Pictures and Interviews Online from “December Boys” Los Angeles and Melbourne Premieres


Sep 09, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Australian premiere for Dan Radcliffe’s newest film “December Boys” took place in Melbourne the other night and photos from the red carpet event are now beginning to appear online. You can see a number of pictures thanks to, now available in our own Image Galleries. We will have even more pictures online from this event shortly.

As part of Dan’s publicity tour for his new film, the actor participated in a number of new interviews. Robert from IESB sat down with Dan during his time in Los Angeles and discussed the film and his performance in it. You can view this interview with Dan at this link.

Our Order partners, have even more of the “December Boys” media coverage on their website. In this set of interviews, Dan speaks much more on the film as well as remarks about the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” production soon to commence. One interview from an Australian paper features Dan speaking on these subjects as does this shorter interview from the Los Angles Times. You can also view many photos from the Los Angles premiere of “December Boys” in galleries featured on There is also a humorous new television interview online from Dan’s recent appearance on Rove Live. This video can also be viewed here thanks to

Many thanks to Bianca, Robert and!

13 Responses to Pictures and Interviews Online from “December Boys” Los Angeles and Melbourne Premieres

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Hey Edward – I just added our Melbourne premiere coverage as well. :o)

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Dan qas mob by fans in Australia, it is all over the news, there were too many fans for a small premier like this one, girls were pushing tha barries to try to get to Dan…it was crazy out there, but Dan looke so nice and polite as always!

The tove show is the best, Zac and Dan sitting in the same couch what more you can ask, the two hotties, one advise for Zac, lay down off the sun, his skin is way too tan that is looking a bit fake but other than that Dan and Zac were so both gorgeous.

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Good onya Dan, I am so glad to see that the potter sieries hasnt “gone to your head” and you are branching out from the “Harry” persona.

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A bit later on in the show, when Dan is sitting next to that blonde lady and they ask him a question about soething another guest has said the blonde lady (who is quite a bit bigger than Dan) sort of slapped him on the back and Dan goes “Ow, that hurt!” and laughs, so she apologises and straightens him up a bit saying she didn’t mean to break him, he’s just so little and Rove, the host, says “Don’t touch him! He’s expensive!” Cracked me up…

Just thought I’d share for those who didn’t get to see the whole show. Oh and – Dan says hello to ‘Allie’ too who apparently chased their car with a sign saying “mention me on Rove”. So now Peter Hellier (bloke next to the blonde lady) asked him to slip his name into the next Harry Potter movie. Rove says it should be easy to do “Just go: Wingardium Levi-rove-sa.” ROFLOL

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Honestly all this press is making me NOT want to see December Boys, it’s really burning me out on the whole thing. :/

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Yeah that was a very funny interview Kezzabear! :D Dan’s interviews are always great. Thanks Leaky and their readers for all the links, I’m looking foward to see December Boys!

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Dan’s comment about how his character in december boys and the girl is supposed to be (then he pauses before saying) ‘wordly’ in relation to his love-scenes/kissing scenes – LOL and then Rove’s comment: “Don’t break him! He’s expensive! He’s expensive!” LMAO! Did anyone notice that Dan and Rove are the same height lol and they were comiserating about being short.

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Yaay, HP Events Australia got credited! We rock. :)

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Can’t wait to see december boys!!!!!!!

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Dan being mobbed is realy not news anymore but that he’s mobbed for this small independent film is just remarkable. THe DB producers must still be congratulating themselves for getting Dan. He looked so handsome and and fresh in the premiere pics. And after all the nonstop interviews too.

Gotta go to see that Rove interview. It’s supposed to be very hilarious.

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The Rove interview was great. I love the bit when he says ‘worldly’, the deadpan expression on his face, and the long socks bit. And his interaction with the other guests on the sofa was great. He’s got such an easy manner with people.

I really like watching these sort of interviews, when the questions are more varied and a bit different. The Jay Leno and Kimmel ones were funny too.

Apparently he’s interviewed by Jonathan Ross on Film 2007 tomorrow night on BBC 11.20 ish? I don’t know if this is a DB or HP related interview.

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Fantastic interview. It had me nearly wetting my pants and then the hairy leg-off. My absolute favourite bit.

Just another quick bit it’s not called Rove Live anymore, just Rove (all he needs is his first name lol)

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oh god, rove was hilarious. just came from sydney premiere, poor boy looked so petrified from all the screaming girls. hope he doesn’t get mugged on the way back to his hotel.

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