, so cinemas would make a lot of money.

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